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Merchants appreciate this app for its ability to collect and showcase product reviews, photos, and videos. They commend its easy-to-use interface, simple setup, and customization features. The app integrates well with Shopify, offering various widgets and boosting conversion rates by providing customer reviews as social proof. The support team is noted for their quick and efficient responses. The app offers a useful free plan, with more features in the paid version. It's easy to install and facilitates straightforward email automation, providing valuable customer feedback.

September 5, 2023

can't import review

About 20 hours using the app
Stamped.io replied September 11, 2023

Hello Cetras team,

We're truly sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered with importing reviews. We're here to help, and we would have been more than willing to assist if you had reached out to our support team at support@stamped.io or through the widget in our help center.

Our dedicated support team is committed to resolving any challenges you face with our app. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we'll work diligently to address your concerns and get your reviews imported correctly.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we hope you'll consider giving us another chance to assist you. We're here to support your success.

Your partners in success,
All of us at Stamped

Edited November 29, 2023

Unfortunately, we’ve lost confidence in the reliability of this app and can no longer recommend it to other merchants.

The review widget on our product pages has broken 7 times in the last 3 months (that we’ve noticed), including for the entirety of Black Friday weekend.

Each time we reach out to support, we’re either told it was a service outage that has now been fixed or that they’ve checked and it appears to be working again.

The problem is that you need to regularly test this app for problems, because without doing anything to it, something will break or go wrong and if you’re not regularly checking & testing and it can potentially go unnoticed for significant periods of time.

For example, about 5 months ago, I decided to leave a test review from a product page and realised that the submit button wasn’t working. We were still receiving reviews via email invitations, so it’s difficult to say how long this had been broken for.

Also, the back end is extremely buggy - pressing publish review, paging through reviews or rotating a customer image for example is extremely slow and sometimes doesn’t work - requiring a refresh, which then takes you to a loading page for >10 seconds before you can access the app again.

United Kingdom
About 7 years using the app
September 29, 2023

Eviter les galère et n'installer pas cette application ridicule bugger de toute part !

Mechanical diy dealer
9 minutes using the app
Stamped.io replied October 4, 2023

Hello Mechanical DIY Dealer team,

We appreciate your feedback, and we're sorry to hear about your brief experience with our app. While we understand your concerns, it seems there might have been a misunderstanding as we couldn't find a support ticket from your end.

If you encounter any issues or have questions in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to our product support team at support@stamped.io. We're here to assist you promptly and ensure a smoother experience with our app.

Thank you for considering us, and we hope you will give us another chance in the future.

Your partners in success,
All of us at Stamped

Edited February 14, 2024

Terrible service recently. Reviews stop product pages from loading and the issues is still not fixed. Business lost for two days because of this. Team did not respond until today and issue is still not fixed. This issue keep happening despite the team saying they fixed it. Issue is ongoing today. No response received from stamped yet.

Hampton And Astley
United Kingdom
Almost 7 years using the app
Edited March 8, 2023

I am updating my review to 1 star due to repeat issues with the app not pushing the reviews through on mobile and desktop. Customers leave reviews and they don't show on your store which is defeats the purpose.

I have reached out multiple times about the same issue and on the most recent occasion, it took almost 3 days for someone to respond to my inquiry. I am not happy with the way customer service handles requests, they are slow to respond and don't seem to care that the order is resolved or not. In the last instance, the support staff asked to get in to the backend of my store? Why is that necessary when you own the software - can't you figure it out on your end, it's your technology. All I want is for my reviews to render properly as they should since that's what I am paying for. Going back and forth is a big waste of time and the problem has been ongoing now for over a week. I don't recommend this app.

United States
Almost 7 years using the app
Edited July 17, 2023

We have dealt with Stamped since 2016 and historically have been an excellent vendor - among the best we have experienced. Had some recent issues with customer service, however, quickly resolved once Tarn took charge. Great to work with and did an excellent job to get issues resolved.

About 6 years using the app
Edited November 15, 2022

UPDATE: STAMPED WILL NOT SEND AN EXPORT OF YOUR REVIEW DATA (including critical data such as review images and video). They will only send partial data which is not portable. MAJOR RED FLAG!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Caution: Stamped app has completely destroyed my Facebook pixel and ruined all optimization within my Facebook Ad Account. For some reason that Stamped cannot explain, they intermittently report purchase events to Facebook when a user loads a product detail page. There are not real purchases, but since they are reported to Facebook, Facebook optimizes ad spend based on these "conversions." Over the past few days, Stamped reported $344B of fake conversions (yes, Billion). That completely overwhelms the YEARS of real data accumulated on my pixel, and my ad account is now worthless and must be abandoned.
This has been going on off-and-on for over a year. Multiple times Stamped has told me they fixed the issue, but then it returns. They have stopped responding to me entirely. They will not send me my data so that I can move to another review platform.
Stamped is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my decade long journey in e-commerce. Beware.

Aria Carter
United States
Over 5 years using the app
Edited October 16, 2023

So ive been using this app since 2018 and it used to be very good with great support, but i believe it was sold to a different devolper or their support has gone down the drain.

I have been dealing with a consistent issue regarding the social push now for over 6 months and support always tells me that they will escalate the issue and let me know when it will be resolved, but it never gets resolved.

Not sure where to go from here with this poor support

Sharper Designs Online
United States
Over 5 years using the app
June 17, 2022

This company will steal your money. I signed up for the full suite business plan, and decided after one month of use that it just was not something that I would be making use of for the cost, so I canceled and downgraded back down to the free plan. I figured everything was fine, as I was not charged the following month. However, after that, they have been charging me every month, and refuse to respond back to me about a refund. I cannot cancel, because I do not have any type of active paid account to cancel even if I wanted to. They owe me over $1,000 now, and like I said, continue with their lack of response. Terrible company.

Odd World Studio
United States
About 5 years using the app
Stamped.io replied June 20, 2022

Hi Odd World team,

My apologies for any confusion here, it looks like your support request was escalated to our billing team without first being acknowledged.

We would never wilfully ignore any issue especially one that concerns your finances! I have insured your ticket is being looked after and you should hear back from us soon if you haven't already.

I'll make sure our team provides updates before escalating in the future to make sure this type of miscommunication doesn't happen again. Thank you for your feedback I do hope we can get this resolved for you soon.

Edited December 6, 2022

we have almost 60,000 reviews in the que, and nobody at Stamped has responded for week. i hope somebody will reach out immediately.

Always Fits
United States
About 5 years using the app
Stamped.io replied December 15, 2019

Hello Always Fits,

Thank you for your review and kind words!

We're glad that you're loving our Product and Net Promoter Score Review features!
We really appreciate your kind compliments to our support staff, it is incredibly heartening :)

We hope you'll continue to have a great time collecting UGCs with Stamped.io :)