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January 27, 2021

I rarely give negative reviews for apps which disappointed me. But in this case I need to do it. First of all, the app does it's job, no issues with the invites sent. The problem is the extremely misleading pricing structure. The 5 days free trial is for 20 emails - which you do not say. So it's 20 seconds free trial not 5 days. 20 emails I can send manually to 20 customers in 5 minutes, not 5 days. Secondly, the 3,5 USD plan does not allow to send bulk invites - again you do not say it. So you need the 7 USD one. Good, but why did I sent 230 emails (that was my total number of subscribers, i did not delete the app before finishing the job like you answer to another unhappy customer) and then you requested another 7 USD, while you mention 2,000 emails??
Look, I don't care about 7 USD, here I care about business ethics. Make yourself a favor and do not try to answer here how sorry you are because your app did not fulfill my requests and other blah-blah. You had to do it after you saw my comments on why I deleted the app.

Beloved Pet Memorial
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 1 hour
webmefy.com replied January 27, 2021

Dear user,

thanks for your rating and the time you took writing it! It always helps us to improve our application and we take it seriously as we are focused on your satisfaction as our team work hard to make you happy.

We regret hearing your comments and we thought that the description of the app is clear on what it does (bulk invites are available from the $7 plan and available at an extra charge on the $3.5 plan - 5 days free trial), however we understand that it could be misleading and of course we will improve it.

We are in constant improvement and eventhough we might not be perfect, we do our best and believe me, business ethics are not totally strange for us! :)

October 28, 2020

I paid for a 7$ plan to bulk send to my 3000 plus emails, however you only sent it to 80 people. And i wasted my money on this app.

Time spent using app: 7 minutes
webmefy.com replied October 28, 2020


First of all: we regret hearing about your experience with our app!

Is in our best interest to have a well performing app and believe me, we have a great team behind working to make it possible. Also we have a great amount of merchants supporting us and happily using our app.

Unfortunately, we believe your review might be a little misleading for some people thinking on installing the app and we would like to explain here why we believe this (we have sent you this in a sepparate email as well).

You have installed the app, initiated a bulk send and 2 minutes later you have deleted the app from your store. During that time we have check in our logs and our app has sent around 700 customer invites.

Development teams building apps have to make sure to respect some API limits defined by Shopify. We need to adjust our calls and architectures to these thresholds to make sure the Shopify system doesn't break down, which means it takes us sometime to send a bulk of over 4,000 emails.

We understand your frustation in this case and will make it clear in the description of our app. Also, we would be if you want to give us a new try!

Thanks for your feedback!