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  • All-In-One Multi-Marketplace Management Solution
  • Honest & Transparent Pricing
  • Enterprise-Grade Cloud Technology

Imagine if your shipping software had multi-channel inventory capabilities. Imagine if your purchase orders were synchronized with your analytics. Imagine if you could combine all the software tools you currently use to run your e-commerce business into one, centralized cloud platform for a fraction of the cost. Imagine no more, because Skubana is changing the way e-commerce sellers run their back end operations. Sign up today and experience what selling feels like when your entire business is fully synchronized.

Features and Benefits:

  • Print shipping labels right from the cloud with nothing to download

  • Scalable Pricing

  • All-in-one system with real-time inventory management

  • Multiple Warehouses handled simultaneously including Amazon FBA

  • Analytics to make profitable decisions for your business

  • Intelligent automated purchase orders driven by cross-channel order velocity

  • Easy-to-use with no training required

  • One-click integration to your marketplaces


Skubana reviews

48 reviews
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I have been an e-commerce seller since the dark days of the Internet in 1997. Over the past 20+ years I have used many different platforms - often combining features for different companies to get the systems that we need.

We were seeking a web based platform that assist with our inventory / COGS / multiple platforms / forecasting and order processing. We looked at a number of solutions including TradeGecko / Fishbowl / Orderlo and others. Skubana was the one that ticked all the boxes. It actually replaced a number of other platforms and saves us time and resources each month.

There is a learning curve when using Skubana but once you get to know the system it can become very powerful. The support is the best I have received from any software company - you can see they really do care about their customers and do what they can to make sure things are working as needed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Skubana and have already done so many times.


Overall, this program came to us at the perfect time. We went from inventory that was manageable manually, to inventory that just needed some sort of software to help us mange this. Ive been live for a couple days now and it seems like everything is going great. They have orderbots that implement automatic rules you make for your inventory and shipping. Every time ive had an issue, it was resolved in a matter of minutes. The customer support team at Skubana is on it and they know how to keep a customer happy.


So far I have nothing but good things to say about Skubana. I heard about them on a podcast and mentioned them to my employee that was researching inventory management software options. After looking at many other options (many of which were cheaper) we saw that you really do get what you pay for and that we wanted to do it right if we were going to do it at all.

We just launched after maybe 15 calls with Jeffrey Na, our account manager. His customer service, knowledge, and attention to detail are some of the best if not the best I have ever seen. I'd love to buy him a drink if I'm ever in town as he has been and I know will continue to be an excellent resource for us as we grow. Just getting started but the future is looking bright!


We switched over from Stitch Labs back in 2016 after hitting tons of performance issues with Stitch. We tested Ordoro, Trade Gecko, Sellbrite, Fishbowl and Skubana. While not any platform was perfect, Skubana was superior in performance and UI.

It wasn't all peaches and cream however, as there are still a number of frustrating limitations in Skubana and peculiarities in error handling. That said, it's balanced out by the fact that Skubana is the closest platform to truly being enterprise grade without the cost of NetSuite or god forbid, Channel Advisor. It handles multiple brands, multiple warehouses, infinite amount of drop shippers, has accurate report pulling and can quickly batch large amount of orders.

Most of the other platforms are simply not designed for large sellers and bottle neck in ridiculous ways. We make it a point to re-evaluate our inventory platform every year and keep coming back to Skubana after seeing everything out there. They are adding more features each year and focusing on volume sellers, which is a different tactic than other platforms which tend to go for small/med sellers.


Impressive piece of software for helping manage inventory data. We use it extensively to help predict demand and issue the correct quantities when ordering inventory. This has really helped reduce/eliminate stockouts (thus paying for itself) without having to find yourself yelling at excel. Also, great for calculating COGS from multiple sales channels, and using multiple channels to make sales and linking those sales to a single fulfilment network.
If you are spending hours trying to predict inventory levels... forecast inventory needs..etc inside excel I would give Skubana a call!


Thank you Skubana for all you help and support! I haven't been using this system very long but I know it will help our growing company more than we know. It's the best way to track on inventory across multiple sales channels.

I look forward to implementing all the features Skubana has to offer to help manage our products.

The reps are awesome! Thank you Wali and Jeffrey for all your help!


There are tools that I hope I never have to work with. Fortunately, Skubana isn't one of them. I was completely new to logistics when I first used it 5 months ago and didn't know what I was doing, but I found my way around rather quickly. Here's what I like in particular

* Great customer support with short response time
* Feels stable
* Mostly intuitive
* Feature-Rich
* Short loading times
* Rather modern UI

Another good thing is the Marketplace, especially that it allows you to write your own app for it.

The biggest downside is its high price. Of all services and software we use, it is the most expensive one but maybe that's just because the price is (probably) calculated based on the number of orders and revenue - both of which don't say whether or not your company is making a lot of money ;-)

Other than that, there are not many cons I'm aware of. The UI could use some small improvements here and there (filterable tables, ambiguous use of the word "Export", fields that look editable but aren't) but those are really just minor issues.


Manage all your inventory, orders, products, POs, and FBA in a single unified platform. Drop Ship, MCF, 3PL Fulfillment it's all there too. Simplify your multi-channel infrastructure. Great team, strong developers, reliable/scalable infrastructure and data model.

See it in action: www.madsportsstuff.com


We are using Skubana more than a half of a year and Skubana is a great platform to use. The connections and navigation are easy and logical which makes it really efficient to track inventory and orders from all our Sales Channels. (Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay). It supports our 3PL Warehouses via FTP and API connection. The interface is really friendly to users. You do not need any special skills to operate in Skubana. One more important thing is that Skubana is a rather speedy app. Import/export information takes seconds. Special thanks to the support team that is always there ready to provide with prompt, helpful and qualified response to pretty much any issue.


We have been using Skubana for about 8 months now.

I will admit that Skubana was very complex/intimidating when we first started. However, our account rep Jeffrey was extremely helpful and promptly answered any questions that we had.

Now that we are more comfortable using the system our team loves it. It is amazing being able to ship from multiple warehouses by simply clicking a few buttons.

This software is also great because of its ability to track and manage inventory levels in each warehouse. We have a few amazon stores setup internationally and with Skubana you can see how many items you have in total and how many items are available each warehouse.

The RMA process is also a breeze, one click and you customer receives the return shipping label to their email.

Like I said, it was a bit daunting in the beginning (I should mentioned we started using it right before the holiday season so things were already busy) but their support helped us get up to speed and we are very happy with Skubana.


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