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Merchants appreciate this app for its automatic SEO enhancement capabilities, which have led to increased sales and faster website speeds. Its user-friendly design, responsive customer support, and valuable features such as Autopilot mode, image compression, and competitor comparison are highly praised. Many merchants reported improved Google rankings and a boost in organic traffic after using the app.

July 3, 2018

I found that the auto pilot did not work. It over wrote useful seo information I had already input.

It said I had 4000 missing alt tags but no matter how many you added it never changed the number of missing alt tags and when using that portion of the app it would not show the ones you had already done. They would just appear as blank.

I guess the big overall annoying thing was none of their numbers updated regardless how much work you did (or their auto pilot was supposed to do) so you never knew if you were getting anywhere and it was hard to even remember what you had done.

I think if you had no intention of ever doing any seo then maybe this thing would be helpful but I feel like you'd get a lot more bang for your buck doing it yourself.

11 months using the app
Edited July 10, 2017

$199 USD in 3 days (now refunded after spending time following up through Shopify) Lack of communication. Works were not performed as asked on several occasions via email. If you are new to SEO their lower levels of offerings may provide a good service, however their 199 service is not up to the level of service you would expect.

Business owner contacted me after my original review was left and was apologetic providing an offer of one keyword free for 3 months. Unfortunately I have no confidence to accept.

Hopefully the business owner leans from my time loss and applies better practices for future premium clients.

Designer Chandelier 2
11 months using the app
November 23, 2017

Disappointed Bought 199/month package. I have the same and additional errors after the install. Poor communication if at all.

United States
8 months using the app
May 29, 2018

Loved it until they ignored a question I posted on Facebook fan page asking about why I see traffic or rather spam traffic in Michigan area once i complete optimization

They did not know how much that question meant to me and my business so I decide to divorce this ignoring team. Got it all till its gone! Bye Kudobuzz we now have www.DStvonline.Shopping - www.AfricansAttire.com - www.3DAnything.co.za and www.ministyles.com. Your could have multiplied your revenue 4 fold but Got it all till its gone!

Chris Tichar G

Buy Dstv Online Shop
South Africa
7 months using the app
May 18, 2017

Have seen no rankings improvement or more traffic with their suggested fixes.

United States
About 2 months using the app
October 16, 2016

This app is very misleading. It tell all the error that need to be correct. I review all my inventory one by one. Then I refresh the app to see if the error show as corrected. I continue recording those error then it say "if I want to fix the error you have to choose for one of their plant starting at $200.00. I f you deleted the app it mess up all your inventory.

Linas Unique Home
United States
28 days using the app
June 4, 2018

The app is useful. The auto pilot doesn't do nothing. After three weeks the Seo score is still not updated.
The suggested keywords are just a repetition of the title of the product. You cannot suggest other keywords in bulk.
You have to modify be yourself product by product and the access to the product meta tags is slower through the app than through a standard shopify access.

Very disappointed after I paid for a pro plan for a mediocre app

Concetto E
21 days using the app
November 22, 2018

I was comparing this app to Plugin SEO and I chose this app because of it's price, pretier interface and image compression capabilities...but then everything went wrong.

First off: I couldn't connect my google search console account -> my website url wasn't the same in my dashboard as in my google search account. To change that url, I had to click on a tiny "show more"-like text wen I was in the settings menu. Not very straightforward but atleast I got it working right? No...

Second: This is the biggest issue of the app: It's NOT AT ALL optimized. It's SUPER SLOW. The interface loads quick, but the real useful buttons of the page take ages to load. Take for instance the image compression tab. Not only can't you not view more than 10 images per page. The actual "compress" button takes about 20-30 seconds to load after all the images of that page have loaded. After you've pressed that button, there's no feedback to let you know that it actually reduced the size of the image and not only changed the text from "compress" to "uncompress". The only thing I got it for, image compression, doesn't even work efficiently.

Adding to this point is the fact that app makes about 3-4 sitemaps for each sort of page: page, blog posts, product page, website pages. That's 2 sitemaps too many and it doesn't even submit them properly. About 40 links in my product sitemap are still missing in my search console...

Third: Yes it got worse...I wanted to check in on my app to see if it managed to completely submit my sitemap...It had crashed completely, giving me a 503 error. I tried accessing it via the icognito modus where no apps are installed...still a 503 error.

Conclusion: good app to edit your meta tags, but definitely not worth the $14.99/month price tag. Only 2 stars because their service is decent and had a lot of patience when I couldn't figure out how to change the website url in the settings, but still lacking the fluidity and ease of use of other apps.

Hyped Moment
17 days using the app
Edited December 31, 2020

Baitware. Promises to do sitemaps and redirects in the free version - doesn't. Total waste of time. NO WAY a sitemap and redirect is worth $14.99 a month. Features come with SEO Doctor:
Sitemap Submission
Etc. Free Plan
****This plan includes all tools in manual mode.**** Manually submitting a sitemap should not cost $14.99 a month

Aussie Camping Store
4 minutes using the app
Magical Apps replied December 31, 2020

updated reply:

I feel that this review is made with good intent but I don't believe its true. We have clearly mentioned the details on our free and paid plans that sitemap and broken links fixed is only on paid plan. You have seen the complete feature list and may be got confused. Apologies for that.

PS: We also have 14 days free trial which can be used to sitemap and broken links.

Please let me know via our support channel (support@seodoctorapp.com), how can we improve our app and may be provide clear plan details on our app page.