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Product Accessories

Product Accessories

Developed by W3trends Inc.

61 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Your customers are only one click away from adding another purchase to their order
  • Instead of fiddling around with opening multiple product pages, your customers only need to select which additional products they want.
  • Analytics information on how the accessories app is benefiting you. This includes how much per order for accessories, and the last accessories ordered.

Making it easy to add additional products is one of the best and easiest ways to boost the value of each order. Product Accessories requires just one click for your customer to add additional products to their cart. Your customers will be able to add all the accessories they need. For example, extra batteries, charger cables, attachments, or similarly styled clothing.

Product Accessories isn't limited to just accessories. It can be used for cross selling, up-selling, and related products, kits, and much more.

Click here for a demo


There is now a quick view popup for each accessory! This way your customers can get a more detailed description of the product, as well as seeing larger images.


  • Free 5 day trial. Aren't satisfied during the trial? Simply uninstalling the app will cancel any billing and not charge you at all. We think you'll enjoy it's benefits though.

  • Adds a list of accessories that only require a simple checkbox to be selected to be added to the cart. This is unlike any other app, some of which require the customer to open a new window and keep track of all their products they're trying to buy. We don't believe adding related products should be that hard.

  • One simple monthly price for all the features.

  • Modify language of app for stores in other languages.

  • Does not remove current AJAX cart functionality.

    • Full Control Of Accessories

      You have full control of what accessories show under each product page.

      This will allow you to fine tune the items you think the customer is more likely to buy.

      You can set accessories by product or by collection. You can also set default accessories for products that don't have any.

      With our analytics, you can figure out what items are selling the best as an accessory.

      Easy Installation

      Installation is as simple as adding a snippet code into your product page theme file

      Language: You can easily change any of the front end text

      Currency: The app will automatically match the currency used in your store.

      Unlike other similar apps, Product Accessories works seamlessly with existing cart functionality. Do you like how your theme offers an AJAX cart that opens seamlessly without going to a new page? This app will keep that functionality intact and does not automatically redirect to the cart page.

Product Accessories reviews

61 reviews
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Works great - going to be a hit on our site.
Justin QUICKLY went into our store and tweaked it to fit our theme! Great work guys!


Very useful app. With the included instructions I was up and running in minutes. Support was quick to respond when I had questions.


Really like this app. Takes a good bit of setup if you have a larger catalog of products, primarily picking all of the accessories, but it should be worth it!

See it in action at



Awesome app! We use it on quite a few of our products.

The support is top notch!

Definitely recommend this app to anyone!


Quick and easy set-up. I needed to also have a quantity selector, to which I went to support. I got a response very quickly and got my quantity selector all set up. Brilliant service and brilliant app.


Fantastic app. Our customers are now able to choose the add-ons to their product before making the purchase - saving time and emails back and forth with customers. Well worth the small monthly fee!


Works well and helps to add more items to the cart as it's easier for customers to find the matching pieces for a set when they are shown on the same page. Thank you!



This really is awesome! I was able to easily add several accessories to a ton of my products! I still have lots to do but will in time. So nice!



Thanks for such great work. The App fit like a glove with the 101-easy install instructions. The layout of your App; its form is so clean and usable. Almost like it wasn't there at all. We do have a very simple theme so it looks exactly like it.
I did extensive testing to make sure the whole cart process was kosher, with adds and minus and empty and blah blah, you know the drills :)
All Aok! Thank you for making such a specific function that was previously not available standalone. But even though it is standalone you have built a whole city of options to select and clearly and correctly rationalize the accessories against products, collections and even a default accessory :D that is very cool. That shows a VERY well made App.
We are very happy to make your App a permanent part of our shop. It seriously enhances its capability A1. It is reasonably priced, but for an Australian shop it is a little high on your estimates for us.
I'd love to see it come down to US$3 in the long-term future with more people enjoying its superior-lone benefit.
Would be really good for other shops who have a simple theme and want to enhance it, rather than a cosmetic or plugging enhancement.

If you would like to view it on our website here is a link to a page with accessories. I link it because I had to look for a while through the websites of the reviews to find specific products that had accessories against it. :)



Had to get help to set it up for the support team is awesome.

$4.99 / month
5 days

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