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Shopping Feed

Developed by Shopping Feed Inc

Price: Custom Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Sell your products on the largest marketplaces in the world
  • Sync inventory with channels, Import and fulfill orders directly from Shopify
  • Automatic setup backed by award-winning support team

A single platform to List, Sync, and Manage your products and orders with the world's largest marketplaces and shopping engines.

With automated channel setup, a full suite of tools, and an award winning support team, we keep your inventory synced, boost your products visibility, and exponentially increase your sales

  1. Sell your products

    List on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, 11 Main, Rakuten, eBay Commerce Network, shopping.com, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and more than 20 other sales channels.
  2. Enhance Your Data

    Our DataFix Toolbox easily patches holes in your product data that would otherwise prevent you from listing your products.

    Included with every account

    • Find & Replace Rules

    • AutoRemove Rules

    • AutoTag Marketplace

    • Smart Variation Mapping

    • Custom Data Fields
  3. Never Pay for Setup

    Shopping Feed's Automated setup gets you up and running on your favorite sales channels in a flash. Our dedicated support team will make sure you get connected, no matter how complicated the setup.

List today, sell tomorrow with your first channel free for 1 month

Shopping Feed reviews (69)


I had problems adding this app. Would love to try it one day. https://www.kinkytoy.store


This app is a must have for any serious ecommerce seller. It seamlessly syncs your products to the best sales channels you can find, keeping inventory across them all in sync, and imports any orders made outside of Shopify into your Shopify fulfillment queue. You just fulfill like normal in Shopify, and everything is done automatically. Best customer support I have encountered in 20 years, which is important because of how much you can do with the platform.

If you take your selling seriously, you sell on external channels like Amazon, ebay, Google, etc. If you REALLY take it seriously, you do it all with Shopping Feed.


This app is very good. I use it for amazon. At the beginning, it looks complicated and I don't know how to use it. But the customer support is very good. Drew teach me step by step, and solve the problem for me very quick. After I understand how to use the app, I know it works!


Worked well for the first few months, but has caused major dramas recently. Inventory levels no longer sync with eBay, meaning products which are out of stock continue to be listed and sold, causing seriously unhappy customers and major headaches. Support team tried to help but have so far done nothing to fix the problem. The only thing that works is doing a forced update, which kind of defeats the purpose of paying all the money to have this program supposedly update inventory automatically.


This app is aweful - I don't know how Shopify have even allowed it to be added to the App Store.

The setup was asking me to confirm which fields are colours, sizes or 'other'. After doing this and then clicking save I was brought back to the top of the page I was on but did not get a confirmation message that the information was saved, advised that I should now go to another option on the nav bar or if another page should appear during the setup process.

After clicking on the 'add account' I was then taken to another page to create an account (even though I had already done this) and could not proceed past this page as the 'optional' VAT field insisted I needed to enter a VAT number. As a UK company does not need to be VAT registered this cannot be the case...and the field was marked as optional.

This is a terrible app and the developers need to look at improving the user experience during the setup stage.


Awesome support! If you are having any trouble with setup, be sure to contact support before giving up. They will help you get back on track really quick.


I have used the app for a few months. The app works flawlessly and if there happens to be an issue the customer service is amazing. They handle customer service requests quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for an interrogation app this is the best I have found! highly recommend using giving it a try.


Words Can Not Describe the great experience that Drew has provided me in setting up and using this App. He has been there for me through thick and thin and helped me (Hands On) to assure that my products were ready for Amazon. Drew has taught me that no question is a stupid question and has the patience that most people do not have when dealing with customers.
I would recommend this application to anyone that is going to use any of these channels that Shopping Feed offer, but the key to your success is reaching out and taking advantage of the excellent Customer Support that Drew has to offer.
The most amazing fact about Drew is that if he doesn't have the solution, he reaches out to the Development Team to try to get the solution. That is above and beyond the normal with any app that I have used.
It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned computer person, he is there for you and that is what makes the experience so wonderful.
Thank you Drew and Shopping Feed for helping me increase my business by thousands of dollars each month..


I am not one to ever leave reviews but I CAN NOT say enough for the support I have received from Drew!! There is no way I can thank you enough!! You have went WAY beyond what you should have to do in order to help me! You helped me fix my issues, explain all my options and what would be best, Taught me so much and took the time to train me on all the detail!! Through various Phone calls and emails you have made yourself available every single time!!

Please Note There is a Learning Curve to the different sales Channels (Ebay, Google, Amazon, Etc) and I suggest you reach out for help BEFORE submitting your products (if you do not know these channels rules and guidelines)
Do not do what I did by downloading this app and sending all your products to these channels without knowing what your doing! You will be making a huge mistake that will take a lot of time and calls to fix!
On a Good note, You got the biggest support team that you will probably ever find in any of the other apps you download here on Shopify!! Top Notch Customer Service!!! Drew taught me everything there was to know not only about all the different things this app can do but Also about all the Channels you choose. There is so much to this app, I am glad I got to spend the time to learn all the cool features you can do!

Thank You SOOO Much Drew, (I think I just may miss all our conversations hahahaha)


Great!!! App and Customer Support!!! is awesome!!!


Connect 2 Premium Channels for $99/month

・Google Shopping
・Bing Ads
・Facebook Product ads
・See all pricing at www.shopping-feed.com/pricing

Connect to Shopping Engines for FREE with any membership
・Ebay Commerce Network
・See all at www.shopping-feed.com/channels

Included in each account:
・Realtime Analytics
・Order Importing & Management
・DataFix Toolbox Suite
・Up to 100k listings
・Onboarding Consultation and Support
・See all our features at www.shopping-feed.com/features

30 days


Shopping Feed Platform


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