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SendOwl - sell digital files and downloads

SendOwl - sell digital files and downloads

Developed by SendOwl

104 reviews
Price: Free – $39.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Instant and automatic delivery
  • Secure, expiring download links
  • The highest rated digital delivery app on Shopify processing over 100,000 orders each month

Sell all kinds of digital goods with SendOwl

You can sell videos, ebooks, photos, patterns, audio, software, podcasts or any other type of file with SendOwl. Simply upload the file to our servers, choose the Shopify product to associate it with and we'll take care of the rest.

The best choice for entrepreneurs who are serious about selling

SendOwl is more than just an app – we run an entire ecommerce platform at SendOwl.com. This means that our Shopify app offers everything you need not just to deliver your digital products but to actually sell more. Having a free delivery app will get you so far. But when you want to scale up quickly, increase conversions and inspire great customer feedback then you'll need a powerful product that specialises in digital delivery.

Customer satisfaction from fast downloads

Because we charge for our app we can invest in making it better. Instead of delivering from cheap hosting like our free competitor, we deliver downloads from a network of servers around the world. This means faster and more reliable downloads, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and fewer support requests. "I was using a different setup through another company and constantly had issues with customers not receiving their downloads right away. But this works perfectly!" Customer review from Karmak.

Great customer service

If you have a question, then we're on hand to answer you as quickly as possible. You'll be speaking straight to the people who have developed SendOwl not some general customer support person. So you'll get a helpful answer immediately, no matter how technical or specialist your query.

Instant, automated and secure delivery

Whenever your products are sold we'll automatically deliver a secure, time-limited download link to your customer. It doesn't matter if you sell 1 or 10,000 products a day - everything is automated and there's no daily management required. Oh and did we mention the downloads were instant? No waiting for 60 seconds when using this app. For added security, we also offer PDF stamping and license keys for software or other products that require a unique code.

Quick setup

Installing the app only takes a few minutes. Simply click the 'install app' button in the top right of this page, enter some basic account details on our site and we'll have you up and running in no time. We'll update your orders in Shopify when we deliver download links so you know exactly when delivery took place. And if you did want more information on an order you can click through straight from your Shopify order page to the SendOwl order summary.

Easy to use and reliable

We've made sure that SendOwl is super easy to use, whether you're creating a product, enabling PDF stamping or deciding if you want to send out your download links via a separate email or included in the Shopify order email. And you don't have to just take our word for it. In our recent 2015 customer survey, many of our Shopify sellers commented on how we were "Easy to use and very simple and effective" and "24/365 working with no problems". We also have one of the most reliable and stable apps in the industry, supported by our team of developers. And we intend to keep it that way!

Fully customisable

SendOwl is completely customisable, from changing the download pages to match your store branding to how long the download links are valid for. Change the configuration as much as you like to provide a branded experience for your customers.

More SendOwl features

  • Download links on the order completion page

  • Download links sent out via a separate email or included in the Shopify order email

  • Download links can be added to the customer account section

  • Stream videos rather than download (done properly with a player matched to your brand - not a YouTube or Vimeo player)

  • Super fast delivery (no 60 second wait)

  • Reliability - SendOwl has successfully processed over 4 million orders and counting

  • We help you sell more! Here for example is an article we did on digital sales at Christmas time and how you can use this data to your advantage

  • Works with Shopify POS. Grab your customer's email in store, take payment as usual and their digital product will be instantly delivered.

  • Full 'Google style' analytics page to slice & dice your order data

  • Sell 'drip' products where files are released over a series of days/weeks/months

  • Intelligent automatic fulfilment of Shopify orders (we'll fulfil the order if it's just digital goods but will otherwise leave it)

  • Deliver multiple files per order and even multiple file per product variant. All on one download screen

  • Optional self-hosting of files

  • Customers can choose to download to Dropbox

  • Multi-language and mobile optimised download page

  • and much more...

Sign up for our free 30 day trial today and see how SendOwl can help you grow your business.

Oh no we've received our first 1 star review (in over 5 years of being on Shopify). Contrary to what it says if you have a SendOwl account and close it but haven't use the account in the last month then we will very happily refund your last months fee.

SendOwl - sell digital files and downloads reviews

104 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

As a fully Digital Store, SendOwl is literally the connection between me and my customers. The process is great, the support is wonderful, and the ability to add download links to the Thank You Page, Customer Area, and Email is perfect. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!


Amazingly easy and reliable. We use it for selling digital downloads as well as limited-time access to video streaming.


Love it :) So easy to use and means I don’t have to send files to customers manually. Saves so much time - highly recommend it


a pretty good app would def recommend for a try!


No problems whatsoever. Great product, well done SendOwl!


At this point we only sell digital products, so we really needed the SendOwl integration. We've been using SendOwl for a few years now on another site and it has been the easiest platform by far, so I was thrilled to see that it was available within Shopify. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work!


SendOwl is great. We had previously been using a different delivery service and the support from SendOwl during the migration was fantastic. The delivery system is smooth, reliable and secure, Just what you need from a file delivery system. Well done SendOwl!


Fantastic app. I've been using another Digital Downloads app for a couple of years and after finally getting fed up with poor service, server outages over weekends, missing download emails and the inability to post a download link to the order confirmation page, I finally made the switch to SendOwl. 3 days later I can honestly say it's the best decision I've made with regard to my store.

I initially had a few issues with installing to my custom template but the SendOwl team were incredibly helpful and got me up and running quickly with tailored instructions.

The easy to use interface makes the app a dream to use and almost guarantees you'll never receive a "where's my download link" email from a customer ever again.

Highly recommended.


One of the best decisions I've made for my business. So frickin easy to use and better yet, the customer support is on point and always so available and super fast responses. I use this app to sell bundle packages and their monthly price is way more than reasonable. Just $9. Love this app and look forward to them upgrading features and getting bigger and bigger.


Though my experience began somewhat poorly, it has gotten markedly better. Customer service is very responsive and helpful. The online documentation isn't always clear, but I've been able to resolve most of the issues that I previously had. Also, SendOwl still balances content protection with ease-of-use better than other apps.

Free – $39.00 / month
30 days

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