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RageOn Connect

RageOn Connect

Developed by RageOn

48 reviews
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  • Highest quality cut & sew garments and print techniques. (Dye Sub + Digital)
  • Easy-to-use creation tool and catalog builder. (White label packaging + neck tags)
  • 30+ products to choose from. (Plus sizes available)

Extra perks:

free, additional store created on the RageOn marketplace when creating your products that will be visible to million of potential customers browsing RageOn, access to our designers, photographers, and the highest quality product choices

RageOn Connect offers thousands of already made designs to choose from - of course you can always create your own designs.

Outsource your printing with the experts

Printing your awesome designs on different stuff is one less thing you have to do. We have printing facilities in each time zone in the US and Europe for international orders to provide the fastest shipping to customers and the best product selection. You don't have to think about inventory, equipment, or shipping – focus on the things that matter most to you.

We go beyond printing to make the ecommerce process as easy as possible for you. Think of us as your drop shipping savior!

How does RageOn Connect work?

Create your on demand products with the RageOn Web or App and Sync them to your Shopify store. When an order is made on your Shopify store that contains your RageOn product, it's automatically sent directly to us, where we print and ship it to your customer.

Integrating RageOn with your Shopify store is easy:

  • Click the “Get App” button

  • Create an account at RageOn or sign in with your existing account

  • Create Products with the RageOn Web or App

  • Sync your created products to your Shopify store with RageOn Connect

  • Set up your billing and you're good to go!
  • Feel free to contact us at talent@rageon.com for more help on getting started.

    From A to Z, we'll take care of you

    We're more than a dropshipper. We're directly involved in every step of our fulfilment process and go the extra mile to help you get your store up and running. With RageOn, you get:

  • Discounted samples: Order samples of your products for 20% off and free shipping worldwide! See exactly what your customers are getting.

  • Design services: Whether you need a bit of inspiration, a complete overhaul, or a couple of tweaks to perfect your print files, our in-house designers can get your designs looking exactly the way you want.

  • Free Mockups: We have the highest quality, most photorealistic mockups and we're constantly investing in adding more.
  • You decide your profit

    We charge you the bare minimum to cover the cost of production and the product, then you set your end price, and what's left is your profit. Your end price will depend on what you and your customers think is fair, but we recommend a minimum profit margin of 30%.

    Say you're selling a high quality, classic style T-shirt. Set your price is $19.99. Our price is $12.00. Subtract our price from yours, which gives you a profit of $7.99 (40%). If you sold the same shirt for $24.99, you would profit $12.99 and have a 52% margin.

    RageOn has so many products to choose from

  • T-shirts - all-over-print polyester spun especially to feel like cotton or your classic “Next Level” cotton feel

  • Sweatshirts - Crewneck sweatshirts and zip-up hoodies (for all-over-print) and classic cotton styles are available

  • On demand shoes - high top or low top similar to Chuck Taylor style!

  • Onesies - Perfect for onesie parties!

  • Leggings - made of polyester/spandex, printed all-over and sewn sweatshop-free

  • All-over shirts and tank tops - the printing technique that allows you to print your design all over the garment

  • Phone cases - available for the iPhone 5/5s/SE and the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus and Android Smartphones!

  • Sublimated socks - ankle, crew, and knee high!

  • Throw Pillows, Fleece Blankets, Pillow Cases, Duvet Covers - all the bedding you’ll need! - and much, much more!
  • Largest On Demand All-Over-Print & DTG Supply Chain

    We have manufacturing in every time zone in the US and overseas for international orders. We print every order with love and care and, typically, in the same time zone the shipping address resides in to ensure faster delivery! Our fulfilment team personally oversees production and ensures the highest quality results. We also have the most competitive prices for our print-on-demand services.

    Stress-free shipping

    Every order comes with tracking. When we mail an item, we automatically trigger the Shopify shipping notification with the tracking code, which is sent to your end customer so they know where their package is.

    Always growing

    Since we launched the app in Oct '13 we’ve generated over $8,000,000 for the creators of this world! Since Jan 2016, generated 350k users and millions of views alone!

