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Edited June 18, 2020

The app installs and works as it should. The two star ding is for my biggest gripe which was the configuration of how the app was developed and how it loaded.

Simply put, I spent 2 days trying to integrate the app to the look and feel of my product pages. sifting through all of the code loaded into the page from another external server. The internal css was very limiting in what it would allow you to adjust/control - making it very limiting in what you were able do even with CSS over rides.

The developer, was pretty much no help (useless) with integration and I understand. There are literally no site side files to modify for look and feel so anything the developer did would ding anyone else using the code.

It's a hit or miss thing, either you like the basic layout options it provides or you don't. If you don't like them, you're pretty much out of luck and I would not recommend spending a ton of time trying to make it work as the way the app is designed to function, there is really not a ton of on page configuration you can do.... IMHO, not a well thought out app.

In the end, it took me half a day to just simply write the code to create my own ask a question function on the product page. I could have saved 2 days by just doing that from the get go given all I wanted was for a prospective customer to be able to email me with a question on a product and know what product they were inquiring on.

Update to Respond to the developer - I had no issue putting the accordion where I requested. The issue specifically was a result, as noted above, of how the code/app is pulled into the pages/site. As I noted, your design/implementation of the app is very limiting to anyone looking to make adjustments to the look and feel integration aspect.

You in fact did not provide any assistance/make any effort to make the app work in the requested location - the reason you could not, is because all of the above. The code is not conducive to configuration so that one can blend the app into an existing layout design allowing for choice of placement within a product page.

It may work for some designs, but clearly is not suitable for all.

United States
4 days using the app
EnormApps replied June 18, 2020

We are very sorry for the issue you faced with our app.We would be very happy to help you with app installation, it is just the location you requested was in between the accordion and the app can not work in between the codes.
But you already added the code in another location. When you emailed us , you did not ask for other things and never mentioned if anything was not working for you.

We never denied to help you, we are always ready to help our customers and provide good customer support.

April 30, 2021

It lacks two important features:
Allow customers to write the question
Automatically add the question field to all products.

17 minutes using the app