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Merchants appreciate this app for its automation in order fulfillment and product importing, with seamless integration with AliExpress and eBay. It's praised for allowing management of multiple stores from one account and responsive customer service. Unique features such as advanced image editing, product bundling, and an alert system for price or availability changes are valued. Merchants also find the training videos, cashback feature with AliExpress, and the product research organization tool useful. The free course on achieving dropshipping success is highly commended.

March 7, 2023

If you are thinking of using Dropified. DON'T DO IT. I have been trying to make Dropified work for over a year now. I have watched every single tutorial and have contacted customer support several times. Only chat is available for customer support and they keep sending the same useless links over and over. My husband (software developer) has also tried to help me troubleshoot the problems. THE SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK.

Mill & Willow
United Kingdom
About 3 years using the app
August 31, 2022

I had a trial and decided to cancel. I deleted the app and assumed everything was canceled. Unfortunately it was not and I was charged $47! I still haven't heard back about it. Also, it is very hard to use the icons are hard to understand.

Causeway Collections
United States
4 days using the app
Dropified replied September 20, 2022

Hi Elizabeth,

It looks like you were automatically charged by the system as you didn't cancel the subscription in time.

But I do see that you reached out to the team and was able to get a refund 👍

As for the icons -- we'd love to hear your feedback so that we might improve the app and make it easier to use.

Feel free to reach out via live chat or email with any thoughts or suggestions!

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Edited October 23, 2022

page 62€ por un plan de por vida pedí la devolución y me dijeron que la ingresarían en mi cuenta hace ya meses y aun la estoy esperando

5 days using the app
Dropified replied August 23, 2022

Hi there,

Thanks for the wonderful review! 😍 But it looks like the star rating that you left for us doesn't match your comments.

Did you mean to leave us a higher rating?
You can easily update the rating right from the Shopify App Store listing of Dropified.

Let us know if you need any help with that.

December 29, 2020

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We've used Dropified for years and loved it, but all of a sudden we'd have to give up 8% of product costs without notice. Terrible service found a better app already and are switching. NOT WORTH IT.

Lenny Lemons
United States
Almost 4 years using the app
Dropified replied January 11, 2021

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the fulfillment fee.

It looks like you recently downgraded to a plan that charges fulfillment fees on orders that are auto fulfilled through Dropified.

Please get in touch with us via Live Chat or email, and we can work on getting this sorted out for you 👍

July 6, 2021

I Migrated from Shopmaster and this was the first app I tried, and what I can say after 3 months of utilization is that Shopmaster was way better and way cheaper. it is hard to rely on this app to manage your business and I will look for another app.

United Kingdom
6 months using the app
Dropified replied July 21, 2021

Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. And I'm sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been great. Have you reached out to the Dropified Customer Success team to help address your concerns?

You can reach us at anytime via email at support@dropified.com or Live Chat!

We're looking forward to hearing from you 😎

Edited July 4, 2019

This was the best DS app back in late 2018. I switched over from Oberlo. I'm not sure what happened but it's full of bugs now. Orders don't fulfil, there's variant issues, the city doesn't fill, the auto captcha doesn't work sometimes, and many more. I've been in touch with customer support (Their team is great for the most part) for months now and there's been no fixes at all. I even tell them about bugs that's been plaguing my experience for months and they just tell me it's not on their roadmap. Which sucks considering I'm paying $127 per month for this service. Updates come out, they introduce new features which are hit or miss for me personally but they don't focus on the core of their business, the apps functionality. With the app not even working as advertised, everything else doesn't even matter. A lot of my time is being wasted tinkering with options trying to get the app to do what it's supposed to, fill orders. This shouldn't be the user experience. I understand bugs happen, but it would be nice to know that they're at least aware and working on fixing the issues rather than waiting for a lot of users to complain and then do something. It's like my $127 doesn't matter until 50 other people also experience the same. Eagerly waiting for another DS service to introduce an Auto Captcha feature and I'm done, unless they can fix this app which I highly doubt and I'll gladly change my review.

UPDATE: As of July 4th 2019 almost all issues are resolved. There are still a few bugs but nothing as bad as before.

