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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly interface, efficient review management, and customization options. Its seamless integration with other platforms and automation of review requests are highly valued. Both free and paid plans offer significant benefits, including increased conversion rates. The app's ability to display reviews in various formats and provide social proof is also praised. Customer service is noted for its promptness and efficiency, even during peak times. The app is recommended for its cost-effectiveness and easy integration.

December 22, 2022

Long story short: Avoid until Stamped,io can prove they are able to support their customers with a properly working product without need of relying on non existent customer service to get things fixed.

Long story:
After getting the app installed, we signed up to the Business plan instantly for the features we were after. This is where the headaches started, we were unable to activate features even though the button said enabled after saving, however clicking refresh would show the same toggles switched back to disabled. The features we wanted didn't enable. We reached out to their support to help with these issues, but their customer support is honestly the most horrible part of this experience. It's non existent. I do not see the value in paying X amount a month when there is 0 support. I sent a message on the 17th Nov, its now the 22nd and still no response to a basic issue. Sure its only 5 days so far, but imagine if a critical issue occurred and needed resolving and the only way to resolve it was to reach out to customer support? Screw waiting DAYS to solve it. Because of this, We switched over to Okendo instantly, and Im glad to say our experience so far with them has been nothing but extraordinary. We're so glad we made the switch!
We want an app that is looked after and maintained, not make us feel abandoned, especially with such a crucial feature like reviews.
Im disappointed because friends of mine who also run shopify stores used to praise Stamped for being the best reviews app, but it seems ever since their acquisition, they have gone down hill. The friends who used to praise Stamped have also jumped ship to other solutions.

For those looking for a reviews app, I strongly recommend AVOIDING Stamped, they dont get my stamp of approval. Go with a another solution.

2 days using the app
Stamped.io replied December 22, 2022

Hi there Roterunner team,

I am terribly sorry to see this has been your experience.

Our support has recently moved to a new ticketing software in order to address some of the issues you have experienced previously. We're a small team now, but we're growing in the new year to ensure the wait is never longer than 24hrs for any first reply from our team. We've also updated our schedules to provide more complete coverage throughout the weekend.

I know this does not change your experience, but I wanted to assure you we are aware of the challenges and working our hardest to ensure this doesn't happen again.

I see we are working with you to remove the widgets now and I do hope we can see you again in the future.

December 22, 2022

Paid for one of the versions, you basically get no features, and have to pay even more for basic features. Contacted for a refund but just get sent round in circles by a chat bot.

Holiday Bottle
United Kingdom
12 days using the app
Stamped.io replied December 22, 2022

Hey there Holiday Bottle team,

I'm sorry to see you've had this experience.

The basic plan is a great place for new and small businesses to start with; it comes with all the standard features of our product that let you collect and display reviews. It is true that higher plans have additional features which may be what your business is looking for.

I have located your support request and it looks like you submitted using our old support email hello@stamped.io please note we are now using support@stamped.io for all support requests.

I have flagged your request and one of our product support reps should be in touch soon to help you out.

If there is anything we can do to help you succeed please let us know!

April 12, 2023

App does not work. Everytime I try to connect my shopify store to stamped.io it takes me to error page. Every single time

Eclipse Lighting Company
United States
About 5 hours using the app
Stamped.io replied April 27, 2023

Hi there Eclipse Lighting team

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

We're glad to say that the temporary issues we were experiencing with access to our app have been resolved. You're now able to connect your Shopify store to Stamped without any problems.

We understand how frustrating access issues can be, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our team worked hard to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience and understanding while we worked to fix it.

We always strive to provide the best possible experience for our users, and your feedback helps us to improve. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our support team is always here to help and ensure that you have a positive experience with our app.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention, and we hope that you continue to enjoy using Stamped for all of your reviews and ratings needs.

Edited March 17, 2023

Good feature set, poor functionality and value/pricing compared to competitors. I ran into two dealbreaking bugs in the first few minutes using this app. First off - the onboarding page kept loading indefinitely. Had to manually update the app (after seconds of installing it) to fix this. Next up, tried to import reviews from my existing review app - the importer freezes after selecting the import file. I initially considered testing this app for the Google seller ratings functionality - turns out this is only available when opting for the "Professional" plan which starts at a 299 usd/mo. That's around a 766% price increase compared to Loox with just seller ratings to show for it. This is going to be a hard pass for me.

EVE Bands
25 minutes using the app
Stamped.io replied March 28, 2023

Hi there EVE Bands team,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Stamped

We appreciate your feedback, and we apologize for the inconvenience that the issues you encountered have caused you.

I understand that our app's pricing didn't meet your expectations compared to our competitors. However, we would like to highlight that Stamped offers a unique set of features that our competitors do not have. Our platform is built to improve the entire user experience, from collecting reviews to showcasing them on your website and helping you leverage the power of social proof to boost your sales.

