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109 reviews
Price: From $99.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • List products and sync listing data across Amazon, Ebay, Google, Bing, Etsy, and 1000+ channels
  • Import and sync orders placed on channels with Shopify for single-login fulfillment and automation
  • Easily customize product listing data on each channel, using powerful data manipulation tools.

A single platform to List, Sync, and Manage your products and orders with the world's largest marketplaces and shopping engines.

With automated channel setup, a full suite of powerful ecommerce tools, and an award winning support team, Shopping Feed lists your products, keeps your inventory synced, boost your product visibility, and exponentially increase your sales

Be seen and sell your products

Sell where your customers buy! List on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, 11 Main, Rakuten, eBay Commerce Network, shopping.com, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and over a thousand other sales channels. Shopping Feed fully supports all international sellers, including Amazon, Ebay, for US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, & more. See which channels are available for your country

Keep your inventory synced

Your product inventory stays synced across all your channels and back to your Shopify Store. Help protect your seller rankings by never overselling your products again. When a product goes out of stock on one channel, each channel goes out of stock as well.

Import and fulfill orders directly from Shopify

Import your orders made on your marketplace channels into your Shopify storefront for easy fulfillment. Once you have fulfilled the order from Shopify, Shopping Feed automatically alerts the channel to send tracking information to your buyer.

Enhance Your Data

Our DataFix Toolbox easily patches holes in your product data that would otherwise prevent you from listing your products on marketplace channels. See all our essential tools and features

Thanks to crowd-sourced production map, our crucial tools and competencies ensure your store will never be left behind

  • Rules

    Use rules to customize the way your product listings behave on any connected channel. A rule is an If / Then statement that you build. The IF statement lets you validate a change to a group of products' data. The THEN statement is the change that is made if the product has been qualified by the IF statement.

  • SEO Marketplace

    For each marketplace channel, your listings have Mandatory Data and Optional Data. Optional Data fields, while not required to list, are important for the success of your product listings. SEO Marketplace lets you to send more helpful listing data, increasing orders by an average of 23%!

  • Custom Fields

    Custom fields are containers created to store data about your products. Once a field is created and filled, their contents can be used anywhere in your outgoing data feeds, to help power Rules, as options in your SEO Marketplace, Field Mapping Tab, and mostly anywhere on the platform where you can drop down to select a specific field.
  • Encyclofeedia

    When a product is sent from Shopping Feed to any channel, any error response is returned compiled into an Error Report. Encyclofeedia is industry's first and most complete codex of common channel errors and detailed solutions for any error you have returned.
  • ASIN Mapping

    Your product barcodes act as keys to your existing ASINs (or ASINs of your competitors). We help you quickly match your new listing to any existing ASIN. You can even replace your barcode with ASIN's and Shopping Feed will take care of the rest
  • Amazon Repricer

    Set rules to monitor ASIN and Buy Box prices and to match in Amazon. Sophisticated conditions and muti-layered rues sets Coming Soon: Match Target competitor prices, rules to match prices on every channel
  • Smart Ebay Templates

    Use any custom HTML templates for Ebay and inject them with dynamic data. Design your template right from Shopping Feed, supporting galleries, Ebay categories, video, and more.

    Learn about multi-channel selling first hand with our onboarding team - We'll help you see where Shopping Feed will make your life simpler and more profitable.

    Guided Onboarding

    Our 5 day course will get you connected, listed on, and optimized for your Amazon and Ebay channels





    • Expert Webinars

      We never stop building the best e-commerce tools because you never stop optimizing your data. Learn from our power users their best practices for being seen and ordered






      Our Onboarding Team is responsible for the success of each new Shopping Feed user. schedule a call with our onboarding team to begin working one-on-one with our team. We will build a plan for your roll out, give you personal training and setup assistance, help you meet each channels requirements, and check-in with you regularly during your first month.

      "Support team help us quickly and kindly by mail and call"


      "The experience with the person we dealt with was exemplary, helpful and we were able to make some sound decisions on our business model based on his input. Thank you!"


      "Don't hesitate for a second to use this app, there really isn't anything else out there that compares."


      General FAQ's

      • Can I add or import information for Shopping Feed to use?

        Shopping Feed supports Metafields natively. Metafields are custom fields where you or an app can store product information. A number of Apps in Shopify rely on Metafields for their basic functions.
      • Can I choose individual products or variations to send to a channel?

        From each channels selection page, you can turn on/off whole categories, individual product, and even specific variations within a product. You can use rules to automatically add or remove products from any of your channels.
      • Do I need to work with spreadsheets, or do you require data entry to power my data feeds?

        No, we use your storefront's listings as your base product information, and sync changes to your channel listings. You can manipulate the way your product listings look on each channel, using tools like Rules and Create New Fields
      • Can I transfer products from a marketplace to my storefront?

        Unfortunately, we cannot import product listings from a channel back into your Shopify storefront, or import them directly from one channel to another. If you are migrating from a major marketplace, there are a number of services and apps that can help you import your listings into your Shopify storefront.
      • Inventory FAQ's

        • How does Shopping Feed sync my inventory across all channels?

          Shopping Feed keeps each of your channels inventory up to date, relying on the stock levels in your Shopify store as the master record. When a sale occurs on one of your marketplace channels, this changes the channel's inventory count. Shopping Feed accepts the new inventory count and updates your Shopify inventory. This new inventory count is updated across all your other channels, and their listings. Put more simply: When the inventory changes on any of your channels or your Shopify storefront, Shopping Feed modifies it everywhere else to match.
        • Do you support product variations, with drop-down product selection?

