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5 reviews
Price: $2.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Targeted marketing campaigns based on visitor's location
  • Sophisticated redirection rules based on geolocation and/or browser language
  • Use visitor's country and country code as variables throughout your shop


Redirector allows you to create complex rules to either redirect customers or display localized information based on geolocation and/or browser language.

Redirector comes with an HTML editor that allows you to create nice looking banners and greet potential customers in their language or with special local offers. You can also redirect your visitors to any page in your shop or to any other external URL.

Is it difficult to install?

No manual installation required, Redirector automatically inserts the necessary code into your theme.


  • Redirect visitors based on their location and/or language

  • Redirect to shop or external URLs

  • Smart redirection prevents loops

  • Decide whether you want to redirect the visitor only once or force redirection.

  • Display localized rich text banners based on visitor's location and/or language

  • Redirect all products with one single rule and use the product handle in the target URL (very useful if you have two shops for different regions)

  • Discreetly test your rules without executing them

  • Use country, country flag image and country code variables throughout your shop

How reliable is your infrastructure?

All our Apps are now hosted on Amazon EC2 high-availability elastic cloud servers and constantly monitored.

Please also visit the Redirector Demo Shop!

We are happy to help you if you have any questions or setup issues.

Redirector reviews

5 reviews
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The app was not able to block people that were supposed to be blocked. Also, the design of the app makes it hard to use. Would not recommend.


This app is great, and above all that inexpensive. The author of the app responds to my queries in very timely manner. Not only did he respond to my queries, he offered help and modified necessary files for the app to function as I desired. I am now able to direct my site's visitors to any other URL I choose to. I recommend this app very much. I usually don't review apps, but this one definitely worth as the author stands behind his app. Great job.


Horrible. Really, the plugin works very poorly, a lot of bugs.


We are using this app to switch between EU and US shops.
works perfect! 5 stars.


5 Stars because of the very good pricing.
Only thing to add would be to ignore a possible query string in the url.
At moment those links for example coming from an email campaign will not be redirected.

$2.99 / month
5 days

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