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Recomatic Related Products

Recomatic Related Products

Developed by Wordsense

Price: $69.00 – $149.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase your sales by up to 30% by showing related products.
  • Upsell and Cross Sell your customers automatically.
  • Stay focused on your business: everything is entirely automatic.

Why every store needs to show related products.

When it comes to selling online, design decisions should be focused on making your customers find your products as quickly as possible, as well as presenting them in a meaningful and attractive way. You already have a navigation menu organizing your products by categories? Sometimes even a search bar? But often your customers don’t exactly know what they’re looking for; instead, they start browsing, and if nothing catches their attention, they get frustrated and leave without buying anything.

If you have too many products to display all of them on one single page, Recomatic smoothens your customers' browsing experience. Our recommendation module shows them related products that they’ll be interested in on product and cart pages. This allows them to easily jump from one product to another and find what they are looking for in less time, making them more likely to buy.

Why the Related Products feature that comes with your theme is not good enough.

Shopify themes sometimes offer a related products feature. While it may look similar to what our app does, they only show random products from the same collection. Our app on the other hand harvests the power of big data and combines dozens of attributes to select items that will have the maximum impact on your sales and make sense to your customers.

Unlike your theme's feature, you will also be able to add the related products on the cart page and the order confirmation page, making it really easy to upsell and cross sell your customers.

Focus on your business, not on configuration.

You’re already busy maintaining your product base, making sure your descriptions and visuals are helpful and attractive, fulfilling orders and answering customers. You certainly have no time to manually choose what to recommend with what, and do it again every time you add or remove a product.

Recomatic Related Products automatically does all this work for you. It uses past orders data, products descriptions and titles, tags and categories to select the most relevant related products. It’s always in sync with your product base and it learns from your customers.

An affordable price for every store

$69 a month makes Recomatic Related Products affordable for all sizes of stores, from Basic to Unlimited. The extra sales it will bring makes the app pay for itself, and much more.

Are you a Shopify Plus customer wondering if we can handle the amount of visitors you're getting? Some of the biggest shops on Shopify (including Shoeme.ca and TheChivery) have chosen our app to handle their related products. The price for plus users is $149 per month, no matter how much traffic you're getting. The price is bigger, but the return on investment as well!

Try it now with our 14 day free trial.

Our other apps

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Recomatic Related Products reviews (58)


Great app. It's simple to use and works well with my site. The staff at Recomatic are quick to help with any support needs. Thanks guys!


awesome app, and the developer is very responsive to getting everything set up just as it should be!


Great app, and excellent customer service!


For the most part this app works well. We are a high end consignment store (www.michaelsconsignment.com) so we have unique sku's for every item in our store... occasionally the items recommended don't really relate to the one being looked at. The customer service is great... very responsive. Overall we are happy with the app. Thank you!


great app


Does what it says on the box - our customers definitely find more products with Recomatic.


The app works pretty good and paid for itself the first month many times over. Their team worked with me to make sure it everything was working.


Excellent app. It is very straightforward and works as advertised. Customer service is fast and they have been very helpful in helping us match our theme. I would recommend this app to anyone that wants a simple way to do smart recommendations.


Love it! Definitely have seen a huge ROI on this app.


A very simplistic app you can install and forget about. What the results pour in as the app personalises suggestions to the customer.

$69.00 – $149.00 / month
14 days

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