    About RageOn

    We started with our own ecommerce store, invented the best custom creation technology in the world, and then realized the demand for awesome dropshippers, so we founded RageOn Connect. We understand what you need – quality, reliability, affordability, and kick-ass support. Trust us, we've been where you are, and our first-hand experience is why we're your best fit. We work with the largest merchandising band on the planet, KISS, Lisa Frank, Seth Rogan’s Movie - Sausage Party, Batman, and thousands of other name brands, so we were able to provide the best service for even the highest demand without any bottlenecks.

    Gene Simmons of KISS has said that our zip up hoodie is one of the best pieces of merchandise that he’s ever experienced - that’s coming from a brand that sold over $1b in merchandise :)

    We also have the most stable and user-friendly Shopify integration solution. We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or just want to chat – drop us a line at talent@rageon.com.

    RageOn Connect reviews

    48 reviews
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    5. 1 star (12 reviews)

    By far the easiest app to use. No strick templates. No more having 100's of folders with the same design saved a 100 ways to fit different products. This app even made my old designs fresh again just by new ways to place it on the products. I can upload products and have them in my store ready to sell 10 times faster than any other app. Love it!!!


    This app is amazing! Great for creative entrepreneurs looking to create success!


    We are so thrilled with our new products from RageOn! Our customers are providing outstanding feedback and are expressing their support to continue offering items from RageOn. So far, we are having nothing but a positive experience with the app and the products! Thank you! -Trendz.Boutique


    The mobile App is really easy to create designs with and there are a ton of products that you can already put in your store.


    I've been using RageOn Connect for nearly 6 months and their separate website for a little over a year, and they have been nothing but awesome.

    With RageOn Connect, I've been able to customize my prices for my customers, and offer a rage of high quality all-over print items.

    A few tips for others would be to familiarize yourselves with the 3 types of t-shirts available and stress those differences to your customers via the description area, and to review the shipping times for each product.

    RageOn Connect is an excellent POD source that allows you to post items to your Shopify, and to their website (if you'd like), this creates a larger reach for your business and can increase your revenue all around.

    Customer service has been excellent, and I've always gotten a response within 24 hrs. Overall, I'd recommend RageOn Connect to anyone who wants to increase their product range, or test the waters for all over print items.


    Rageon you are good stuff but....you've got a price gap you have to fix. its not worth the prices to be honest. attract us with lower prices and get rid of your competition that way. as it stands...not worth it on price alone.

    Geeky apparel store:



    Prices are almost double other POD shops. Not sure why anyone would use this company. I also rather loathe having to install the app AND create an account just to view inventory offered. Now I have to go uninstall it and delete the account. Also, putting pepperoni pizza as an FPO image on all your apparel makes it REALLY un-appealing to look at.


    No Thanks! For the cost of the items, Seller will probably end up spending all the time dealing with Sales, marketing and all and still not going to make any profit. PS RageOn does not take return on your custom design items, which means seller either have to eat it up or can't offer returns.


    This entire experience has been a nightmare. The customer service is just bad, I kept falling thru the cracks it would seem and passed from person to person
    each time I checked in asking for an update on a "re-do" order.

    Being that they don't accept Hi-Rez artwork the actual print quality is poor, and their mock up photos don't reflect this at all...which is deceptive for the customer (and me). Luckily, this was a sneaker order I made for myself before a customer did. This was Dec 1st, it's now Feb 21 and I am still waiting for a resolve.

    At this point I would just like a refund but I have yet to hear back anything from the "Customer service" dept in regards to status of this order or the possibility of a refund. Not to mention anytime I would reply back to the original email convo, I would get answered by someone else and they would request my order number again...even though it's in the email string 10 times. At first it's fine but after months, the frustration is very real, as a small business I could never get away with this kind of service.

    I really, REALLY wanted to love this company and have been very patient...just glad this happened to me rather than one of my customers! Needless to say, I think I will be severing my ties with Rage on.

    Update: After calling one of their reps and leaving a message, and writing them twice in the last 24 hrs I just heard back while writing this. Turns out my order was sent out yesterday and should be ready in 10 days...sigh, no mention of a refund. I am totally over this.


    Don't ship half the items, says up to 20 days, some of my customers are now waiting over 30 days, about to stop using them, ruining my reputation



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