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Unlimited Up-Sell Offers by Revy

Unlimited Up-Sell Offers by Revy

Developed by Revy Apps

26 reviews
Price: Free – $5.49 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • UpSell Offers encourage customers to add higher-valued items to increase sales from any customers
  • Grow your Profit without needed to make more sales. Just Selling More Items.
  • 1-Click Install. Quickly and Easy to Setup. Focus on Increase the Conversion Rate of your Store


Install and Enjoy all the Benefits of Revy Up-Sell paying less than a cup of coffee ☕




Unique Features(what makes us better)

  • Do not mess with your Theme - We don't add even one line of code in your theme, everything happens on real-time. So don't be afraid to try the app.

  • Works in any page(not just in Product Page, like the others) - We detect all add-to-cart events in your store, so if some target product gets added to cart, we gonna show up Up-Sell popup. Don't matter which page the user is, we gonna Up-Sell it!

  • Super Fast Support - Unlike some other companies who take days/weeks to answer support tickets. Our average support-wait-time is 2 hours. Sometimes we answer immediately, we have a super easy chat support inside the app to make it easier.
  • Effects/Transitions and Responsive Visual - Visual matters for the customers, and the app should act smoothly to provide the better and easier experience for your customers. We develop Revy Up-Sell with a design that works and make the experience unbelievable pleasant. The app also is very optimized for Mobile devices.

  • Measure the results - Just sales matters at the end of the day, we know what, because of this we develop a dashboard that provides the best metrics to measure the performance of your Up-Sell sales. We know our app works and you can see this through our dashboard.
  • Up-Sell is essential to maximize your sales. Try us and we guarantee you gonna have the best Up-Sell app available.


    Use the Power of Up-Sell Offers to Increase your Profit, without having to Increase your Sales

    How? By Increasing the value of every sale you make.

    Up-Sell is a very common technique for e-commerce stores, all the big players in the industry already use it, the way its done can vary, one example of UpSell technique is using "Related Products" or "People who saw this, bought this" sections, that is efficient, however, is not very targeted as Up-Sell Offers.

    Why Revy Up-Sell Offers?

    Different than others, UpSell Offers takes the UpSell strategy to another level, triggering and showing the Upsell Popup in the right moment of the Customer Decision, capturing the customer attention and increasing substantially your chances of making sales with multiple items, not just one.

    Do Upsells matter?

    Yup! What happens is that when you offer some relevant product right after customer decided to buy the first product, the chances of the customer to buy something else together are high. The more relevant your UpSell offers are, more chances to convert.

    The Benefits

    1. Increase Your Revenue without the need of making more Sales - Up-Selling is about growing your profit by not generating more sales, but increasing the value of your sales, by increasing the number of items of every shopping cart.

    2. Highly Targeted - You know what your Customer added to the Cart, Offer something relevant.

    3. Promote Products that not Popular - Don't matter if your product did not receive page views, promote this non-popular product with a popular product and sell it!

    4. Promote New Products - When you add a product takes time to customers realize that you have it. Up-Selling New products are very efficient to create the initial sales traction.

    How Revy UpSell App can be useful to you? With Real-Life use cases.

    The better way to show how UpSell Offers can be really useful, and generate more Sales to your Shopify Store, is through real-life use cases:

    • * Customer adds a Red Cap to the Shopping Cart, offer him a Red Shirt

    • * Add a Mouse to the Shopping Cart, you offer him a Mousepad.
    • * Add a Kitchen Tool to the Shopping Cart, offer him some products in the same Category

    • * Add an accessory for Smartphone X, offer him a Screen Protection for Smartphone X

    • * Add a Summer Shirt to the Shopping Cart, offer him more summer clothes

    • * Add a Bracelet to the Shopping Cart, offer him a necklace in the same style

    • * Add a Watch to the Shopping Cart, offer him an accessory that matches the Watch style

    The secret of Successfully Up-Selling is to offer something relevant to the customer based on the product he added to the Cart, that will depend on what you are selling on your Store.

    One Click install, NO CODING REQUIRED.

Unlimited Up-Sell Offers by Revy reviews

26 reviews
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Great App and affordable! .................................


This is exactly what I needed. I tried a few different apps but they just didn't have the flexibility.
Tech support helped me install it within a few minutes.
At the price you can't go wrong and too be honest I will make the monthly cost back after the 1st sale.


This app does exactly what it's supposed to do and support is beyond excellent!


It does exactly what it says it does, which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to choose my specific cross sell products based on what was specifically in the cart... this app does it.


the cheapest, great customer support and it does the job . thanks a lot.


great app, works well and i enjoy it greatly


Easy to set up and begins working right away


This app is really amazing! It let’s me create up-sell downsell and cross-sell offers easily! Other than that the Support is really amazing! They help me fix an error in my site in less than an hour. Plus they only charge very minimal. Kudos to Revy!!


great so easy to setup just what I wanted thank you


Great app to increase sales on your store! Super easy set up and support is very quick and easy! Thanks for the amazing app

Free – $5.49 / month

Full-Featured Trial. After that period our price is the equivalent of a cup of coffee. ☕


This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

5 days

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