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PriceMole - Automated Competitor Price Tracking & Matching

PriceMole - Automated Competitor Price Tracking & Matching

Developed by Arclabs Incorporated

5 reviews
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  • Keep an eye on all of your competitors activities
  • Get notified about each and every price change
  • Automated repricing with intelligent pricing strategies

Looking to automate your price tracking and repricing?

PriceMole is an easy-to-use automated price tracking solution for Retailers & Brands of all sizes and industries around the world. Turn competitive pricing into an opportunity!

Our app imports all of your stores products and keeps them synced at all times. It notifies you about every price change, and reprices your store's products according to intelligent pricing strategies that match, are higher or lower than the average, cheapest or most expensive competitor. At PriceMole we are also happy to offer a discovery service that sets up our automated system for you, from start to finish!

Boost Productivity

In our experience, manually tracking and repricing 20-50 products takes an hour of your time, and 100-500 products takes 2-3 hours of your time every day. Imagine having 2,000 products, 10,000 products or even 30,000 products? PriceMole does it for you, tracking and repricing according to your strategy: No more worries, No more time wasted!

Maximize Profits

Our users have seen a profit increase of 10%-20%, from gaining insights on pricing trends, analyzing market changes and understanding pricing history. In-depth insights provide new opportunities daily!

What can PriceMole offer your business?

Track your Competition: See what your competitors are up to!

Update prices up to 24x a day: Never a missed opportunity!

Automation: Saves you valuable time by automating tracking and repricing.

Intelligent Pricing Strategies: Maximise your competitiveness while maintaining margin by knowing the next best price in the market.

Instant Updates and Notifications: Keeping you in the loop!

Pricing History and Analytics: Important insights to give you a competitive advantage!


PriceMole Plans

Choose a plan that fits your needs!

No lock-in contracts. No credit card required.

Starter ✭✭✭ FREE ✭✭✭ -
Prices updated 2x a day including 5 Products - 5 competitors each, easy to use web interface, price change notifications and automated price adjustments.

Solo - $29.95/ month -
Prices updated 2x a day, 50 Products - 5 competitors each, easy to use, price change notifications, automated price adjustments.

Team - $49.95/ month -
Prices updated 6x a day including 100 Products - 10 competitors each, easy to use, price change notifications, automated price adjustments.

Professional - $99.95/ month -
Prices updated 5x a day including 250 Products - unlimited competitors each, easy to use, price change notifications, automated price adjustments.

Business - $199.95/ month -
Prices updated 12x a day including 500 Products/unlimited competitors, price change notifications, automated price adjustments, analytics and reports.

Plans to fit your needs! Prices updated up to 24x a day including 5000+ Products/unlimited competitors, price change notifications, automated price adjustments, analytics and reports. Just ask us today!



Q - What update intervals does PriceMole offer?
Depending on the plan you have chosen your prices will be updated:
2x a day on the starter (Free), 6x a day on Professional, 12x a day on Business, and 24x a day on Enterprise.

Q - Are my prices adjusted without my approval?
You can set up a pricing strategy for each product individually. You can build your own strategy by choosing to match, be higher or lower than the average, cheapest or most expensive competitor by $ value or % value. You can even set a cost for your products, so your price never drops lower than what you are paying!

Q - Do i have to create a pricing strategy for each product or can i apply a strategy to many products?
You can create strategies and save them in your strategy library. Once you have created the strategy you can select individual products, all products or groups of products you wish to apply the strategy to, once again saving you valuable time!

Q - What happens once i have added a competitor URL? PriceMole is currently tracking thousands of the world's top retailers with new competitors added daily.

Q - What if I have certain business needs that are not available on PriceMole yet?
Don't worry. We are here to help! We are an agile and fast moving company that works directly with our customers to incorporate their feedback and suggestions into the PriceMole platform as quickly as possible. Our ultimate goal is to provide a price tracking platform that helps you grow your business, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Q- I have more than 2000 Products i need to track, what should i do? Contact us today and we can create a custom plan just for you!

Join PriceMole today!

The PriceMole team has valuable insights into the retail marketplace and can also provide support 24/7 around the globe. We work with our customers to meet their business needs so don't hesitate to contact us.

The PriceMole Team appreciates any and all Feedback provided by it's users!

PriceMole - Automated Competitor Price Tracking & Matching reviews

5 reviews
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The support has been amazing. Thank you Angela! The software is working great for us. Highly recommend.


Excellent service, very helpful and friendly.

Great app!! Thank you.



Without a doubt, this Shopify app is changing the way we control our pricing & automating 99% of it. You've saved us hundreds of hours of work.

We switched from Prisync after limited support for variants of products (we have variants that require different pricing due to sizes, and demand of flavours). We have zero regrets.

After encountering the app during beta on the Shopify App Marketplace (complete luck - I frequently check the 'new' listings), the PriceMole team got straight to work, near enough rebuilding the app after we made a series of feature requests. Kevin & Angela & the entire team have worked tirelessly to build an app that we now couldn't be without.

Previously, we had to manually track prices & manually update them in Shopify. No longer. We define the rules, our prices are checked 24x a day & we simply check in to make sure everything's running as it should (although I'm trusting Pricemole more & more and checking less & less).

Affordable, innovating as an insane pace, on hand 24/7 to help with even the silliest of questions, offering a competitor discovery service (we told them which products & which competitors & they did all the hard work)... I could go on & on.

The Shopify app community needs more developers like these.

A thousand thank you's for all your hard work, guys!

P.S. the best part: our customers now keep telling us how competitive & affordable/reasonable our prices now are. Perfect.



Holy moley.

I almost don't want to write a review because I don't want our competitors & others to discover this, but you guys SO deserve to grow this to infinity on the Shopify platform.

Buckle in: this is a 10-star app & one phenomenal team behind it.

We first installed PriceMole when it was a beta app, maybe around September 2017 time. It was far from perfect, but the concept worked. We put together a wishlist of "ultimate features" that would get us to drop our current solution & move to PriceMole & my god did they deliver.

In late October, the team added 90% of the features we wanted, they were on the end of email what felt like 24/7 to handle issues we had & we now have an automated pricing engine that checks our competitor's prices constantly & dynamically alters our prices according to our strategies.

To Kevin, Angela & everyone else at Arclabs/PriceMole - WOW. We wish you every success! If you guys are ever in the UK, we owe you all of the drinks. All of them!

We're ridiculously excited to continue working with the Pricemole team & to save 100's of hours each month by automating our competitor analysis & price watching. We know there are more features in the pipeline & judging by the speed of execution so far they won't be far behind.

Thank you, guys! This is a solution I was dreaming of!



This app has saved me tons of time. It helps me automate our pricing to stay competitive. 5 stars.


App not working at all. I guess that's why it is in beta version. Had to delete it. Great idea, hope you guys can get the app to work.

From $0.00 / month

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Team: $49.95 /monthly

Professional: $99.95 /monthly

Business: $199.95 /monthly

Custom Plans available to fit your needs!

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