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Edited April 15, 2024

Warning: All Reviews for Extensiv Are One-Star

Recent feedback for Extensiv has been overwhelmingly negative, with all recent reviews rating them at one star. This contrasts sharply with older reviews for Skubana, not the current app, which were more positive.

Product Misrepresentation:
The capabilities advertised on Extensiv's website and by their sales team are misleading. It's claimed that the Extensiv BOT can allocate orders from the most cost-effective warehouse, but this is impossible since the necessary cost data isn't provided.

Conversation with Extensiv Team:

Extensiv Representative (EK): "It is the responsibility of our customers to share their requirements to ensure we meet their needs before signing the agreement."

Customer Inquiry: "Can the BOT determine which orders should ship from which warehouse based on costs?"

EK: "No, that is not possible in any way as you do not have the costs available."

Inaccurate Order Forecasts:

Extensiv suggests that their system allows for accurate forecasting with up-to-date purchase order tracking. However, their own team admits encountering such requests from customers is rare:

Customer Concern: "Accurate forecasts are not possible as you cannot allocate sold/allocated inventory in incoming containers."

EK: "This is not something we have commonly come across with our Order Manager customers requesting."

Communication and Misleading Information:
We communicated our specific requirements both verbally and via email but were consistently redirected to the website for guidance. Unfortunately, the functions described on the website are misleading as they do not actually exist in the platform, which has led to significant confusion and disappointment.

Inability to Use the App:
Despite repeated attempts, we were unable to ever use this app effectively due to the discrepancies between the advertised and actual functionalities, further exacerbating our frustrations and operational challenges.

Financial and Contractual Issues:
Despite the system not meeting expectations and requiring extensive additional management effort (about 30 extra hours per week), we are informed that we're locked into a 12-month contract. When addressing these issues, Extensiv offered a 20% discount for a settlement, resulting in a one-time payment of $5,688.00 from a total annual fee of $7,110.00.

This experience highlights a significant discrepancy between Extensiv's promises and the actual functionality of their service, leading to both dissatisfaction and financial strain.

United States
About 2 months using the app
November 30, 2023

I regret to say that my experience with this order management software has been nothing short of abysmal. Initially, they lured customers in with promises of connecting to unlimited stores on Shopify for no extra but the set amount of few thousands a month. However, this deceitful tactic swiftly turned into a money-grabbing scheme as they sneakily demanded an additional $10 for each Shopify store connected—a complete contradiction to their initial sales pitch.

The customer service is an absolute nightmare to deal with. Their representatives seem incapable of comprehending the simplest of issues, let alone providing adequate solutions. Contacting them feels like shouting into a void, as they conveniently evade responsibility and conveniently disappear once the contract is signed.

Their lack of integrity is staggering. They conveniently branch off from their promises and commitments the moment you put pen to paper. It's evident that this company lacks transparency and basic principles of ethical business conduct.

Overall, this software and the company behind it are an absolute disgrace. They are masters of false promises, shoddy service, and a complete disregard for customer satisfaction. I strongly advise against wasting your time and money on this appalling excuse for Extensiv order management software. Buyer beware—steer clear of this deceitful and untrustworthy company at all costs.

United States
Almost 3 years using the app
June 2, 2023

Poor software; as other reviewers comment, the company just cares about getting the contract. Is there a customer success team? Not that I have been able to identify.

Inaccurate costing, virtually no software flexibility and extremely poor reporting capabilities. Its an inventory system that does not provide transaction level reporting to review what transactions have occurred. No last receipt date field. The list goes on and on...


ZF ERP Sandbox
United States
3 months using the app
December 20, 2016

We have been using Skubana for about a year now and it has really fixed our inventory issues. The best part - the staff. Emily walked through onboarding with us every step of the way and is still available to jump on a call or respond to us with questions. We have about 30,000 SKU's with inventory in our own warehouse and amazon.com - so we needed a software that worked well with both. We tried 5 different programs before Skubana, so we did our homework. We also used different shipping programs before, but Skubana eliminates those and really works well as an all-in-one solution. So, bottom line is If you are looking for an all in one solution to keeping track of inventory on all your platforms, issuing PO's, shipping, don't look any further. Skubana is the the best.

Goal Kick Soccer
United States
Almost 7 years using the app
Edited April 1, 2018

Manage all your inventory, orders, products, POs, and FBA in a single unified platform. Drop Ship, MCF, 3PL Fulfillment it's all there too. Simplify your multi-channel infrastructure. Great team, strong developers, reliable/scalable infrastructure and data model.

See it in action: www.madsportsstuff.com

United States
About 6 years using the app
June 7, 2017

Skubana truly understands the needs of E-commerce businesses. Intelligent real-time Inventory management that works.

United States
Over 5 years using the app
October 19, 2015

Skubana is a game changer in the world of selling online across multiple marketplaces globally. They offer more features than any competitor and yet charge much less for their service than any other competitor who comes close. The skubana team is quick to respond to any inquiry and they constantly work to improve and add even more features. If you value time you must bring everything after the checkout into one central hub, Skubana is your only complete option.

Jp Mobiles
Over 5 years using the app
June 27, 2019

I don't know where we would be without Skubana. When all other platforms failed to meet our needs or were too robust, Skubana saved the day. They provide a UI that's easy for our team to navigate, and their automation is seamless. Our on-boarding process was clear, and they let us move at the pace best fit for our team. I would highly recommend Skubana for any e-commerce brand, even custom ones with an array of SKUs. Skubana helped our highly customizable jewelry brand to track every single core product via bundles & kits, and the ROI is incomparable. Highly recommended.

Moonglow Jewelry
United States
About 5 years using the app
Edited June 30, 2021

We've been using Skubana for over 3 years now. When we first started with Skubana our needs were considerably more simple. As we've grown, Skubana has been able to grow with us and accommodate our changing needs. Whether it was utilizing multiple fulfillment centers, Amazon marketplaces, or even specific routing, we've been able to customize workflows to our needs. They've done a great job of constantly improving features such as order bots that further allow you to tailor flows to your needs. Inventory management and order routing is made simple. Most important to us has been the support from Skubana. We've worked with Jeffrey, Jennifer, and Rodolfo and all have been exceptional. Even if there is something that you need that they don't have they will do their best to add that to the development list. Highly recommend the product and their staff!

Mr Vincero
United States
About 5 years using the app
February 4, 2020

As Skubana's second customer I've certainly seen Skubana through many evolutions - and there's no doubt business has significantly improved because of it. This is a great program to grow with since it's built for expansion.

The inventory tracking is airtight, and now that they've built a QBO connector, you have accounting natively integrated. Plus there are tons of integrations available so you can essentially plug and play.

Excellent support team, having the chat function in the dashboard is super helpful.

Merchandise Mecca
United States
Almost 5 years using the app