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Merchants highly appreciate this dropshipping app for its seamless automation and efficient management of product sourcing to order fulfillment. They praise its user-friendly interface, advanced pricing rules, and bulk editing features. The customer service is commended for quick and effective problem-solving. Unique features such as product bundling, multiple supplier mapping, and cash back on AliExpress orders are appreciated. Merchants also value the built-in product research tool, one-click customer review import, and the ability to search for products and suppliers by values. The support team is consistently described as highly responsive and helpful.

July 13, 2023

i only did adding proudcts yet so until i get a sell i can only rate 3

About 2 months using the app
June 16, 2019

I have learned so much from Dropified. This is great software and they provide excellent educational resources through the Academy. At this point I would only recommend Dropified for use with Aliexpress products and advise a little bit of caution if your planning on using Dropified with Ebay which is why I am only scoring it a 3.

Here's why....Initially I was using Dropified to add products with Aliexpress when I started building my site 6 months ago in December. When Dropified announced the Ebay integration I shifted directions and started sourcing 80% my products from Ebay instead of Ali Express (220 products) complete with photo editing and detailed product descriptions ( if you have built a site you understand how much work this is)

I chose more of a focus on Ebay suppliers because 1. faster shipping times made sense to me and 2. I got very excited with the idea of offering handmade items in my store to add more product diversity. 6 months later and a ton of hours invested building my store (which looks ahhhmazing) I still haven't moved towards my launch phase because of one major hiccup.

Dropified Ebay integration is only partially automated in my opinion. The software will allow you to add products from Ebay & Auto Fufill orders, but it will not track inventory on ebay products therefore allowing you to accidentally sell a sold out product to your customer if you are not manually tracking your inventory and taking products offline when they are unavailable. Please note this is not the case with AliExpress products, there is inventory tracking for Ali Express with Dropified

Some of my products are pretty unique and I cannot add a back up supplier for the system to default to, when the first item goes out of stock.

This inventory detail is not made clear by Dropified as Ebay integration is marketed as fully automated, though the idea of manually checking inventory for over 200 products in ebay listings on a daily basis does not seem very automated. I am not feeling confident moving into launch with this challenge until I feel I have a good system to track inventory in place. Ebay suppliers are a bit more fickle making inventory tracking for E-bay products pretty Important.

In an online forum a fellow dropshipper suggested switching to Shopmaster as this software will track Ebay & Ali Express inventory and it's not possible to sell your customers sold out items. I guess Shopmaster will do all the product importation just like Dropified does. But man.... making the switch to shopmaster seems like a headache and major pain in the a$$ at this point as I have invested a ton of time into learning and using Dropified and I really like Dropified minus the ebay inventory thing.

I am feeling pretty stuck on this issue with no solution.
The team at Dropified is always super responsive but no one has been able to help me with recommendations.

I have been researching 3rd party inventory tracking apps like easy sync, but can't get confirmation of compatibility with dropified. Many of the inventory tracking apps seem to have a product importation and auto fulfillment function like Dropified, so I am not sure if the 2 systems will work together.

Anyway if you are new to using Dropified it's pretty awesome and also be cautious before jumping full boar on the Ebay bandwagon like me, until there is a solution or some more educational resources available, as this integration is still very new. Or start small with a few items you can easily track manually on a daily basis. If you are selling commonly found products and you can find a solid secondary supplier to have as default it may not be an issue. But if you have a ton of products you may find the lack of inventory tracking an issue too.

Again by no means am I bashing Dropified, and really hope I can find a solution as I have a crazy amount of hours invested at this point . Overall Dropified has been an absolutely amazing learning resource, and the software is fantastic. I have been thoroughly impressed with everything so far... minus the ebay product inventory tracking issue. I would highly recommend for use with Ali Express

Hopefully I can figure this issue out soon. If anyone is using Ebay with Dropified and has a solution please reach out at reduceouruseproducts@gmail.com I have been asking around on all the forums and have not found a clear solution yet.

Reduce Our Use
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
April 10, 2019

Super application qui facilite la vie au niveau des commandes.
Dommage par contre que le service client ne soit pas plus performant.
Mes stocks se remettent à 0 systématiquement tout les 2 jours et impossible d'avoir une réponse concrète.
Du coup mes produits n'ont plus de gestion de stock, pas très pratique. C'est plus qu'agaçant.
J'ai fini par abandonner mais je suis déçue sincèrement.

Ambiance Bouddha
Over 2 years using the app
Dropified replied April 19, 2019

Thank you for your review. That problem can happen if the product isn't properly mapped in Dropified. You can solve that by setting up Variants Mapping in Dropified for that product, then Sync Inventory with the Supplier.
If you still need help with it, please reach out to our Support Team at anytime via live chat or email, and we'll work on troubleshooting the issue for you.
Thank you.

