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Edited January 25, 2024

wow. this was an absolute nightmare of an experience. the customer service is excruciatingly slow, aloof, and unhelpful. nearly none of the features worked. the "AutoResponder" feature, which is the app's name for a simple booking confirmation email that the customer receives is a "new" feature somehow? lol. and it doesn't work. like, literally nothing sends out when a booking is scheduled. they worked on it for 8 days (allegedly) and got nowhere. additionally, the booking availability is sketchy and let us book test appointments outside of the availability we specified in the settings. they told us it was bc the engineers were working on bugs (ok, so they can't do that without affecting the front end of our booking block during peak hours of operation? the customer reminder emails don't populate a logo and the text is all completely generic and has nothing to do with our business and somehow completely un-customizable unless you have the dev team do it for you? actually embarrassed that any of our customers received those reminders. when we finally had enough they gave up and offered us a refund. lol ... we hadn't paid for anything yet bc it was our first month using the app. a little communication would have gone a long way but they'll leave you hanging for a week at a time without any courtesy updates. like i said, absolute nightmare.

***UPDATE: we was also promised we wouldn't be charged for the few weeks i used the app. we were just charged on our latest bill which came through today.***

***UPDATE: just after leaving the last update, we saw a refund applied to our account for the app charge.***

Port Hustle
United States
9 days using the app replied January 22, 2024

Hi there,
Thanks a lot for your honest feedback, and our most sincere apologies for such misunderstanding.

We were able to investigate and noticed that there was indeed some issues, which seemed to be linked mostly to your POWR account. Our dev team are currently investigating to find out if that's happening on other users end as well before pushing a final fix to it shortly.

We understand your frustration, however please rest assured that our users satisfaction is, and will always remain our priority over anything else. Therefore to follow this path, we also doubled our focus on this type of issue to make sure it never happens again.
Your feedback was used to alert all of our team, and can be considered as a huge part of the resolution.

Hopefully we will hear from you again in the future, for a better and more fruitful experience!

March 9, 2021

This app is misleading and should be BANNED from Shopify. It FORCES you to create an account over at the website when you install it without any confirmation or notice. Clicking on "add app" it then immediately pulls your name, email, phone number and address OUT of Shopify, "auto creates" an account on their website and redirects you in a way that makes it "look like" you are still on Shopify. This is not at all necessary for a Shopify app. There is then no way to DELETE your account over at which should not have been created in the first place. Worse yet, the app does not even work with the built in Shopify EMAIL list, you have to use one of their 3rd parties for collecting email. The entire system here is shady, misleading and this kind of behavior should be banned from Shopify. It's clear to me now that this is just a "gateway to get contact information" from both Shopify store owners and their customers. It should also be noted that ALL DATA is passed through their website before it makes it to your newsletter list, so there is no stopping them from just collecting every email you yourself gather. This is absolutely unnecessary. Shopify needs to step in here and guard the APP store from these kinds of practices.
United States
7 minutes using the app replied March 9, 2021

Hi there,
Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback! We apologize for any inconvenience this experience has caused. Your concern has been shared with the POWR team, and have sent a reply to your email regarding your concern.
We truly appreciate your patience! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, in the meantime.