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Developed by Cafe Custom Ink

Price: $14.00 / month Free Trial: 2 days More info
  • Fast Uploads, upload by image name, product sku and by tag
  • Upload multiple images for different products
  • Add as many product images you want

PxUpload offers everything you need to upload images when setting up new products or appending images too, fast and simple.

Update - 03/06/2018

Now you can upload your images and download a csv file with your image name and image url. This csv file is very helpful. It will allow you to do a vlookup in excel so you can match it with your Shopify Import file.
How-to video:https://youtu.be/gORP2kIa2zw

Update - 02/13/2018

Pxupload can now upload images and create products for you all in one upload. Just name your images like Red Roses_1.jpg, Red Roses_2.jpg to create a product with title/sku Red Roses with images.
How-to video: https://youtu.be/3FaRwVekWYY

Update - 07/05/07
Now you can upload by tag. It's simple, enter your tag name and add images. Also now you can sort images by drag and drop.

Update - 03/10/07
Image Size Increase - up to 5MB upload

How-to video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnXfpoqFFFo

New feature (2/17/2017)
How to video: youtu.be/zSV5SHaQWKw

You can now upload by product sku.

  • Sync products, enter your sku, type of upload and sort your images as you want. Click upload, simple.

  • You no longer need to rename your images to match your sku.

Of course you can still upload by image too.


  • Easily add an unlimited number of upload images to your products

  • Easily sync products with the app - 1 Click

  • Accept file uploads up to 1MB per image (optimize for web/mobile)

  • Upload up to 15 images per product at the same time

  • Accept any file type or restrict to the formats you want (.jpg, .png, .gif)

  • We save your images up to 30 days from the upload date, in case you need to download them later.

  • View upload progress status log

  • View product sync status log

  • Need help? No problem! Our support team is here for you!

  • No Developer needed!

Let us know if you have questions.

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This app helped us upload thousands of product photos. Wonderful customer support, great tool for bulk image upload, thanks!

$14.00 / month
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