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May 11, 2024

One of the best bundle apps I've come accros in my 2 years of using shopify, they have an excellent customer service ( Shout out to Patrick he's been a huge help countless times), they offer free bundles with free customization, no need for any payments to modify the bundles unlike other apps, with no limits/restrictions on how much sales you can do with this app, and it will definitely be of huge help to your store and business, highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to boost his business!

13 days using the app
Royal Apps replied May 17, 2024

Thank you! We're glad to hear that 🤌🤎

April 24, 2024

This e-commerce app is a game-changer for boosting sales with features like product bundling, BOGO offers, and volume discounts. It's incredibly user-friendly, requiring no coding skills for setup. You can easily select products, set up bundles or discounts, and customize the display styles. A special shoutout to David, who was exceptionally helpful during the setup process, making it even smoother. This app is perfect for any online store looking to increase revenue and promote popular products effectively.

Özel Beslenme
8 days using the app
April 30, 2024

extremely great customer help. I had some issues, and I did;t know how to set it up properly. So, I contacted their support and I was served by David, he was able to hop on to my account and do all the things for me. One of the best help I've received. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

4 days using the app
March 12, 2024

Finally, I can create bundles without being limited by the 100 variant limit. Special thanks to Marc for his advices

United States
24 days using the app
April 5, 2024

I find the application very useful and a great way to boost sales, it is an added value because in addition to being free, I received incredible technical support from Patrick, I highly recommend it!

United States
4 days using the app
March 18, 2024

I finally found an app that's not limited to 100 variant i was looking for something like this for months this is a gamechanger there's literally no limits to how many you can make

7 days using the app
April 23, 2024

Thanks for this great plugin. Everything works great, but 2 issues:
1. Once I push the add to cart, my quantity is set to 0. So if customer closes the cart popup, it wouldn't be able to add to cart.
2. It displays only current store currency, even If I change it (by Vitals widget) - this is really big problem :(

United States
8 days using the app
April 28, 2024

This is literally the best shopify app ! every thing is simple and easy to use and the service is just TOP NOTCH, they really helped me out a lot with my store i really recommend this 10/10.

2 days using the app
May 16, 2024

Great app and good support from david.
Some little features could be more better in future but for now its great

1 day using the app
April 25, 2024

Although we did not find the problem, David has been very kind, and has responded quickly and made a tour of the products that use the app to verify that they do not have the same problem.

Barby Rodriguez
6 days using the app