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Merchants appreciate this app for its multi-channel order management capabilities, including automation features like automatic label creation and InstantLabel. It offers various shipping options and rate comparisons, potentially reducing shipping costs. It also includes inventory management and marketing tools. Merchants praise its time-saving features and responsive customer support. However, some merchants have reported occasional syncing issues, typically resolved by the support team.

August 2, 2018

Been using this app for a couple of days and It's already paid for itself! Having several options of shipping at your fingertips is amazing. The customer service was some of the best I've ever experienced with any product. They reached out to me to make sure I knew what I was doing (in a good way). Then had two follow-up calls scheduled to makes sure all of my questions were answered. Isabel Ruvalcaba and Sarah Weiss were outstanding to work with. Nothing but good things to say about this app or their customer service.

United States
3 days using the app
March 23, 2018

So far, everything has been smooth! The app speeds up our fulfillment process and saves us money. Plus the all-star customer service team is just a call away to talk me through the process and fix any user errors I am experiencing, shout out to Bailey! 10/10 recommend.

The Lazarus Initiative
United States
3 days using the app
September 5, 2017

ok GOTTA LOVE SHIPPINGEASY - We launched launched last Thursday- and had been with another app (ship station uughhh) for weeks prior to our launch and guess what nothing worked! And No Human contacted us back to help us when everything failed after launch....actually they still havent called back ( 5 days). Now hres the Great News - we got ShippingEasy and CORY a real person made sure that everything was working perfect. THANK YOU CORY! We will stay with the app that works well AND has human contact - because that shows they care and realize that we are people not just app purchasers.

Demo Auntlyns
United States
3 days using the app
February 26, 2015

ShippingEasy turned out not to be the right solution for us at this time, but they were incredibly helpful and honest with us while trying to figure things out. We fully intend to revisit their service once our shipping needs are a little more advanced.

The Twisted Monk
United States
2 days using the app
September 1, 2020

Yes yes yes yes yes yes! PERFECT. Not even joking. Thank you for this app! So happy. Software is easy to use and I couldn't be more happy.

United States
1 day using the app
March 8, 2018

Spoke to Bryan, very helpful. Great service!

Luv My Flowers Wholesale
United States
1 day using the app
October 3, 2013

This app is pretty great, within minutes I was printing USPS first class shipping labels that were cheaper overall than putting stamps on mailers.

From spending way more time at the post office this morning, to printing labels and having customers emailed tracking numbers by this afternoon the app is a huge help. Plus I pay less on the shipping, not a single downside.

This application was also far easier to use and get running, and looked much more like an extension of shopify than the others I tried, most of those overly complicated.

United States
About 4 hours using the app
June 22, 2017

Recently switched to ShippingEasy from Shippo!

With Shippo I Had issues linking my UPS account from day one and customer service reps i talked to were of no help (but I figured out why once I switched to ShippingEasy, explanation below).

The straw that broke the camel's back was when DHL rates just stopped working yesterday, and I kept getting errors when trying to make UPS labels.; which forced us to enter the order address one by one manually into DHL and UPS websites to purchase labels. Customer service told me that the only option for UPS to work again would be for me to go through and update every single one of my product titles to not include hypens or quotation marks, even though that was never an issue to begin with. I think this is just a lazy rep blaming the issue on the customer instead of actually looking into the problem. In the past few months that I have used Shippo I have talked to several customer service reps and I don't think any of them are fully qualified and trained to help, as bad as that sounds.

I just switched to ShippingEasy, which lives up to it's name. I had a phone call walking me through the set up and shipping process AND I was able to link my UPS account effortlessly because ShippingEasy has everything step by step with screen captures so you can easily follow along.

WHY SHIPPO DIDN'T WORK: My UPS account would not link with Shippo because Shippo kept telling me that the control ID number is optional. However, it is definitely needed for it to synch properly and can ONLY be found by downloading a .pdf of a previous bill. NONE of the customer service reps I spoke to ever mentioned the control ID number and yet ShippingEasy had it RIGHT THERE in their screen capture walk through of the process.

I'd rather pay for an app that does exactly what I want, versus a free one where I keep having issues and end up having to do orders manually.

Steer clear of Shippo and bite the bullet and spend the money for ShippingEasy, it's worth it!!!

United States
About 4 hours using the app
September 24, 2019

I am new to ShippingEasy, and they do not exaggerate when they say easy! The customer service is spectacular. I spoke with Tori today, and she was kind, smart, and efficient.

Mark Berman & Son
United States
About 1 hour using the app
Edited December 12, 2016

****NEW POST****
Recently, I was able to install the "ConnectEasy" program. Therefore I have updated my rating to a 5/5. I found some time and went to a 3rd party source to download the file. After downloading the program, I restarted and it popped up on my screen.

Also, I received a voicemail whom I believe is ShippingEasy customer service. Unfortunately, I was not able to take that call at the time. But the fact that they followed-up on this review (I did not ask), shows how outstanding their customer service is. I will be re-installing ShippingEasy and recommend this over any other Shipping apps on Shopify.

****OLD POST****

This review is based on a Free Trial of Basic.
I loved all the features this App had on Shopify! That is, till I attempted to download "ConnectEasy" which seems to be required in order to print labels.. Each attempt at installing this program, I received an internal error from ConnectEasy. It will NOT let me install on my Windows 10 computer. I turned off all my Firewall(s) so that could not have been it. I even asked my neighbor (computer programmer) to come and take a look. She did not know either but mentioned it was related to the program itself. I never had an issue downloading any programs till I came across ConnectEasy. Why must we download a program to print labels? I also have an ebay account and had no issues printing labels because it does NOT require a program to download. I would have loved to continue troubleshooting it but I can't be wasting more time like this.

United States
44 minutes using the app