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SEO Sitemap Builder by Adolab - Sitemap Generator Pro

SEO Sitemap Builder by Adolab - Sitemap Generator Pro

Developed by Adolab

8 reviews
Price: Free – $1.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Strengthens your SEO ranking by creating a high-quality HTML sitemap (show up for Google & other search engines)
  • Help shoppers find EVERYTHING on your site! ( Products, articles, blogs, collections, and pages) *Automatically updates daily!
  • Reduces the amount of time customers spend searching for a product & helps to increase sales!

Stop losing sales & start generating revenue!

Sitemap Builder is the perfect way to list all of your products in one spot.

Plus, it also increases your shop's overall SEO!

Currently monitoring over 200,000 products and counting! Install our app today & we'll instantly generate a product index for your website!

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★ How does Sitemap Builder work?

Sitemap Builder instantly generates an HTML sitemap for your entire store!

Lists all of your products on one convenient page with clickable links.

This allows your customers find the products they are looking for.

The best part is that Sitemap Builder matches the look and feel of your existing store.

Your customers don’t want to waste time clicking around on your shop.

Helps customers find the products they are looking for & lowers your store's bounce rate!

★ How can Sitemap Builder help your business?

  1. Provides a better shopping experience & lowers bounce rate!

  2. Increases SEO for your Shopify store & Google page ranking

  3. Encourages shoppers to discover new products

  4. Allows customers to see every collection in one glance

  5. Enables Google to crawl and index all of your webpages

  6. Increases your search engine presence over time

  7. Allows customers to navigate all of your products on one page
  8. Provides a search landing page for all products
  9. Lists all collections, products, blog articles, and contact pages in one convenient location
  10. Helps customers save time searching for products they are looking to buy

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★★★★★ Rated 5 Stars! ★★★★★

"Great tool for seo. I appreciate this. Thank you very much!

―5/5 rating from Madera Ph

"Very simple and easy to use app. Customer support is superb. Kudos to Nathan!"

―5/5 rating from Periwinkle Online

"Perfect! Plus the support is awesome and helped me very quickly"

―5/5 rating from Lachicboutiquefr.com

"Great app and awesome support! Adds value to a website and super easy to set up. Thanks guys"

―5/5 rating from Roadtripic.Com

★ Increases Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

Sitemap Builder enables Google bots to crawl and index all of your webpages.

An HTML sitemap helps Google understand the layout and content of your shop.

Google can then recommend your shop as a search result if you match the criteria being looked for.

Typically, indexed websites have a higher SEO ranking.

A higher SEO ranking means an increased web presence.

Basically, you can show up more often in search results.

★ Sitemap Builder Features

  • One-click installation!
  • Super easy to use
  • Instantly generates your very own HTML sitemap in minutes
  • Daily updates ensure your HTML sitemap is always up-to-date!

  • Pulls in new products and other shop content regularly
  • Customers can view every product, blog article, and collection
  • Matches the look & feel of your existing store!
  • No design or coding knowledge necessary
  • Includes guide on XML sitemap Google submission
  • 2 Styles to choose from! (Block text or Bullet List)

  • Customize the look of your sitemap with extra design options

  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Flexibility to change your title, description, or appearance
  • Fast & Friendly customer support
  • Increases your SEO ranking!
  • Accessible by Google crawlers which are responsible for “indexing” websites
  • Advanced feature allows pros to enter HTML & CSS for added customization (not required)

View The Sitemap Builder Demo

★ Matches your store's Brand

Right out of the box, we generate an HTML sitemap that matches the look & feel of your existing Shopify store.

Automatically uses your default fonts and the existing colors of your website.

We create a pretty sitemap for your shop that is easy to read and matches your store's brand.

★ How is Sitemap Builder Different?

  • We offer the LOWEST PRICE!

  • No cap on the amount of products listed!

  • Your HTML sitemap expands when your inventory expands

  • Creates a listing for each & every blog post on your site

  • Offers a 1x Free design help by professional programmer

View The Sitemap Builder Demo

★★★★★ Get Sitemap Builder right now with a 7 Day FREE TRIAL! Sitemap Builder by Adolab is the best HTML Sitemap Generator & SEO app available on the Shopify App Store!

★ Highly Customizable

Simple Admin Panel - Our easy to use dashboard will rock your socks off!

Customize your layout - Just click on a button to transform your HTML sitemap into block text

Ability to Edit - Change your page title, description, order of the content, & layout

Advanced mode - Allows Pros to tweak the CSS & HTML of your sitemap (not required)

★ Free 24/7 Customer Support

Email us anytime and we'll create a ticket for you.

We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

We love hearing from our customers, and are ready to answer any question you might have!

We pride ourselves on being quick to respond & frequently reply in just a couple of minutes!

★ #1 Shopify HTML Sitemap Generator for Increasing SEO

For less than half the competitor's price, you'll get:

  • Instantly generates a pretty HTML sitemap in seconds!

  • Helps to increase your SEO & ranking with Google

  • List all of your products in one place

  • Helps drive sales! Helps customers quickly find products

  • 100% Mobile friendly

  • Creates an attractive list of your store's products

  • Easy to install without any prior coding knowledge!

  • Works with most Shopify themes right out of the box

  • Fully customizable text and design

  • Includes a FREE 1x design help

  • Free 24/7 Support (Quick response time!)
  • ★ Click ‘GET’ Now & Get Your 7-Day Free Trial ★

    View The Sitemap Builder Demo

SEO Sitemap Builder by Adolab - Sitemap Generator Pro reviews

8 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Simple setup, took a couple of minutes... and it works!


DON'T BE CONNED!!! ALL of these Sitebuilder Apps, including THIS ONE, just create a HTML PAGE that you can create very easily yourself. EVERY SHOPIFY STORE Automatically Publishes a SITEMAP at: your store.com/sitemap.xml Go into Shopify Help and there are three YouTube Videos on how to add your sitemap link to Google! To make your own html site just create a PAGE with links and add it as a menu item under Navigation. ----------------------------- JUST DON'T BE SCAMMED into thinking you need their services to be indexed on Google - you don't even need a HTML page, but creating your own PAGE on Shopify MIGHT increase your SEO just a tiny bit. Best of Luck, Newbies, but DON'T BE SCAMMED - Check Shopify Help First, before spending your money! To see how I created my own HTML Page, go to EphraimOrganics.com and scroll down to footer. Click on Sitemap - Explore Our Shop. They say above that they create a "pretty HTML Page". It was ugly and confusing as sin because they listed all 900+ products first in paragraph form, with commas inbetween. I had to totally redo the Page!


Great free tool for SEO. Thanks guys
- arfshop.co


Great app. Had a issue with the look of the links on my site page. Sent an email to service, in one hour they fixed my issues. 5 stars, quick and great service.


Great tool for seo. I appreciate this. Thank you very much


Very simple and easy to use app. Customer support is superb. Kudos to Nathan!


Great app and awesome support! Adds value to a website and super easy to set up. Thanks guys


Plus the support is awesome and helped me very quickly.
Thanks guys, hope your app will rock!!

Free – $1.99 / month

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