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  • One-click printing, Shopify orders sync directly to shipping labels
  • Save up to 46% with the best USPS rates
  • Easy carrier integration with USPS, UPS and FedEx

Shopify + ShippingEasy = the right combination for easy, fast, inexpensive shipping

Shopify syncs automatically with ShippingEasy, downloading in all your order details in minutes and helping you assign shipping preferences, rates and delivery options in real-time. No cut and paste. No manual updates.

Save up to 46%

Finally, access to competitive USPS rates – in fact, the cheapest around.   For example: USPS Priority Mail: Medium Flat Rate box: retail $12.35, our price: $10.65 – a savings of $1.70 on a single shipment. Built in savings! All part of the service.

Ship like a Fortune 500 company

Advanced processes let you automate your process and then ship fast.  Some of our Shopify users favorite features include:

  • FREE plan for smaller merchants shipping less than 50 packages per month (or to trial your first 50 shipments)

  • MULTI-CARRIER SHIPPING from a single screen: UPS, FedEx and USPS labels generated within the app

  • Streamlined order fulfillment with BATCH processing and print functionality

  • Auto-populate customs forms and simplify INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS

  • REAL TIME UPDATES back to your Shopify store, including shipping status and tracking numbers

  • EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS to your customers (optional) with tracking numbers reducing queries and reassuring buyers

  • 1 CLICK RETURNS using original shipment settings and PDF straight to your customer for easy print and send

  • Easy processing of NON-STORE ORDERS for those originating outside your store (eg markets, retail store)

  • A friendly, helpful, available SERVICE TEAM a phone call or email away support@shippingeasy.com

Get connected, fast.

As a growing business, you know the importance of selling on multiple places and integrating with multiple carriers.  That’s why we integrate with the following companies:

  • USPS

  • FedEx

  • UPS

  • Shopify (of course!)

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Etsy

  • Jane.com

  • Newegg

  • PayPal

  • Storenvy

  • Stitch Labs

  • Sears

  • …and more!

Contact us at: (855) 202-2275

ShippingEasy reviews (159)


I wasn't going to write a review but this app really put me whole in my wallet! I am completely disappointed. First off, all my orders didn't properly sync I had to manually input nearly ALL orders. Second, i didn't save a single dime! Shipping prices on this app were nearly 75% HIGHER than the app i used prior on top of that if you want to "save" on shipping you have to pay a monthly fee to receive a shipping "discount" (app i used prior has absolutely no fees and far lower shipping prices, dramatically lower) the customer service/sales team were very kind and helpful but that's about it. From a business perspective this app did NOT save time nor money both of which are very important to any business owner. I'm extremely disappointed with this app. Money down the drain..


I love this app. It is saving me money and time!


We've tried ALL the shipping softwares and Shipping Easy is BY FAR the best we've used. Their customer service is outstanding and every time we've had to add a new printer or get something fixed they've taken care of it immediately. I couldn't speak more highly of them, we will not be leaving any time soon! :)


A life changer! This app has made shippping super stress free and easy. It is virtually flawless. It cut down the time of creating labels tremendously and more importantly, it has eliminated the errors that potentially happen when manually entering a label. If it weren't for shipping easy, I probably would have had to hire someone during busy times. A plus!


I have used this app nearly 1 year now. Love how everything syncs with Shopify (less work on my end). Great reports to track margins and costs. Very helpful with any problems or concerns I have had. Love the ease of the quick online chat to resolve issues.


BEWARE! Please do no download shipping easy. Customer service is horrible. I was on hold for 30 minutes before I was able to speak with a representative. I purchased postage and was charged twice. I contacted customer service and they stated they would be able to refund the charge. PERFECT! 5 minutes later I get a call stating that they can't return the charge because it was not there problem it is the postage company problem. This is not the worse part. To solve my issue the representative told me to close my shipping easy account and money will be returned within 7-10 business. As a company the objective is to keep customers not run them away. Rep then stated that you will eventually use the money! Horrible way to treat a new customer! THEY DO NOT CARE! I just started my company and every dollar counts. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLAOD THIS APP.


ShippingEasy has worked very well for us! We really enjoy using it once we got all the specifics figured out, we actually never used USPS before this and only used UPS we are saving us and our customers so much money by having the ability to use both though.

We use a Zebra Thermal Printer with shipping easy to print the labels and it works flawlessly we only had one small problem with a odd sized shipping box, and i contacted support about it. She promised to follow up with me, and get back to me with a solution.. which she did!

So they are reliable, the support is helpful and they follow through on what they say they will do. Our service department has gotten fast at using this tool!


Really like this app! Since we sell in various venues it is great to see all shipping history at a glance as well as delivery information. Thanks for a great app!


This app lives up to it's name. Our shipping process was a mess before installing shipping easy. Orders are imported directly from Shopify and customers are notified when an order ships.
They could streamline a few of the steps but overall this has been a huge time saver for our store.


We've used USPS.com and Shippo before trying this one....we will be returning to those two platforms.

Not sure how this app received so many 5 star reviews. It's clunky, confusing and overall difficult.
Also, wastes entire sheets of paper for labels. We have changed the size settings for our labels FOUR times, made sure to save the settings, yet and still, it continues to print one HUGE label on each sheet of paper.

Uninstalling this app and returning to Shippo.

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