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Related Blog Posts

Related Blog Posts

Developed by Digital Darts

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  • Suggest relevant posts of yours on your Shopify blog to improve reader engagement
  • Boost your SEO with quality internal links and better Google crawlability
  • Fully customizable, fast, and quick to install

Quickly and easily suggest related blog posts of yours to readers on your Shopify blog. Once someone finishes reading a blog post, suggest additional articles of yours published inside your store for people to read. Top bloggers do this like "You May Also Be Interested In Reading".

Increase Page Views and Engagement

Readers engage more with your content when you recommend similar blog posts of yours at the end.

Boost Your SEO

SEO experts love the app. Related Blog Posts boost your SEO by creating quality internal links and improving Google's crawlability of old blog posts.

Complete Customization

The Shopify app has full customization options to display your ideal number of suggested posts. Control what and how suggestions are shown.

  • Set the number of related posts to display to improve readership

  • Use the featured image of a blog post to increase click-through rate

  • Change the text displayed if there are no related posts

  • Determine what blogs to display on (great if you have multiple blogs you want to keep separate)

  • Exclude posts if they use a specific tag

  • Exclude posts from showing as a related post (great to hide one-time promotional posts)

  • Style the related posts so they look exactly how you want

The app is free, fast, and entirely accessible within your Shopify admin. No additional logins to remember.

Install it now to grow your Shopify blog!



Install the app by clicking the green "Get" button at the top of this page. Follow the standard prompts. Once you see the app settings, in your Shopify admin go to "Online Store" and "Themes". Click "Edit Code" of your live theme. In the file article.liquid, put {% include 'relatedblogs' %} where you want related posts to show. We recommend after {{ article.content }} so related blog posts display at the end of a blog post.

In the rare case you cannot find {{ article.content }}, your article.liquid file will contain another liquid file that inserts {{ article.content }}. It could be article-template.liquid.

You're done and ready to go!


"The related posts are not displaying how I want." The app looks great out of the box for 95% of stores. Any display issue is related to your theme OR where you placed the snippet. The app uses your theme's markup so if the display is not quite right, enter your custom CSS in the design options or alter your theme's design. There is complete configuration, HTML, and CSS settings to control exactly how you want the suggestions to display. Work with your designer if you do not understand CSS. Support for your design is not provided.

"The related posts are not showing." The most common reason for this is not having any blog posts. If you want to suggest blog posts, you need blog posts. This is not obvious everyone.

For any further help with the app, please read the Shopify app support page.

Created by Shopify marketing agency Digital Darts.

Related Blog Posts reviews

159 reviews
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Works exactly as promised. I can't think of why anyone wouldn't want to have this app. I was skeptical because it seems to provide something for nothing, but it's absolutely exactly as advertised. Thank you, Josh!


Works great! Plus it's free. What more can you ask for? ;)


Muito bom. Recomendo. Obrigado Related Blog Posts.


After seeing that my most valuable pages in Google Analytics were the blog post that linked to another internal blog post I decided to manually create related article links at the bottom of each post. After updating about 3 posts out of several hundred I decided to just search for an app. I found 4. This is the one that was the most straightforward and FREE! I installed it and 2 minutes later I have beautifully formatted related article links at the bottom of all my post! Thank You!!!!!


I love it but it could use some more customization features.


Program works great. I am so happy I found it check it out on my site https://MyPleasureBox.com


Why this is not standard on all Shopify sites IDK.. But for FREE this is one of the best blog apps out there. Check it out on my site https://MajorLeaguePets.com


Awesome! I like it sooo much! Thank you!


Installation and customization were so simple with great instructions! I chose to place mine in a slightly different spot (beneath tags and social media share buttons, but above comments), and I was able to do this despite the fact that I'm the least code-savvy person I know. The related post display is eye-catching but not disruptive to the reading experience. So far, the post content and generated related posts seem to align very well. Definitely takes the blog to a "for real" level. Recommend.

ETA: If you want to drive before you buy, you can see RP in action here: https://www.goodygobags.com/blogs/news/fun-with-faqs-part-2.


Easy to install excited to use on my store.



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