January 21, 2019

Très bonne application, indispensable.
Nous constatons toutefois une dégradation : tous les matin, nous rencontrons des problèmes de serveur. De temps en temps, c'est ok, mais là cela devient récurrent.
De plus, pas mal de choses ne fonctionnent pas bien sur la duplication de fiches produits : prix par variantes, stock, photos sur variantes.
Enfin, le fullfield sur bundle ne fonctionne pas non plus.
Tout ceci n'est pas très grave mais cela pourrait être amélioré. Hors, nous avons déjà remonté ces infos depuis longtemps et rien ne s'améliore dans les updates.
Cela ne remet pas en cause notre utilisation de l'app mais nous trouvons cela dommage.
De plus, la dernière mise a jour a enlevé une fonctionnalité qui était bien pratique : pouvoir entrer un n° commande hors Aliexpress (bigbuy par exemple).

Over 1 year using the app
Dropified replied April 19, 2019

Thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear that you had some trouble with our app. We certainly hear you, and we have definitely been hard at work making Dropified better and faster.
Also, you can now add Order IDs from Bigbuy or any other site again to the order in Dropified :)
Hope that helps
Reach out to us anytime through live chat or email, and we'll be here to help support@dropified.com

Edited September 8, 2019

This has to be a joke! I spent 2 hours synching all my products just to reallise this App DOES NOT SUPPORT GLOBAL SHIPPING RULES you have to take Epacket or otherwise its what the supplier choses. NO WAY TO SET GLOBAL SHIPPING RULES.
This app is advertised as fully automated, no?!

Support didnt care and first told me its possible, later then realised its not. Just sad, wasted hours!

Yes you guys finally explained to me that I have to go to EACH ITEM I sell, and follow a 15 click Procedere where I have to set shipping for EACH PRODUCT separately, and each country I ship one by one, typing in country names ....!! If seller changes shipping, I have to do it all over again, FOR EACH PRODUCT.

I’m gonna leave this at 3 star because otherwise people like me won’t find it.
The rest of the app looks good so far, I actually really like it.
But it’s nearly unusable like this, and this is not some crazy feature I request, this is the most basic function an ordering app should have!
Actually I expected multiple failback options, or even rules like fastest shipping below X$ ... that would be appropriate for an app charging 600$/year!

8 months using the app
Dropified replied August 13, 2019

Hi Philipp, I'm sorry to hear that we didn't have the feature that you were looking for. I've messaged you through your support ticket to explain that this is possible on a per product basis, so you can set different shipping options for each product or supplier - rather than setting the same option for all products.

We're always looking to improve our service and hopefully we can implement a global option soon :)


Edited December 1, 2019

I think it is too expensive. It is a good app but if you have 2-3 stores you are paying $127.00 per month. That is a lot. It should be less expensive like around $25.00 per month and a better deal if you have multiple stores.

Top Toys of the Year.com
United States
7 months using the app
Edited September 25, 2018

[+] Great order queue fulfillment automation and ability to just order everything in one smooth process unlike stop-and-go with Oberlo;
[+] Audit tools to avoid duplicate orders;
[+] Extension to import is a lot better than Oberlo;
[-] Pricey. Only some features that matter truly over Oberlo.;
[-] Product database is poor. Automation is limited to Aliexpress.;
[-] Inventory management leaves a lot to be desired. Oberlo clearly wins in this important feature. Dropified's response was just deal with it via the alerts?

New Pretty Finds
United States
6 months using the app
May 13, 2020

App is really helpful and love the features especially how easy editing the product photos. The downside I notice that the products do not sync properly all the time especially the inventory that I have to delete and re import the product to make it work. Reported the issue and was informed forwarded to their proper department but until now it is still happening and its random on any product. Its really troublesome and time consuming that you have to redo the work. This was 2 weeks ago. To be a paid recurring monthly subscription, I think they could do better.

6 months using the app
January 29, 2023

I am still exploring Dropified but it seems to meet some of my needs so far. I think there should be an option to leave a review after having the opportunity to use the site.

Marina B Jewellery
4 months using the app
May 11, 2020

The application is better than Oberlo in some features but when it comes to very essential features then you will find some bugs which I have reported but they every bug I find and I report they tell me that it will be send to the development team and there is no estimated time to get it fixed which gives me hard time to dropship my products I choose.
First Bug: I am using Australian Dollar as my currency and everything is set up based on this currency as well as my aliexpress account. when you import a product through the extension you can see the price in australian dollars but when you press more options and advanced to see the break up price for each variant, it shows in USD which ruins my calculations.

Second Bug: in the extension you will find when you search in aliexpress that all search results will come in green which epacket and it will tell you epack price in USD but the price of the product is in AUD and the price is adding the retail price AUD and epacket price USD. The epacket price should be in AUD instead

Third BUG: When importing a product which have multiple countries of shipping. if you erased all the countries and you tried to map the variants you only want to China for example, it will pick up the inventory quantity of another country and not china. for example I was dropshipping a resistance band and all of my items were out of stock and I found that weird as I went to supplier page and I found he has thousands of items stock. so I came through this issue and I found that even I am mapping towards china, it stills choose quantity from another country which ran out of stock. not good if my products will appear as sold out.

I am still finding more things but the problem is the response to solve the problem is not fast and this issue affects the shop and specialy that is a paid service.

4 months using the app