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Product Builder

Developed by BOLD

159 reviews
Price: $60.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Sell 100% customizable products that your customers actually build themselves!
  • Unique and totally customizable graphical interface that changes images as customers build their products.
  • Change prices with the options, Set conditional logic, integrate with inventory and much more!

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You have variants, you have options... but now you can go one step further and allow your customers to totally build their own product!

Introducing for Shopify, the first ever 100% customizable product builder app!

You've probably seen something similar to this before on car dealership sites. Pick a car, pick a color, pick wheel style, pick additional options, etc. As you go through the image changes based on your selections. That's a product builder! And now you can offer this to your customers too!!

Live Examples:

Here are a couple examples of items people are already selling using the Product Builder app:

  • Custom built fishing rods

  • Custom built guitars

  • Custom built trophies and plaques

  • Custom designed clothing

  • Custom built tablet Kiosk

  • Custom built archery bow packages

  • Custom designed vinyl wall graphics

  • Custom built ladders

  • Custom built hair ties & head bands

  • The list goes on and on...
  • Here's How It Works.

    When using this app you first create steps, with options within those steps. Customers then "step" through the builder in a sequential manner going through each step and making a choice on each one. Each choice can be represented by a thumbnail and each time a different choice is made, the main preview can display a different image representing the current selection(s). This graphical process makes it very easy for your customers to build and see exactly what they want before buying!

    The options on the steps are created in the app and can be independent, or tied to an existing product variant in your store. This means it can track inventory for parts chosen in the build AND can change the price based off what options are selected!

    Add Conditions

    We built in some super fancy conditional logic options that are available if needed. Conditions can apply to entire steps, or even just the options within the step. For example let's say there's a certain choice, which when selected in Step 1, means there are fewer choices available in Step 2. You can add the conditions to make it so those choices in Step 2 won't show if they do not apply to the selection made in Step 1.

    2D or 3D!

    When your customer selects a choice an image appears in the preview panel. This can be a standard 2D image or a series of images that can create a 3D effect like this example. You don't have to use 3D images, but if you want to you can! In the app instructions page there's a list of awesome photographers that can take the 3D images for you for a very reasonable price.

    Inventory tracking

    If you like, when you create options in your steps you can link them with a specific product variant in your store. This will attach a price to this choice as well as track inventory. You can control exactly the way your builder handles inventory. For example, it can ignore inventory, hide options that have no inventory, show the choice but disable it, or allow it to be selected to show an “out of stock” message.

    Customize EVERYTHING

    There literally are no limits to what you can customize about the look of your builder. Of course, you can select from a few different existing themes, and as always, we've built in options to change basic settings like colors, fonts, text, backgrounds, etc, to easily make it match your website's theme, but if you know CSS you can take it a step further and totally customize the builder to look however you want it to.

    Live Examples:

    - View the demo used in the video above.

    - View it in use by one of our users (custom tablet kiosk builder)

    This app comes with a fully functional 30 day trial so you've got nothing to lose! Give it a try today :-)


    Common Questions

    Q. Does the app create actual products in my store?

    No, the app doesn't create any products it just creates a page and a builder on that page. Because it's a builder it can actually use many different products in the build but it doesn't actually create them. For example, if you were building a fishing rod the reel would be an existing product in your store, as well as the grip and the shaft. The builder app can use those three products in a "Builder" fashion. You don't have to use existing products though, you can create the options right in the app.

    Q. How will I know what options a customer selected?

    Every choice or selection that a customer makes in the process of their build will get attached to the order as product notes. So on the cart page, the customer's confirmation emails, your confirmation emails, and in your Shopify admin you'll be able to see all the options they chose.

    Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

    Yes, for this app to work properly on your theme there will be a fair amount of liquid that needs to be updated. If you're comfortable with that kind of thing, there are instructions in the app. If you're not comfortable with code and would rather leave it to the pros, no problem :-) We can do it for you! There will be a button in the app to request us to do it for you. There's a one-time charge for the install but don't worry, if for any reason you uninstall the app during the trial period, it's 100% refundable.


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Product Builder reviews

159 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (15 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (12 reviews)

Very handy app. Took me a while to work out how it all works but I like it. I think it will offer my store something a little extra!


This app is worth every penny. The installation process is simple if you take things slow. Alternatively you can pay the guys at Bold and they will install it for you.

I have an extensive product being built in my store so it did take a while to set everything up but it's well worth it. There is nothing out there that is as powerful as this app and as easy to use.

Having an extensive product I have had to email the guys at Bold a couple of times for some help with alignment mostly. They reply within 24 hours every time letting you know they have fixed the issue for you. One of the best customer service experiences I have had from a company. Especially Michael who has personally helped with my project. They are very supportive!

I would recommend this app to anyone who is selling custom products. It's well worth it!


Thank you Bold Apps for helping me set up my 'Bikini Builder' on my shopify website. The Product Builder App has only been live 3 days and it has made my life so much easier. No more manual order forms :)

I have had over a dozen orders in 3 days. This app along with all your other apps are amazing and simple.

Your on-line support is FANTASTIC!

Good job guys :)


Amazing customer support and app!


Thanks to Cory's help setting up. The Product Builder app is very useful with lots of great options.


I love this App I just installed it and I believe it will drive my sells through the roof. Customers love custom one of a kind products and with this app I can provide Custom College Life Gear!


The app itself is good and brings much needed functionality to Shopify however potential customers should be aware of a few bugs with this application and the lack of action, in my experience, in resolving them to date.

I spent a considerable sum with Bold customising the app for my store but I have come across some crippling bugs. Having raised these issues my tickets were closed without resolution and merged into another ticket. Despite multiple attempts for a response that ticket is still open two months later and I have received no update.

Bugs happen, thats understandable, however high impact issues in this case have not been worked on and have been left as known issues with no updates as to when they will be resolved.

My main issue is that when updating products set within my builders they frequently do not save and they automatically duplicate the product description text, often 100 times! Also be aware that when updating product pricing in Shopify this does not flow into the products setup within the builder - this must be done manually (to show the correct price within the builder). This bug means that a manual update that should take a few hours (e.g. to update prices) can take days, literally. It is becoming unworkable and there has been no sign of a solution from Bold to date.

So be aware, if you have more than 100 products in your store, this app could become a real issue for your business until these bugs are actually addressed by Bold.

If these were fixed, I'd highly recommend it. As it stands, it comes with a few health warnings attached! Others seem to have had great support from Bold but in this case we have been let down so far - I hope I can update this review with more positive news at some point soon.


Absolutely awesome app. I had them install it for me, it was done in 48 hours. Extremely happy with the results


So far, I'm giving Bold Apps a 5-star rating for their generous support assistance in getting Product Builder running on our site. A special thanks to Cory at Bold for his hands-on help. I'll update this review after we've had a chance to set up and test Product Builder.


Great app! We are very pleased with the results. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself at www.neoscustomsuits.com

Great service too. They went out of their way to modify the settings so the app looked even better. I highly recommend it.

$60.00 / month

★ ★ ★ FREE FOR 30 DAYS ★ ★ ★

This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

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