Your Story Isn't Over Yet
United States
About 2 years using the app
Edited May 25, 2021

Beware! Absolutely painful and frustrating experience with a bunch of lies from the developer every day. We migrated from ShopMaster to Dropified on a commitment that they would import and map all products. 14 days have passed and all they have given us is false information and commitments. Would certainly not recommend this app as this has been our worst experience with any Shopify app by-far. An UPDATE: The app was installed on April 13, 2021 and till date, May 18, 2021, the developer has not been able to fix the issue. What makes it worst is the fact that the developer is charging us the subscription fee while we loose revenue and customers due to their fault and a letter to the CEO has not fetched any results so far. UPDATE on 25 May 2021: Given the flawed app and the incompetent staff, we finally decided to cancel the subscription and remove the app. Well to our surprise, the app doesn’t even allow you to cancel the subscription and keeps on fleecing you. We had to write to Shopify to get rid of this app.

BlingFeed Inc.
United States
About 1 month using the app
Dropified replied May 11, 2021

Hello ,

Thank you for addressing your concern regarding the platform and your transition from ShopMaster. Before the ShopMaster platform shutdown, we did not have a seamless transfer of stores, products or accounts from that platform. As merchants began the transition over to Dropified, we began working on it to provide a solution to them, in a challenging time as best as possible. We are continuing to work on improving this process, simply out of a recent demand and we apologize for the hiccups that come with that learning curve - it is not something that was publicly partnered on or offered previously.

In any case, we will continue to work on this resolution for you and with you. You and all of our customers can be confident that our customer success and development teams, will continue to strive for a solution and do not want to leave you in a state without an outcome.

Thank you for understanding and this is being worked on currently!

November 20, 2018

Im currently on the Premier Plan paying 127 per month and literally nothing works properly. So far the support has been nothing but long reponses and when I do get one, all they say is to clear my cache. Tried it over 10 times and it doesn't do anything. Ive been using dropified for like 5 months and it has been pretty good. However, the last month was nothing but nightmares.

Hype Fashion
United States
About 1 year using the app
August 25, 2019

Very very disapointed. I had great expectations finally found out that it was a total scam! The app is Aliexpress focus. So if you are expecting to export smoothly products from Walmart or any other retailers...forget about it!! Lot of bugs. Sometimes you try to import product it just does not work. I've upgraded my plan in order to have several stores but the app takes time to integrate new added stores. So when you want to import products to new added stores, the stores doesn't appear so you just can't import. Other point is shipping. You need to check by yourself if the retailer ships internationaly (while other like wholesaledeals or big buy make it very easy to know as you can filter retailers using their shipping solution). Other point you don't clearly see the wholesale price. It's nice to say you can change price of the products but what about profit margin ?? You have to do everything manually except if you're using aliexpress. I should have never signed up. Never! What a waste of time & money!

Besthomes Secrets
United Kingdom
7 months using the app
Dropified replied August 28, 2019

Thank you for your review of Dropified, and I'm sorry to hear that you had some trouble with product importing.
We offer product importing ability for many supported sites, but some of those sites do tend to change things on their sites regularly. We make every effort to get our extension updated based on those changes so that importing will work again, but sometimes, it can take time.
Also, when you connect more stores in your Dropified account, usually you just need a re-sync for the extension to recognize the newly added store which only takes a few seconds to do.
Again, I'm sorry to hear that you had some trouble with getting things going with Dropified. You can reach out to the dedicated Dropified Support Team at anytime if you need some help with troubleshooting.

Please do reach out via live chat so that we can help to make your experience with Dropified better 🙂

Edited April 19, 2019

App is good but customer service is not so good. I have been charged twice for 7 month (both by shopify app + Dropify app). customer service fixed the bug and when I installed the app second time, I was charged again by both parties. Time consuming to fix all that, I asked customer service to give me an offer as an excuse, they refused. They don't care about customers, they only want you to pay the app. Sad...

Now, the app does not work anymore, I can not access it. Removed it then I can not install it anymore. Customer support says he can do nothing because of weekend, I have to wait many days to have bug fixed.

Bad bad service, how do you think I can manage my store????????

United States
9 months using the app
Dropified replied April 22, 2019

Thanks for your review of the app, and we're really sorry to hear that you had some issues with billing. It seems like the issue started because you created multiple Dropified subscriptions. It does look like it was all sorted out now, but I can certainly understand the frustration.

We definitely care about all of our customers, and we'll continue to work towards improving our service and app.

Meanwhile, please reach out to Dropified Support team to make this better.

Thank you.