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Run AI-powered, data-driven email campaigns to boost sales.

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Increase Sales

We predict who is most likely to buy & their characteristics. Use this detail to craft marketing messaging for increased conversions & sales

Save Money

Email marketing not only costs money but it also upsets customer if you send many irrelevant ones. We tell who to market & you save money.

Save Time

Save time with our automated data analysis & customer segments. We create highly targeted, most likely to purchase email lists for you.

About PredictAlly

Why PredictAlly?

As a consumer, have you ever wondered, how some marketing promotions are so relevant and opportune that you couldn’t stop yourself from clicking and buying the item? It feels almost magical. PredictAlly helps you deliver that magic to your customers.

Run email campaigns that actually work.

PredictAlly helps you run highly effective marketing campaigns. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we discover deep hidden patterns in purchasing behavior and predict who is likely to buy now.

Our algorithms are proven in the field and are deployed at some of the biggest enterprise customers, with extremely large data volumes. We bring the same high quality email marketing to your store. With all the analysis done by PredictAlly, you can focus on what you do best:

  • Design a compelling offer.
  • Write a more personalized message that suits the characteristics of each segment.
  • Schedule and run predictive email marketing campaigns.

Take out the grunt work and guess work:

Email marketing is hard work, but it pays off spectacularly if only executed well. Attracting repeat buyers is more cost effective than selling to first time buyers. It makes it, all the more important to retain, nurture and promote relevant products to maximize the customer lifetime value. With PredictAlly, you are equipped to make better decisions, rest assured we have done all the work for you.

  • We analyze all aspects of customer purchases, patterns, seasonality, promotions used etc.,
  • We process the data through advanced machine learning Algorithms, that learn and adapt based on the unique profile of your customers. No cookie cutters here.
  • We derive purchase likelihood and projected future $ spend.
  • We tag the customers based on common characteristics in the admin panel.
  • If you happen to use MailChimp as your email marketing app, we post those lists to automatically MailChimp on a daily basis.

Key features and functionalities:

  1. One-click installation.
  2. Advanced prediction engine.
  3. Actionable insights to amplify your email marketing.
  4. Customer tagging.
  5. Automated uploads to MailChimp.
  6. Other email providers: If you don’t use MailChimp, all is not lost. Just let us know and we maybe able to integrate with your favorite Email provider on demand.

Use it for free!

If your store has 500 customer accounts or less, it is free forever.

Try it for free!

Regardless of the customers you have, you can enjoy a FREE 30 day use of PredictAlly with all the great insights and benefits it provides. Check it out!

Watch a quick demo here!

User name/password: / guest123

Navigate to apps and select PredictAlly to launch the demo dashboard.

Integrates with

  • MailChimp

See the app in action

Explore how the app works in an example store.

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Free to install

$10 for 1000 customers; FREE forever for stores with up to 500 customers.

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