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  • All-In-One Multi-Marketplace Management Solution
  • Honest & Transparent Pricing
  • Enterprise-Grade Cloud Technology

Imagine if your shipping software had multi-channel inventory capabilities. Imagine if your purchase orders were synchronized with your analytics. Imagine if you could combine all the software tools you currently use to run your e-commerce business into one, centralized cloud platform for a fraction of the cost. Imagine no more, because Skubana is changing the way e-commerce sellers run their back end operations. Sign up today and experience what selling feels like when your entire business is fully synchronized.

Features and Benefits:

  • Print shipping labels right from the cloud with nothing to download

  • Scalable Pricing (No upfront costs or software to purchase)

  • All-in-one system with real-time inventory management

  • Multiple Warehouses handled simultaneously including Amazon FBA

  • Analytics to make profitable decisions for your business

  • Intelligent automated purchase orders driven by cross-channel order velocity

  • Easy-to-use with no training required

  • One-click integration to your marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay et al) and shopping carts (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce)

Skubana is free for 14 days and signup takes only a few minutes.


Skubana reviews (15)


We have been using Skubana for about a year now and it has really fixed our inventory issues. The best part - the staff. Emily walked through onboarding with us every step of the way and is still available to jump on a call or respond to us with questions. We have about 30,000 SKU's with inventory in our own warehouse and amazon.com - so we needed a software that worked well with both. We tried 5 different programs before Skubana, so we did our homework. We also used different shipping programs before, but Skubana eliminates those and really works well as an all-in-one solution. So, bottom line is If you are looking for an all in one solution to keeping track of inventory on all your platforms, issuing PO's, shipping, don't look any further. Skubana is the the best.


After trying out many other well regarded solutions (Stitch Labs etc) we finally found our way to Skubana. It was recommended to us by several other high volume ($1M+) eComm shops, and so with a bit of trepidation we gave them a try. Best. Decision. Ever. We were on-boarded in a week, and fine tuned within our first month. We even were able to ditch our other shipping tool, ShipStation. The support team there has been top notch, and very responsive. Great work guys. You've earned our loyalty.


We have tried over 12 different platforms for order management software and by far Skubana has exceed our expectations and met 100% of our needs

Their shipping component is area where we were a little skeptical however with the proper training we have mastered it.

By far, the launch process was the smoothest, and most knowledgable I have experienced since I have been selling online since 1998. I think NASA should look to Skubana for their next Rocket Ship launch.


Skubana was brought on board to gain complete control over our inventory. Not only do we deal with 3 warehouses at HQ, but we have a 3rd party supplier and a 3PL, that all have our investment under their roofs. We quickly gained a bird's eye view of all of our warehouses, all of our e-commerce stores, and all of our Purchase Orders. Also, the oversell protection is unfathomably useful.


We switched to Skubana in the context of opening up our own 10k sqft warehouse. Skubana powers our entire warehouse, inventory and fulfillment functions and we could not be happier. The system was designed and developed by a team of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, e.g., the founder and CEO Chad is a top 100 Amazon seller. This experience really shows in how they architected Skubana from a workflow and productivity perspective. Skubana fully supports a multi-channel sales approach through various pre-built integrations (incl. Manual pick orders, Shopify, Shopify POS, Amazon and various other listing sites). Beyond that, the team is taking a very smart approach to customization, via a well documented API and app store. We process thousands of orders every week and could not be happier with our experience.

The product is early stage, so every once in a while we run into small bugs or missing features. That said, I have never seen a product team respond and act upon customer feedback as quickly as the Skubana team. Bugs are fixed within hours, new features rolled out within days.


Worth every cent! Skubana has allowed us to keep track of inventory across multiple geographies and channels (Amazon, our own webshop, Newegg, eBay etc).

We tried to get numerous other solutions out there to work for us but Skubana is the only solution that worked out!

Our account manager Emily has been a pleasure to work with too: she's always willing to step in an assist us in getting up to speed on the platform!


Skubana is an easy to use, cost-effective saas erp system. Their customer service and account management team is extremely helpful in configuring and standing up this system. Would definitely recommend!


We switched from a competitor's platform to Skubana about four months ago, and we couldn't be happier! Skubana accurately integrates our inventory quantities with eBay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, Sears, Rakuten, and our Shopify website, removing items from all of the sites when they sell out. I have clothing items (which have parent/children relationships) and had trouble with my previous platform because they couldn't handle the variations. Skubana has no issue with this type of inventory. In addition to pushing inventory to multiple platforms (from two different warehouses), it also has a built-in shipping module (which is excellent) and a built-in reorder Purchase Order system (which saves tons of time for reorders). Finally, their customer support (specifically Abdullah) has been incredible. When we have a question, he coordinates with the developers and emails back within a few hours to resolve my problem or answer our question. We also had a suggestion for adding functionality, and we saw it added within two weeks. Switching to Skubana was the best move our company could have made! Kudos to the Skubana's developers and customer service team!


We've been using Skubana about 4 months for both our retail and wholesale channel and are very pleased with the platform. We use it as a comprehensive fulfillment platform including inventory tracking. Support is always helpful and we look forward to Quickbooks integration as well as extended hours of Support (we are West Coast, Skubana is East Coast.)

We've spent a lot of time looking at ERP's that work for both retail and wholesale and at this price point we don't think you can do better than Skubana.


I have been using Skubana for 3 months now and it has been a game changer for our business! We first started with a different company that was not based in the US. It was quite a bit cheaper, but it was pretty much useless! And their support was none existent. Skubana's support is amazing! They simply walk you through how to work their platform...as many times as you need! I highly recommend!

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