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Buy Button

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  • Market and sell to customers from any website
  • Use Shopify’s secure checkout for all purchases
  • Customize colors and layouts to match your style

The Shopify Buy Button makes it easy to add ecommerce functionality to share and sell your products on any third-party website. With just a few clicks, you can generate code you can use anywhere that allows you to edit HTML. A simple button or product embed that uses all of your existing product details, and Shopify’s secure checkout. Change text and colours to make Buy Button uniquely yours!

The Shopify Buy Button is a Shopify sales channel that replaces the Shopify Widgets app. If you need help with the legacy Shopify Widgets app, read the Official Documentation.

Buy Button reviews (61)


What happened to the old customization? this new update really messed me up.


Great apps, so helpful for my store to have more customer!


I am kind of saying "What the heck?". What is the point if this? We need a buy now button that we can use on SOCIAL MEDIA- like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and most of all Pinterest. Shopify, please look at what shoptender is doing. THAT is what we need for heaven's sake.


Kinda hate the new button. I guess you'll be adding functionality over the course of time, but until then, it's pretty limited in all kinds of ways. Every element of the widget should have an option to display or hide. And options for fonts.

And we need a lightbox cart for the site... please-oh-please-oh-please!


Embedded some products on to my blog website, it works well! :)


How does it work? I tried but nothing shows up. Can someone explain what I should do or how it works plz? Thanks


REVIEW UPDATE — This review is for the NEW "Buy Button" app, I downgraded my rating to 3-stars (I will currently not use this app with the new changes, fwiw):

They just released a new version of the widgets app, now called the "Buy Button". Overall I wish that they kept the old app in place and added this as an additional app, so that we could still use the old one.

The only thing that was improved on this new button is that you can change the color. Many things were changed, but not for the better.

• You can customize the color of the button

• Price is always next to the button (BAD if you are running a sale with a coupon)
• Cannot include a specific variant. If your item has more than one variant, it is included as a drop-down above the button (again, BAD if you are running a sale or discount on a specific variant, or just don't want that text there to begin with)

In my opinion, this is not so much of an improvement as much as it is a bad paint-job on an app that was good, but needed some more functionality improvements. Now I will have to use the permalink "hack" with my own buttons in order to make buttons that work with my campaigns: https://docs.shopify.com/manual/configuration/store-customization/page-specific/cart-page/cart-permalinks

To make this app better, it needs more functionality (and more customization, the current upgrade limited it almost even more):

Wish-list AND things that need improvement:
• Add item to cart with discount already applied
• Remove the price next to the button (make it optional, this is the entire reason I will not use the app as it is)
• Allow us to only use one variant in the button

(This review is for the OLD "widgets" app, 4-stars)

I think this app is a must-have if you want to add widgets or buttons to your website. I use it primarily for creating buttons for my blog and also on pages inside of my Shopify website for promotions. It's good, but could use some improvements.

Pros :
• Easily link to your product page, cart, or directly to checkout.
• Easy to set up and use.

• Limited design capabilities (buttons are small, only two colors to choose from, no font selection).
• Will not automatically apply discount codes directly to product (that would be an EXCELLENT feature).


Won't even download now [404 oops]— I so want it back


App does not work on Typepad blogs. I contacted support yesterday and Shopify has still not figured out a fix for why it is not working. Really disappointed with this feature.


Great idea and app, but a couple of observations and recommendations:

1) if I copy app code into my Shopify blog, nothing comes up. In other words, app does not seem to work on Shopify site itself
2) i would love to offer various bloggers and online stores to add my Buy button to their pages and share the profits. The problem is - there is no way I can track who brought the sales in.

I hope developers will take care of (1) especially. Thank you!


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