Regarding the Google seller ratings functionality, we would like to clarify that it is only available in our Professional plan. However, we offer many other valuable features in our other plans that might suit your business needs. Our platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, so you can choose the plan that fits your budget and business goals.

In regard to your issues with the importer, It looks like the support request we have with you mentioned there were issues with the actual CSV you were using, and we would be happy to help you with that.

I will reach out to you separately to discuss your concerns in more detail and create a better support plan for you. We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to make things better!

Edited November 29, 2023

Unfortunately, we’ve lost confidence in the reliability of this app and can no longer recommend it to other merchants.

The review widget on our product pages has broken 7 times in the last 3 months (that we’ve noticed), including for the entirety of Black Friday weekend.

Each time we reach out to support, we’re either told it was a service outage that has now been fixed or that they’ve checked and it appears to be working again.

The problem is that you need to regularly test this app for problems, because without doing anything to it, something will break or go wrong and if you’re not regularly checking & testing and it can potentially go unnoticed for significant periods of time.

For example, about 5 months ago, I decided to leave a test review from a product page and realised that the submit button wasn’t working. We were still receiving reviews via email invitations, so it’s difficult to say how long this had been broken for.

Also, the back end is extremely buggy - pressing publish review, paging through reviews or rotating a customer image for example is extremely slow and sometimes doesn’t work - requiring a refresh, which then takes you to a loading page for >10 seconds before you can access the app again.

United Kingdom
About 7 years using the app
Edited March 8, 2023

I am updating my review to 1 star due to repeat issues with the app not pushing the reviews through on mobile and desktop. Customers leave reviews and they don't show on your store which is defeats the purpose.

I have reached out multiple times about the same issue and on the most recent occasion, it took almost 3 days for someone to respond to my inquiry. I am not happy with the way customer service handles requests, they are slow to respond and don't seem to care that the order is resolved or not. In the last instance, the support staff asked to get in to the backend of my store? Why is that necessary when you own the software - can't you figure it out on your end, it's your technology. All I want is for my reviews to render properly as they should since that's what I am paying for. Going back and forth is a big waste of time and the problem has been ongoing now for over a week. I don't recommend this app.

United States
Almost 7 years using the app
Edited July 17, 2023

We have dealt with Stamped since 2016 and historically have been an excellent vendor - among the best we have experienced. Had some recent issues with customer service, however, quickly resolved once Tarn took charge. Great to work with and did an excellent job to get issues resolved.

About 6 years using the app
Edited November 15, 2022

UPDATE: STAMPED WILL NOT SEND AN EXPORT OF YOUR REVIEW DATA (including critical data such as review images and video). They will only send partial data which is not portable. MAJOR RED FLAG!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Caution: Stamped app has completely destroyed my Facebook pixel and ruined all optimization within my Facebook Ad Account. For some reason that Stamped cannot explain, they intermittently report purchase events to Facebook when a user loads a product detail page. There are not real purchases, but since they are reported to Facebook, Facebook optimizes ad spend based on these "conversions." Over the past few days, Stamped reported $344B of fake conversions (yes, Billion). That completely overwhelms the YEARS of real data accumulated on my pixel, and my ad account is now worthless and must be abandoned.
This has been going on off-and-on for over a year. Multiple times Stamped has told me they fixed the issue, but then it returns. They have stopped responding to me entirely. They will not send me my data so that I can move to another review platform.
Stamped is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my decade long journey in e-commerce. Beware.

Aria Carter
United States
Over 5 years using the app
Edited December 27, 2016

Customer purchases say 5 products & submit a review. Submitted review is shown only for 1 random product. Why can't it show to all purchased products..?
We have customers who purchase in bulk (50+ products) We convince them hard to submit review & that review is shown to only one product. Not acceptable.
Won't recommend to others.

Over 5 years using the app
Stamped.io replied July 14, 2020

Hello Beelinepune,

Thank you for your feedback.

Stamped.io's review email has been structured to highlight one item if there are multiple in the order based on algorithms to determine the most likely product that the customer would submit a review on. This has proven to improve conversions for our users compared to requesting a review for every product within the order.

There are several features Stamped.io makes use of to collect reviews for other products in the order, mainly within the review email and through the thank you page customers are directed to after submitting an order.

We hope this helps and please do reach out to the support team if you require further clarification on how Stamped.io can assist your store with collecting more reviews :)

Edited October 16, 2023

So ive been using this app since 2018 and it used to be very good with great support, but i believe it was sold to a different devolper or their support has gone down the drain.

I have been dealing with a consistent issue regarding the social push now for over 6 months and support always tells me that they will escalate the issue and let me know when it will be resolved, but it never gets resolved.

Not sure where to go from here with this poor support

Sharper Designs Online
United States
Over 5 years using the app