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  • Serve shoppers on tablet or phone (or both) from one app
  • Increase sales by providing an optimized experience to the highly lucrative mobile audience
  • Get set up in less than five minutes and without writing a single line of code

Now compatible with Bold Apps!

Every month more of your shoppers are visiting your store from a mobile device. Are you prepared?

Mobile devices bring new considerations in terms of interaction, performance and mode of use that most stores aren't equipped to address by themselves. Failure to meet these demands means lost sales and revenue, and possibly losing that customer forever when they seek alternatives.

Treat your mobile shoppers to a gorgeous interface that lets your products shine.

ShopPad is the complete solution for the retailer who wants to optimize their desktop store for the iPad, iPhone and Android without the hassle or expense of maintaining different sites. With our point-and-click interface, your store can be up and running on these mobile devices in about five minutes.

See what other stores are saying:

★★★★★ "A Stand Out App. Delivers exactly what it promises. Clear, well-constructed and beautifully executed. Implementation is easy, fast and actually works! This made our store look like it had been coded to be native on a tablet. Thanks ShopPad, look forward to exploring it in depth as we develop new sites."

- BlingBlingEmporio.com

★★★★★ "Excellent app for small business like eshopping. Excellent Customer Service coming from the co-founder himself so the urgency to fix the problem is efficient.
What's important is that I don't have to spend thousands of dollars to have a mobile/iPad interface for our clients. eshopping (www.eshopping.com.ph) will be a long time client of ShopPad!"

- eshopping

★★★★★ "Quite surprising how much more business has been generated from this app. Had a few customers call me up to compliment the iPad design."

- Chuckit! Dog Toys UK

★★★★★ "A mobile strategy in under 5 minutes -- seriously!!! It took me longer to create a logo that was the right size than it did to complete every other step! And the best part is, it doesn't look like a bland, typical mobile site with horizontal "mobile wikipedia-like" bars or most of the usual mobile-site tricks. It is heavily targeted to the iPad, and takes advantage of its abilities. "

- Maren Larsen Galleries

★★★★★ "This App is AMAZING! - Without any real effort my online store looks fantastic and easy to navigate. Saves you all the hassel of migrating your products. Love it!"

- Poloworld International SA

For you:

  • ShopPad automatically connects to your Shopify store, syncing your product and collection information

  • Configuring ShopPad is easy with our point and click interface - you won't have to write a single line of code

  • Proven to improve conversion rate and increase AOV

  • A support team to help you every step of the way. Have a question? Just ask

  • If you need advanced features we have upgrades available for $15 and $30 per month

  • Trusted by over 10,000 retailers like you!

For your shoppers:

  • A beautiful, touchable, swipeable shopping experience

  • Feels like a native app, but is 100% HTML5 web-based

  • Nothing to download or install - your customers can get straight to shopping

  • Optimized for speed and performance

  • Improves your social reach with built-in sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email


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ShopPad reviews (354)


LAMPS USA is 100% correct. this app is for basic use only for websites without any integrated services or added amenities. it really doesn't improve anything at all if you have a decent set up already because most themes display perfectly fine on mobile and tablet and still hold the discounts and other services shopify provides. unfortunately, this app destroys any marketing techniques in place and replaces them with a slightly more visually convenient model for some themes, but on others it makes the menu box or side panel virtually impossible to see.
integrating the wonderful applications we're paying for monthly would be great.


The old shoppad app was not very good, barely any description of product, poor barely-there homepage etc.... this new one looks much flashier and more app-like and all that. BUT BEWARE.

We installed this app and over a period of a few days it was clearly obvious it was a fail. Our bounce rate for mobile and tablets doubled. Our pages per visit slashed from ~9 to ~3. This had a serious effect on our actual sales placed on mobile/tablet, as well as affecting traffic ending up on desktop. We had some of our worst performing days while the app was active, with seriously lower sales and conversion rate, so we have removed it.

Our website uses instead a responsive theme with some changes made to mobile, but mostly a desktop website for tablets. Our mobile experience is sort of okay but not that good, it needs a lot of work, and yet it performed twice as good (or more) than this app.

So I say beware of the claims and the marketing. It may be better than NO mobile website, but it may also perform worse than a well optimized responsive site. The user interface is a bit sluggish and not really intuitive... the whole thing of turning pages is I think far too removed from normal shopping experience that I didn't even realize that I could do that, or how to get to the products... the usability is poor with too much learning curve. Also the app lacks really useful marketing, sales, various other ecommerce features like cross-sells, up-sells etc... all the cool stuff you can do with OTHER apps and plugins, that have absolutely no effect when using this app. I recommend getting your responsive website put in place well so that you can benefit from all the other things an ecommerce store really needs, which this app does not provide.

I'm giving it 3 stars for `looking nice` and `being original` but nothing more, due to the proof that it performs badly and is unintuitive.


This is a GREAT app. Of all the apps I have tried so far, this one is the best. It does exactly what it says it does. It will change your desk top store into an iPad store in a matter of minutes. The customer support is great. I contacted them once and heard back within 24 hours.....very nice! The best part, I can see who uses shoppad and who uses the desk top to shop. Since installing the app (about a week ago) 60% of my customers are mobile device shoppers. Anyone who thinks they don't need to get a mobile app is crazy......everyone is turning to phones and iPads to shop!!! Thanks Shoppad.....I love it!


Mobile is very important these days, but getting it right can be very hard. This app makes my store run smooth and look really great on android iphone and ipad. Their support is friendly and helpful too.


This app is so easy and already had a new order for me within 24 hours of installing. Very easy made my shop look much better on phone and tablet. Thanks for making this so easy for an extreme novice such as me.


As a newbie Store, I wouldn't have thought it was possible to have a dedicated mobile/tablet experience for my customers right from the start - and at a reasonable price! Overall I am very happy with this app and think it will be a very important lever to driver our growth and success. When you start to use the app, I recommend checking out the FAQ tab for some easy tips and instructions to help optimize your new mobile friendly site.


Nice way to optimize your store for iPad.


Great app!


Great customer service! Thanks guys!!! :)


Great app and great support. There are a lot of new customers using mobile phones and this ShopPad really helped give my site a new look and easy navigation . I had few issues and they helped me right away. Great support keep it up. Make sure your mobile site looks good test it using iphones and androids, i was losing a lot of customers before.

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