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  • Sell t-shirts with no minimums, no inventory or upfront costs.
  • Choose from over 100 different products in 1000s of colors
  • Orders shipped under YOUR brand. Custom return labels and packing slips

Your print partner

Don't worry about the logistics of t-shirt fulfillment. Print Aura specializes in printing/shipping of custom products for small and large companies. With Print Aura you can choose from 100+ products, carry no inventory, and just pay for orders that your customers order. There are no minimum order requirements or membership fees. Orders get shipped to your customers by Print Aura and look like they were shipped by you. Print Aura is a 100% whitelabel solution that provides you with a backend to track the progress of your orders.

Product selection

We offer over 100 different garments with brands that include: American Apparel, Next Level, Canvas, Bella, Gildan, Rabbit Skins, Alternative Apparel and more. View all custom product options and pricing.

Print Aura cares about your brand

We offer fantastic customer service and will do whatever we can to help your business succeed. We stand behind the quality of our products and print technology. If for any reason you have a problem with an order your customer receives please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

We understand how important your brand is to you and offer a variety of branding services that include

1. Custom Return Labels. Add your business name and address on the shipping return label.

2. Custom Packing Slips. Add your own packing slip or let us generate one for you that includes your logo and branding message.

3. Tag Removal/Application. For an additional charge we can remove the manufacturer tag from the neck. We also offer services to apply your own tags to the inside of the neck. View more information on tag removal/application.

High end print technology

We can print your t-shirt design up to 12"x16" using Direct to Garment technology. Our printing machines include Kornit 932 and 931 printers that can print full color on dark or light garments with a capacity of 1000+ t-shirts per day. Digital direct to garment printing (DTG) provides an excellent image quality, durability, and is soft, breathable and a great eco-friendly solution with the water based inks.

How it works

1. Signup for a free account at Print Aura

2. Once logged in, authorize the app on Print Aura

3. Upload your art work on PrintAura.com. Please note that we currently do not offer mockup files for your store but have compiled a list of resources for t-shirt mockups.

4. Add products through PrintAura.com by choosing a product type, color, size and markup. Products will appear in your Shopify store. When one of your product sells it will get automatically sent to Print Aura. We will print/ship your item and when it ships tracking numbers will be sent to your customers within Shopify.

5. For payment of orders you have two options. 1) Setup Automatic Payments. Once you do this we will just bill you when an order is sent to us. Super Easy! 2. Deposit funds into your Print Aura account to hold a balance or pay for orders after they have been placed.

Processing/Ship Times

Most orders placed before 12:30PM ET are processed in 3-5 business days and shipped with the following ship times:

  • United States (2-3 days ship time)

    • T-Shirts - $3.50 for the first shirt via USPS First Class. This method is limited to 1 t-shirt due to weight restrictions.

    • T-Shirts - $5.50 for the first shirt via USPS Priority. Each additional product cost to ship is $0.75 per garment added to the order.

    • Sweatshirts - $8.00 for the first sweatshirt via USPS Priority. Each additional sweatshirt is $1.50.

  • Canada (10-16+ days ship time)

    • T-Shirts - $8.00 for the first t-shirt. Each additional t-shirt is $1.00.

    • Sweatshirts - $10.00 for the first item. Each additional sweatshirt/pants are $2.00.

  • International (10-16+ days ship time)

    • T-Shirts - $12.00 USPS shipping. Each additional t-shirt is $1.00.

    • Sweatshirts - $15.00 for the first sweatshirt. Each additional sweatshirt $2.00 per sweatshirt. 

More Questions?

Head on over to Print Aura to read our t-shirt fulfillment FAQ or don't hesitate to contact us.

Print Aura reviews

34 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (16 reviews)

I like that they carry organic and hemp shirts. But it's anything but easy. I feel like I need the Rosetta stone to figure out how to mock up and order the products.


Absolutely horrendous. They've messed up an order we placed twice now! It was only a simple reorder of a product we've ordered multiple times.

