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Yozo AI SEO Blogs , creates SEO-enhanced blogs programmatically , scaling your SERP results.

Enhance your Shopify store's SEO and organic traffic with Yozo AI Blogs, your AI-driven content assistant. Leveraging GPT-4o AI, Yozo effortlessly generates quality, SEO-optimized blog posts in multiple languages. Simplify content creation with our one-click solution for SEO-friendly articles. Yozo is more than just a tool; it's your personal content creator and SEO enhancer

Enhance your Shopify store's SEO and organic traffic with Yozo AI Blogs, your AI-driven content assistant. Leveraging GPT-4o AI, Yozo effortlessly generates quality, SEO-optimized blog posts in multiple languages. Simplify content creation with our one-click solution for SEO-friendly articles. Yozo is more than just a tool; it's your personal content creator and SEO enhancer more
  • Enhance and Generate SEO Optimized Blogs Posts and Articles At Scale With AI
  • Bulk Enhance and Generate SEO Meta Data & Enhance Your Store's Organic Traffic
  • Generate AI Featured Images For Your Blog Posts
  • Conduct Advanced Keywords Research For More Visibility
  • Optimize and Refresh Existing Articles With AI
Use directly in Shopify admin

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January 19, 2024







  • 3 AI blogs Generations
  • Advanced keywords research
  • SEO meta data generation
  • AI image generation
  • Generate in 5 Languages
  • 24/7 Support


$49.99 / month

or $480.99/year and save 20%

  • 100 AI blogs per month
  • Advanced keywords research
  • SEO meta data generation
  • AI image generation
  • Generate in 5 Languages
  • 24/7 Support

All charges are billed in USD. Recurring and usage-based charges are billed every 30 days.

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May 22, 2024

Scribe-AI SEO Blogs Generator has potential but requires significant improvements before it's ready for a wider audience. The missing SEO features and incomplete development suggest that it may need to provide the value or functionality users expect from an SEO tool. Therefore, I would rate it as 2 out of 5 stars. It has potential, but it needs more work to fulfill its promises and meet user expectations.

E-Juice Steals
United States
25 days using the app
April 28, 2024

In an era where the digital marketplace is fiercely competitive, crafting compelling product descriptions that captivate your audience and enhance your search engine visibility is non-negotiable. Enter Scribe-AI, a revolutionary SEO tool designed to revolutionize how businesses generate product descriptions effortlessly. After putting this cutting-edge AI to the test, here's my comprehensive review:

User-Friendly Interface:
Scribe-AI boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies the content creation process. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a novice entrepreneur, navigating through its features is a breeze. The clean layout ensures that you can swiftly access the tools you need without any unnecessary distractions.

AI-Powered Description Generation:
At the heart of Scribe-AI lies its AI-powered description generation engine, which is truly a game-changer. By leveraging advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, Scribe-AI analyzes your product data and instantly generates high-quality, SEO-optimized descriptions. Gone are the days of spending hours agonizing over every word – with Scribe-AI, you can effortlessly produce captivating descriptions that resonate with your target audience.

Customization Options:
While Scribe-AI excels at automating the description creation process, it also offers ample customization options to ensure that your content remains unique and tailored to your brand voice. From adjusting tone and style preferences to incorporating specific keywords, you have full control over the final output. This flexibility ensures that your product descriptions maintain authenticity while still adhering to SEO best practices.

Seamless Integration:
Integration with existing e-commerce platforms and content management systems is seamless, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate Scribe-AI into your workflow. Whether you're managing a small online store or a large-scale e-commerce platform, this tool seamlessly adapts to your needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Performance and Results:
In terms of performance, Scribe-AI delivers outstanding results consistently. Not only does it accelerate the content creation process, but it also yields tangible improvements in search engine rankings and conversion rates. By harnessing the power of AI, Scribe-AI enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

Final Verdict:
In conclusion, Scribe-AI is a must-have tool for any business looking to streamline its content creation process and maximize its online visibility. With its user-friendly interface, AI-powered description generation, customization options, and seamless integration, Scribe-AI sets a new standard for excellence in SEO tools. Whether you're a startup entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer, investing in Scribe-AI is an investment in the future success of your business.

United States
About 2 months using the app
June 6, 2024

I recently tried the Scribe-AI SEO Blogs Generator app on Shopify, and my experience was far from satisfactory. Here are the main issues I encountered:

Complexity and Usability:

Difficult to Navigate: While designed to be user-friendly, the interface was quite confusing and difficult to navigate. The features are not as intuitive as advertised, and I found myself spending a lot of time just trying to understand how to use the basic functions.
Lack of Clear Instructions: There is a significant lack of clear instructions or guides within the app. For someone who is not very tech-savvy or familiar with SEO tools, this app can be very frustrating to use.
Payment Required to Start:

No Free Trial: Contrary to what some users might expect, you are required to commit to a payment plan before you can truly experience what the app has to offer. The advertised 7-day free trial was not apparent during my setup process, leading to an immediate payment requirement.
High Initial Cost: The entry-level plan costs $29.99 per month, which is quite steep considering that you don’t get to fully test the app before paying. This paywall creates a barrier for small businesses or those who are hesitant to invest without a clear understanding of the app’s value.
Performance Issues:

Inconsistent Results: The AI-generated content was often hit-or-miss. Some descriptions and blog posts required significant editing to be usable, defeating the purpose of an automated content generator. This inconsistency in quality makes the app unreliable for professional use.
Customer Support:

Slow Response Times: When I reached out for assistance, the response time was slower than expected. This further added to the frustration, especially when dealing with urgent content creation needs.
While Scribe-AI SEO Blogs Generator has potential, the current execution leaves much to be desired. The user interface's complexity, the immediate payment requirement, and inconsistent content quality make it difficult to recommend this app. Improvements in usability, clearer trial options, and more reliable AI performance are needed to justify its cost.

4 days using the app
April 7, 2024

Outstanding plugin! Scribe significantly enhanced our product descriptions and content quality. Lacking a dedicated content writer previously, we couldn't venture into blogging. Scribe empowered us to launch a blog, boosting our SEO and enriching our product narratives. Highly recommended!

3 months using the app
Cortechs replied April 16, 2024

Thank you for the fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear how Scribe has transformed your content creation and SEO. Happy blogging! 🚀

March 30, 2024

our journey with Scribe so far was a blessing the app helped us to grow our organic reach by 30% in one month!!!
In addition their support team are very helpful and friendly|
The App itself is very user friendly specially that I didnt come form a marketing background leaving it just to do its magic reach helped my business to grow along with saving cost
Thanks you Scribe Team and Keep it up

Marca Deals
3 months using the app
Cortechs replied April 3, 2024

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Scribe! We're thrilled to hear that our app has significantly contributed to growing your organic reach by 30% in just one month. It's always rewarding to hear how our efforts to create a user-friendly experience, especially for those without a marketing background, make a real difference in supporting our clients' business growth and cost-saving strategies. Our support team is also delighted to know you found their assistance helpful and friendly. Your success is our success, and we look forward to continuing to support you and your business. Thank you for choosing Scribe, and here's to even more growth ahead! Keep reaching out with any needs or questions you have; we're here for you.


Cortechs can answer any questions you have about Yozo AI SEO Blogs.



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