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Merchants highly recommend this app for its customizable, user-friendly design that enhances the shopping experience. It's praised for its excellent customer service and seamless integration with various themes. Many have successfully used it to drive sales, improve customer experience, and increase average order value. The app also offers free gifts based on cart values, promoting incremental sales.

November 25, 2023

The app created multiple duplicate products when using the freebie feature and provided all of my customers with free gifts which resulted in $100,000 of refunds for our small business. Instructions on how to use the app should be made more clear...

Mandu Deco
United States
5 days using the app
Singleton software replied November 29, 2023

you still did not reply to my email with my question - how can i simulate your problem.
After you gave me access to your store, i checked it and there is lot of functionalities do the same. I think its not fair accuse one app you had money lost, because in your store, you had lot of app which do the same and these apps were in conflict to each other. I strongly recommend you to test if everything work first in test theme, if you have more apps doing the same, especially before black friday.

Best regards,
Adam from Singleton software

October 9, 2023

Does not work. Does not display on store. Activated in theme and have been trying to resolve it for the past 2 and half hours, awful.

United States
About 3 hours using the app
Singleton software replied October 16, 2023

we are so sorry about this issue in your store. We are always ready to help. I already wrote you email few days ago. You can write us on chat (from app configuration), or just write us to support@singleton-software.com.

Best regards,
Adam from Singleton software

August 3, 2023

Beware of this app, it causes chaos in your inventory, by far the worst app support I've wittnessed in my 4 years working with numerous Shopify App.

About 22 hours using the app
Singleton software replied August 4, 2023

we are so sorry about your issue. You can set stock for gifts like you need from your products administration. I see you have still installed this app. If you will need any help, just write us to support@singleton-software.com

Best regards,
Adam from Singleton software

Edited July 27, 2021

I started using this app to give free gift over a certain purchase value but the customers can add this free product without any purchase due to some error in the app. I have highlighted this issue for last three days but no response. Multiple follow ups. moreover the app is buggy. It doesn't allow all design changes it claims it can which also i have highlighted since last 20 days. I am planning to remove it. and won't suggest anyone to use it. Sorry I gave the access but no changes were done expect continuous emails to me to remove the review. I am removing your app today as now it is even interfering with my checkout due to your code. Its lead to lot of abandoned carts since it impacted my checkout and also lot of fraud happened due to this app. sorry but I need to be truthful about your app.

22 days using the app
Singleton software replied July 26, 2021

We are so sorry about your frustration. Yes, we wrote you lot of emails about your problem, but we need your reply to help you fix it in your custom store. We are so sorry this app do not work for 100% together with other “free gifts” apps you have in your store. So please reply to our emails and we will help you exactly like we helped many merchants before. We see you still using this app. If you need you can uninstall it and we can refund you.
Again, we are so sorry but we need your cooperation.

Best regards,

January 31, 2021

Interesting to read all of the great reviews, because our experience was completely the opposite. Once you install the app, the code overwrites your existing theme template (there is no option to make changes prior to enabling the app -- it just automatically installs). We had so many glitches due to our website having more complex programming. The app interfered with 1) our newsletter pop-up and 2) our Add to Cart buttons. Initially, the Add to Cart button was duplicated on product listings i.e. 2 Add to Cart buttons appeared. When I notified Adam of this, he requested access and did something to "fix" the bug. Now, some of our product listings don't have the Add to Cart button at all. I reached out again, and he said, verbatim, "i check your issue for you but this app do not touch “add to cart” buttons in your store. This will be issue for your theme developer." He seemed to be communicative and timely on the first day I downloaded the app. After that, communication has been very lacking. Strongly recommend against installing this app if you have a more robust site.

V Coterie
United States
5 days using the app
Singleton software replied January 31, 2021

i checked this issue in your store again, to be 100% sure i can write this. Your store contain lot of apps which do the same functionality + custom theme. Thats probably reason why you think this app is problem. Yes you are right, your store is robust, but robust of chaos. Sorry I write you like this, but please first check your store properly, before you will write some of app is guilty for your mess. Anyway, if you will need any help, I can check your store globally and help you to repair. You can write me to email support@singleton-software.com

May 6, 2022

Be aware!!! I downloaded this app a few days ago and didn't find it helpful so I deleted it. But something horrible happened afterward - all of the products I set as a gift before become FREE via the storefront. I guess the mechanism of this app is in order to make a product as Free Gift, they duplicate the product and mark its price as 0. And so even after you delete the app, those duplicates stay and their price remains 0. This is utterly ridiculous. I have to warn you before you download this app. It will harm your business.

About 15 hours using the app
Singleton software replied May 6, 2022

we are so sorry about this situation. This app create gifts as "hidden" products. There is probably conflict with another 3rd party app, which show these products in front store. Its no problem for us to help you with this situation.
You can write us to info@singleton-software.com and we will help you with it asap.

Best regards,
Adam from singleton software

November 22, 2020

This app doesn't give all the features it promises (ability for customers to choose size of free gift with live cart window being the main one that's absent), also completely stops working when upgrading to Pro version. Support is silent and explanations on the customization site are basically bad english.

Kentucky Girl
United States
39 minutes using the app
Singleton software replied November 23, 2020

i am sorry i was out of office on sunday. If you want to allow customers to choose from variants for gift, you have to turn off "automatically adding gift to cart" option in offer configuration. Problem with another issues should be also in your theme, but i can also fix it for you. Please let me know to email "support@singleton-software.com" and i will fix all your issues.

May 12, 2021

This app crashed my website and even after uninstalling the app my customers were not able to view my products took us hours to fix and we are tech-savvy BE VERY CAREFUL if you download this app!

What a Crock Meals to Go LLC
United States
3 minutes using the app
Singleton software replied May 13, 2021

this problem is already fixed :)
So sorry about it. It was because of new app update, but its already fixed and all is ok now.
Anyway, you can write email to support@singleton-software.com and we will check your store and try to help you.

Best regards,