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March 14, 2017

This is infuriating!!!!!!! I have been trying for 2hrs to download the app and create an account. Have been unable to do either.

Daisyboo Com
Almost 2 years using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied November 20, 2019

Whoops! We're here to help. Write us at for a quick solution from our team, and we'll give you an extended trial!

June 5, 2016

We are top rated eBay sellers still building our shopify brand and adding product. We were looking for a way to list 1 place and have the product be on different channels. We initially used an importer app to get approx 900 products in Shopify. We then were looking for an app to help us expand but not spend a lot and not triple type the same products on different platforms. Whole thing makes me wish I knew how to write code!! Anyway at first I thought it was my lack of knowledge that was issue with this app, but its not. No way is it user friendly even if we flipped and added products to choppily first then used app to go to eBay and beyond. The final straw was no help guides or explanations, app wanting to assign categories very broadly for eBay - a no no., and then no link on site for the cancellation of free trial. 3-4 months early BTW> not worth the time. If you have never sold on the other and Shopify is your first store it might work.... not for us though.

Lambs Collectibles
United States
Over 1 year using the app
June 25, 2016

tried twice to instal without any luck

Topper Shopper
United Kingdom
9 months using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied November 20, 2019

Ah jeez - our fault! Try again with our new onboarding and setup experience, and I'll extend your trial until you are satisfied!

Edited January 9, 2017

I really dislike this app. They are hurting our amazon rating.

Every once in a while it is unable to import order from Amazon to Shopify. No notice is given off this, so they of course get lost until Amazon or the customer contacts us.

Also, you can't login to this app directly from Shopify and they require a username. I can't remember ever having created a username for this, so I have no idea where to start. The "forgot pass" function doesnt seem to work without the damn username..

Update Jan. 2107: Ended up deleting this app to switch over to the one by Shopify. Quickly realized this was a mistake and wanted to switch back to this one, just to get things running until we found a better replacement.

They didn't want to open up an account again due to this review, who at the time of writing is two star. Based on that, I'm not giving them a one star. We're never coming back.

- Full of bugs
- Customer support isn't good
- Bugs bugs bugs. The kind of bugs that get you banned from Amazon.

Freddyshop Com
United States
5 months using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied November 20, 2019

First off, I'm sorry for the experience. When reviewing your account and experience, we found the orders stuck inside Shopping Feed as designed, and that our system was alerting your account via your email address. Our system is designed to quickly alert you of ANY issues with orders moving through our system. These problems are very rare, however our tools make it easy to solve quickly.

I also feel that you mischaracterized our support team and our efforts to help you solve these issues. Uninstalling a few moments after submitting a support ticket left us little room to help out with your missing password. When asked to reopen your account, we asked if you'd reconsider your review if we helped change your mind.

I know your experience will be incredible if you will give as a try. I will happily extend your trial long enough to feel comfortable working with us. you can reach me directly at

July 20, 2021

cant even sign up, wawwagawgagawgwawawwagawgagawgwawawwagawgagawgwawawwagawgagawgwawawwagawgagawgwawawwagawgagawgwawawwagawgagawgwawawwagawgagawgwa

The Bullys Stash
About 2 hours using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied July 20, 2021

We are sorry to hear that you've faced some issues during the sign-up process. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team at so that we can assist you accordingly.

Edited May 15, 2017

This is EXTREMELY expensive and has not helped a high volume store like mine at all. I think this program is capable of doing a lot of great things if set up with the rules correctly. However the MAIN purpose is to have accurate inventory across multiple sales channels. If you sell any volume, there will be inventory issues. I'm not sure I've gone more than 2 weeks not over selling something. It simply doesn't update timely. What exactly is the $99 paying for? To list.... it simply pulls data intuitively and data mines to cross list. But inventory sync is an absolute JOKE.

It's embarrassing that we look incapable because of this. It's hurting my etsy reviews. To top it off, after I had set up everything how I thought would be best (tech support helped me etc), I suddenly have shopping feed creating NEW shipping profiles for my Etsy store. This allowed oversea's buyers to pay a US domestic first class rate for an item that was $11. I'm now risking horrible reviews from etsy because I simply cannot afford to ship it for $3.50 when the actual charge is $17-$20 in shipping. This was nothing I set up or added either. It worked well for a few weeks and had profiles set. Then magically I have a new Shopping Feed rate in put into there so ANYONE in the world could order $11 dollar products with $3.50 shipping.

I guess it depends on what you need but I feel like this just cost me a lot without any return at all. 1 stars is given because it's truly not adequate at what it should do and that is to keep inventory synced across multiple sales channels. We've yet to see that actually occur properly, despite adjustments made with tech support. Hopefully there will be an app soon that does this more efficiently because it is desperately needed!

I truly wish they refunded me for the money I've spent. I feel completely cheated.

Modern Mini
United States
About 1 month using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied November 20, 2019

Thanks for your candid feedback, and I'm sorry for your experience! Our update cycle relies on the capabilities of not just Shopify, but the channel. In all channels, our sync occurs close to real time, and we guarantee a window of 30 minutes for orders and inventory sync. I think you'd be happy to learn our Order and Inventory sync is now done completely via API, and is a significant upgrade! We hope you'll give us another try. Please reach out to me for an extended trial -

October 16, 2018

Useless. Talked with chat for an hour. Told me they couldn't help me. Definitely not worth even the free trial.

Olive and Press
United States
13 days using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied November 20, 2019

We're sorry for the experience! We try our best to help via chat, but sometimes questions need to be escalated. If you'd like a full channel selling consultation from our support team, just ask for one at

August 10, 2015

Not great. I was really hopeful as I read about the support and service (which is important).

After a delay on my end, communication was incredibly slow and there was a lot of 'let's chat' but no confirmation of a time and always waiting on responses. The only way to chat is via thier platform (which was never mentioned) and then when I do login, my 'rep' is gone for the day.

New tech guy comes on and says 'how can I help you', then again disappears.. over 15 mins ago (as if my time isn't important).

I have removed their app and going with ChannelUnity. In just minutes, the experience has been much much better and their support is actually online rather than just hit and miss.

Our money is good everywhere (I think!), unfortunate and I was super patient before writing this.

I run a very busy business with multiple clients

Pro Optimal
United States
15 days using the app
December 7, 2016

Worst app I had on Shopify so far. Not worth a cent. Poorely explained and badly executed. Got me in trouble with Ebay and Etsy. Loots of lagging on my laptops. Wasted 3 days for this thing.

2 days using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied November 20, 2019

I'm sorry for the experiences here! First, I want to offer our setup and onboarding support, which we offer every user regardless of their plan. Also, we have refactored our dashboard to easily load and view more than 100k product listings. If you are migrating the management of existing listings on Amazon or Ebay, we recommend intervention from our migration team. Please contact me at for some TLC on your account setup!

June 6, 2016

Absolute Garbage! I would like to rate it 0 stars! a waste of valuable time and effort.

Rv Cover
United States
1 day using the app
Shoppingfeed Inc replied November 20, 2019

Ah man - I'm sorry for your experience here. Can you reach out to me at and offer a bit more info on what you went through? It's important for us to get it right for all our users, and I will see to it personally that you get the help you need.