The first time the items came with the artwork about a third of the size it usually is. I contacted them via e-mail, no response. Then tried phone, no response. Then their contact form box, finally responded almost a week later.

It took another week of back and forth e-mails to get them to send me a replacement.

We finally received the replacement and our black artwork is yellow!

I've sent an e-mail but who knows how long it will be until I hear back from them.
My customers are furious and so am I. Don't waste your time on this app.


Service is non-existent. Tried them for one product and ordered a sample. It came promptly enough, but the artwork printed out of proportion and they did not follow the mockup correctly for sizing. I'm still waiting for a response after emailing them twice over a week ago. No live chat, call their phone number and all you get is an automated message saying they can't take your call right now.

Agree with everyone else about their app's UX -- it's horrible.


Slow turnaround time and overpriced. Terrible customer service. Much better options out there.


Selection is great. But the website is tedious and outdated. They don't understand the needs of their customers in creation process. If they had an easier software to use and mock up, they'd be the winners.


Their selection is great which makes for their shop to have great potential compared to other stores (i.e. colors, pocket tees). However, their website is really slow, hard to navigate, hard to use, and there's too many variables we have to fix and create on our own in terms of my images. Printful has been much much easier to navigate and I'd rather have good quality and easy to use companies.

For example, I was so excited that they have pocket tees but you have to create your own mock up images using other softwares so it was quite disappointing. You can't visualize what the shirt will look like on print aura. I called customer service regarding this but they just gave me the run around and basically said they can't do anything about making the process easier for me.

Might be something to consider, Print Aura, because the potential for making it a great company is there but your website is way too hard to navigate with too much extra work for business owners. Glad I tested it out before I put it up in my shop!


THE WORST DROP SHIP COMPANY ON SHOPIFY. Customer Service is HORRIFIC. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL. You may have one or two orders that are ok, if you have one that isn't good luck trying to resolve anything with them. Pure incompetence. Should have paid attention to the bad reviews over the few good ones.


Their service is on point.
Fast shipping (very) and they offer an optional additional $1 rush shipping.
You can really get customized with your brand through them, they offer options to take your business cards you send them and slip in the package.
Customer service is always in touch with you if there is any issues.
Friendly staff and quick service.


I was a little hesitant to use PrintAura because of some of their reviews, but decided to give them a shot because their selection is huge.
I've been really pleased with the print quality and have only had one problem. One of the shirts had several small holes from where the printing solution had dissolved the shirt fabric. Panic! What if that had been sent to a customer!? I sent pictures to PrintAura and explained the problem.
I'm giving them a 5 star review because of the response. I sent the complaint off in the middle of the night. Within a few hours, I checked and saw that a replacement was already being processed. It was like 6 am, and way before normal business hours. I didn't get any notification, they just started fixing the problem. A little after 9 am, I received an email apologizing and officially informing me that a replacement was on its way. They explained what happened and assured me that it is a rare event.
I cannot complain about their customer service. I was blown away by how fast and easy it was to get this fixed. I may end up with a customer who gets a similarly damaged shirt, but with PrintAura handling everything so fast I'm confident that I can keep my customers happy.


I downloaded the print aura shopify app because I felt as though the current t shirt fulfillment company did not have enough selection of products for my customers (i.e t shirt and sweatshirt styles and colors). After doing some research, I found print aura and was impressed with the variety of products they had. Still being weary because of the mixed reviews they have received, I decided to just create one sweatshirt through print aura on my website, and ordered it for my self to see what the buying process would be like for my customers via print aura. I was excited when I received my sweatshirt so quickly, only a few days after I had ordered it, but was really disappointed when I opened up my package. Their print quality was horrible, and the graphic on the back of the sweatshirt was already peeling and stuck together. I'm so glad I tested their products before selling them to my customers, I can't imagine how absolutely embarrassing it would have been to have my customers receive such a low-quality product.


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