          Shopping Feed natively supports your products' variations. Product Variations are a great way to group your products in your storefront, letting the user select a style, color, size, etc before adding to cart. Product Variations can be configured in the Manage Product Variants tool. We support up to two product variations, reserved for color and size. Unfortunately, we're unable to support any products that have more than two variations, as most marketplaces only support 2 variations.
        • How often do inventory updates occur?

          Whenever an order has been placed causing a change in inventory, or your inventory changes in your storefront, a string of updates is queued up in the Shopping Feed server. Depending on server load and the number of products you sell, these updates could take up to 2 hours to complete. Looking for Real-time Updating? Request an enterprise quote from sales@shopping-feed.com
        • Order Import FAQ's

          • How does the order import work?

            When you have a marketplace channel connected to Shopping Feed, orders from that channel are automatically collected and imported back into your storefront for easy fulfillment. You can choose to turn this feature off during the channel setup. When an order has been placed on a connected marketplace channel, Shopping Feed recognizes that the new order needs to be imported. From the Shopping Feed order pane, the order is then imported into your storefront. Orders are imported natively, and can be found alongside all your store orders in your store's order management page. When you fulfill the order from your Shopify Order Pane,
            we alert the connected channel of the fulfillment data, letting the channel notify your buyer of fulfillment.
          • Will I have to manually send fulfillment messages to my customers?

            No! Shopping Feed uses its connection to your channels to inform the channel what messages to send and when. For instance, when you cancel an order from your storefront that was imported by Shopping Feed, we instruct the Amazon server to send a message to the buyer, informing them know that the order has been cancelled. The same will occur for Order shipment confirmation, Order cancellation, and Order refunds
          • Is there a way to stop the order importing feature?

            Absolutely. Order importing feature can be turned off for any channel. Simply open a ticket with support to turn off order importing for a specific channel/channels, and our team will be glad to assist.

            schedule a call with our onboarding team

Shopping Feed reviews

109 reviews
  1. 5 stars (83 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (10 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (11 reviews)

Shopping Feed is an incredible product with world class customer support.

I searched for months to find the solutions that Shopping Feed offers. We started seeing results immediately after installing.

After a quick onboarding, I knew how to navigate their dashboard with a robust amount of features. Being able to set conditional rules, select and deselect products, and ensure our business was humming along across many different marketplaces.

The customer service is top notch - Drew especially. They are quick to answer questions, quick to help you find solutions, and generally much more helpful (and knowledgeable about their product) than many similar software companies in the industry.

As for drawbacks, there really aren't a ton. The site is copied over from a French version, so there are sometimes some strange translations, and the back end sometimes gets a little slow and isn't incredibly responsive, but not in any way that affects usability. These also seem to be things they are committed to improving going forward.

The price for the app has paid for itself many times over. If you're looking for something to help you take total control of your site across eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces, Shopping Feed is what you want.


Great product and fantastic service. I am using this app on two different stores and it works flawlessly. You will not receive better service anywhere. Drew and his team are top notch people and you will be happy you chose Shopping-Feed.


Really great tool and super customer service!

The Support answers within 48 hours which is great.

They helped me out many times and now it is working properly.

Special thanks to OSCAR from the Support Team! Great job


We have been using Shopping Feed for just over a year. Any problem or issue we have had, fine tuning this app to suit our business has been very quickly resolved. All products you choose to export are fed accurately to the marketplace & order(s) fed back to Shopify, including taxes for processing. If you are using any accountancy software like Xero - this is important

Shopify has told us that since our store launched it has been receiving a lot of traffic. In fact, our traffic is in the top 18% of stores that launched the same week as us! That is largely due to this app. Thank you Drew & Team.


We did free trial and keep using this app from now on!
This app help to manage our inventory through shopify with eBay, Etsy and other channels.
Best thing of this Shopping feed is great support.
Support team help us quickly and kindly by mail and call.
Even us, not very good at English, they can help.
If you hesitate , should try!
Wonderful app and support.


Love Love Love this app! Seamlessly connecting my entire inventory to Amazon, orders come, and go out, and I don't touch a thing! You have to set it up, but it's highly customizable, and you can hop on a call with support and they'll sort you out.

Highly Recommend.




Support is terrific, these guys could not help you more, friendly advice and solutions for getting my Amazon listings working even better, thanks guys.


The experience with the person we dealt with was exemplary, helpful and we were able to make some sound decisions on our business model based on his input. Thank you. Dale


Good product and great support, after two hours call with Drew, I understand how it works, now I can push the products to multi-channels with a simple process.
I am waiting for the integration with Jet.com and walmart.com now. Thanks, shopping feed!

From $99.00 / month

Start your 14 Day Trial with managed onboarding. Plans start at $99/month.
Learn more at https://www.shopping-feed.com/shopify-privilege-pricing
・Sell on each of Shopping Feeds 1000+ channels
・Sync 1M+ products and their inventory across the top marketplaces in the world
・Reliable and powerful software, supported by passionate e-commerce experts
Marketplaces we integrate with:
・Walmart (Beta)
Ad platforms we integrate with:
・Google Shopping
・Bing Ads
・Facebook Product ads
Connect and advertise on the top Shopping Engines for FREE with any account.
Channels like:
・Ebay Commerce Network
・See all at www.shopping-feed.com/channels

For volume pricing, account management, custom account configurations, and white-glove managed support, contact sales@shopping-feed.com

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