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Show Recent Orders | Recent Sales Pop up

Show Recent Orders | Recent Sales Pop up

Developed by GoldenDev

19 reviews
Price: Free – $4.99 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Shows real-time popups of recent sales to increase customer buying confidence
  • Gives your store instant credibility and social proof
  • Creates a sense of urgency and boosts sales! $$$

Users rated this app with 5 stars! ★★★★★

Install this application NOW to create an atmosphere of a busy store and instantly BOOST sales!

This app will show your visitors the most recent orders in your store and increase your conversions.
There is absolutely 0 coding required and recent order notifications will start displaying on your site in less than 30 seconds!

You need it because:

  1. It increases conversions! - This app will make your store look busy and will give your customers the social proof they desperately needed!

  2. It gives your customers a confidence boost! - By displaying what others bought in your store, you will gain your customers' trust!

  3. It keeps your store looking busy - Precisely timed notifications will give your store popular and busy look.

  4. It improves user experience - With amazing design, seamless and lightweight integration it instantly improves yours user's experience.

  5. It is GDPR compliant - The app itself is GDPR compliant. You can read more about it in our privacy policy

What our users like the most

  1. It shows orders in real time - It will show orders in real time. Newest orders will show first!

  2. You can add orders manually - If you also sell on other platforms, you can easily add orders in the application!

  3. It can show your sales in random order - If you wish, you can set it to show your sales in random order.

  4. It's fully customizable - You can change your message, colors, font, font size, delay between notifications, position and much more!

  5. Mobile friendly! - The notifications will work on desktop and mobile devices without any problem!

  6. Easy to use interface - You can set your preferences easily on the special settings page.

  7. It is reliable! - The app's software runs on reliable servers. No funny business here, we know that the app can only earn you money when it is working properly.

  8. A lot of customization options! - You can fully redesign the app so it fits your website. You can customize the font size, font color, background color and a lot more.


What if I don't have enough orders in my store?

Don't worry, you can still create a look of a busy store. Here is how you should configure the notifications (through the app settings):

  • Repeatedly show your sales - Just go to the settings and set the app to repeat the notifications.

  • Hide time stamp of orders - Don't show the time in notifications. This will make notifications to always look new!

  • Decrease the delay between the notifications - You can adjust the time delay between notifications to as low as 1 second. More notifications will make your store look more popular.

Why are my pop-ups not showing?

You probably just created your shop and didn't receive any orders yet, so the app doesn't have anything to show.
You can add some orders/sales from other platforms manually in the app settings or just sell a few products and the pop-ups will start showing automatically :)

Can I change the font in notifications?

Yes. You can easily change the font with a simple font picker in the settings. You can also change its color and size :)

Can I also add orders manually?

Yes. You can also add orders from other platforms in the app settings. You can also choose which orders should display and which shouldn't.

Is the app mobile friendly?

Yes. The notifications look good on desktop and mobile devices.

Is the app GDPR compliant?

Yes. The app is GDPR compliant. You can read more about the compliance in our privacy policy.



Don't forget!
When you install the Show Recent Orders application, you gain access to the special page where you can modify the application. You can completely redesign the notifications to match your store!


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Show Recent Orders | Recent Sales Pop up reviews

19 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (0 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
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This app is fantastic! Simple, minimalistic, no hassle... Just love it!

One thing I haven't been table to tackle though is how to change the effect? At the moment it slides in bottom to top, but I'd like it to fade in, is this doable?




I LOVE this app! I wish I had found it sooner. It's exactly what I was looking for - simple, customisable and no app branding. A big thumbs up, thank you for a great app.


Great value! Provides the social proof we were looking for, and the developer was quick to make feature changes/additions that we requested.

Thank you!


Thank you for this very efficient and easy to use app. It can be fully customized and it's very affordable. But the most important thing with this app is that they offer great customer care. They solved one minor issue in a speed of light. So, we definitly recommend this app.


It is nice app and can boost our sales, highly recommend!


Good idea but just dident work out for me. I downloaded this and deleted it but still got charged


I recently installed this app. I absolutely love it. I can see much better conversions already. It is extremely easy to use even for a non technical person like me. Thanks for the great app and all the different versions I am able to implement on my store. www.paw-world.com. Thanks again.


Great app! As we sell business to business, I asked if the app could include the company name instead of buyer name and Peter had that feature implemented in less than a day. All I can say is that is amazing support that cares about your customers needs!


Worth the $5/month. The founder of the application, Peter is very driven and motivated to keep his customers happy! I had a few problems and he actually adjusted the app to fit my business accordingly.

Worth it!


Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks

Free – $4.99 / month

You get the first 10 days for FREE so you can test the application and see the benefits for yourself. If you aren't satisfied, just uninstall the app before the 10 day trial ends and you won't be charged a single cent!

10 days


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