Repeat Customer Insights

Repeat Customer Insights

by Little Stream Software

Analysis, reports, advice to get and retain repeat customers

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Are you losing customers?

Are you struggling to grow your repeat purchases because your customers are defecting? Find out where in their lifecycle you're losing them.

Data-driven marketing advice

Don't just blindly try marketing tactic after marketing tactic, hoping that a random one will grow your revenue.

Not sure what your data says?

You need visibility into exactly what's going on with your repeat customer purchases so you can better target your best customers

About Repeat Customer Insights

Losing customers is bad.

Losing repeat customers is a completely different level of bad.

But identifying what causes your repeat customers to leave is difficult.

Even then, analysis just tells you what happened, not what you should do.

What if instead of just analysis, you actually got an interpretation and advice based on the analysis?

e.g. "24% is a little low, you should add a new customer welcome campaign"

Repeat Customer Insights gives you that analysis, insights, and the advice your store needs to optimize your customer purchases.

This app will analyze your entire customer and order data, and equip you with reports on what your most loyal and valuable customers do. More than that, it will give you clear and actionable advice on how to keep your existing customers loyal and how to turn more of your one-off customers into loyal, repeat customers.

Customer Segmenting report uses the Customer RFM algorithm

This was pioneered by the big catalog stores in the early 90s and was only available to the large commerce enterprises until recently. It analyzes each customer on three criteria to rank them against the rest of your customer base: recency, frequency, and monetary.

Customer Purchase Latency report

This will analyze every step of your store's customer lifecycle and show you the multiple purchase segments already hidden in your order data. Each segment has their specific metrics exposed: Average Order Value, Repeat Purchase Rate, Purchase Latency, and each segment includes specific advice for that segment.

Customer Cohort Report

This report will show you the buying behavior of your customers over time based on when they first became a customer (their cohort). It'll also let you compare how different cohorts behave and order.

Monday Morning Metrics

Keep you up-to-date on how your store is performing, automatically. Every Monday. (Because Monday's need all the help they can get).

With this level of analysis you'll be able to fine tune your marketing, such as:

  • having your engagement campaigns can target new customers right before you estimate they should make their second purchase
  • offering a 10% off coupon to anyone who has missed an estimated purchase, knowing that you'll make a profit because you have the average order value factored in
  • spotting drop off points in your repeat purchases and be able to proactively focus on them to retain your customers before they defect
  • exporting specific segments of customers to create custom audiences
  • and more...

Here's exactly what you'll need to do:

  1. Click the Add App button above to install.
  2. It'll ask you to confirm your Shopify store and the monthly charge.
  3. We'll start analyzing your customer and order data.
  4. Your free, 14-day trial will begin.
  5. You'll begin to have custom insights gi

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Pricing 14-day free trial



  • Customer Segmenting report

  • RFM analysis

  • Simple letter grading algorithm for customers (A-F)

  • Export your analyzed customers to CSV



  • Adding:

  • Customer Purchase Latency for

  • All-time

  • Current year and last year

  • Current and last quarter

  • Customer Cohort Report for last 12 months



  • Adding:

  • Customer Purchase Latency for

  • All-time

  • Every year

  • Every quarter

  • For your entire store history

  • Customer Cohort Report for all time

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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Human Unlimited

Excellent, quick customer service!

Inno Nature

Very great and easy to use app - awesome contact!! Helpfull insights!


This is an amazing product that gives me deeper insight into my customer actions than available in Shopify. This combined with Google Analytics gives me several strategies to gain sales. Eric provided an analysis of our data that was unexpected and gave me further perspectives that would have required an in house data analyst to perform. Thank you again for such a great app!