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  • No upfront costs – no need to stock inventory, buy equipment, or pay monthly fees
  • Simple design, publish, and sell process – quickly design using our 3d design tool, SKYOU creates a realistic thumbnail, 1-click publish to your store, orders are automatically sent and fulfilled by SKYOU
  • Retail quality products - Each SKYOU product is manufactured on demand, we print to rolls of white fabric, cut, sew, and garment wash each order, making truly retail quality products (not POD printing on wholesale blanks)

SKYOU is the most powerful on demand design platform to date.

Using our 3D design tool, you’ll be able to design and publish a huge variety of apparel & accessories to your Ecommerce store. Our powerful technology provides designers with the freedom they look for when they want to create truly unique products for their customers.

What is manufacturing on demand?

Superior to print on demand - manufacturing on demand means we have the resources to take your product vision to the next level with all-over print areas, custom tags, thread colors, and even unique alterations to product styles to make them truly stand out. We print, cut, sew, and garment wash each order as they are placed.

The SKYOU order process:

All you have to do is learn the digital 3D design tool and publish your designs. We take care of the rest. This is a typical order’s process:

  • Design your product with SKYOU app

  • Publish it to your Shopify store

  • Your customer purchases the product

  • The SKYOU app receives purchase order and customer info and begins manufacturing

  • The SKYOU team manufactures the order for you within 5-7 business days of
    purchase, then ships to your end customers in the USA in 3-5 business days or 10-30 business days for international orders. (We correct & cover any carriers’ shipping errors. Our goal is to make
    shipping/receiving stress free).

  • We automatically mark the order as fulfilled in your shop and transmit a tracking number back to Shopify

You decide profit!

You set your products’ prices. We only charge you a fair base price to cover manufacturing costs for each individual product. So, you can set the price at any number at or above the base price to create a custom profit margin. Keep your customer’s (wallets) in mind when you do this, be fair!

EXAMPLE: You want to sell custom sweatshirts. You set your price for your customers at $35.00 because our price is $21.00. Subtract our price from yours and you get a profit of $14.00.

Get the SKYOU app for Shopify by following these simple steps:

  • Click the “Get App” button

  • Create an account

  • Choose & design your products in the 3D tool

  • Publish your final design which will then automatically appear in your Shopify store

Our products:

  • T-shirts

  • Sweatshirts + Hoodies

  • Leggings + Yoga Pants

  • Kid and Infant Apparel

  • Phone cases

  • Socks

  • Posters

  • Bags + Laptop Sleeves

  • Lunchboxes

  • New Products added each month!

Manufactured in China

Our modern factory is located in Shenzhen, China. Orders are received, manufactured, and sent to our customer’s ASAP with our swift international delivery resources.

The SKYOU team handles every aspect of manufacturing after an order is submitted. Our team of industry veterans make every cut, print, and alteration in house.

Additional Info

Check out our FAQ’s for additional information on how to install our app, our product catalogue, pricing, how to use the 3d design tool and more.

Powered by SKYOU

Check out an example of a store currently using our 3d design tool and manufacturing capabilities to power their brand!

Advantages of SKYOU over other POD platforms

  • Print anywhere, no charges for additional print locations

  • 100% cotton (not poly) all over printing (t-shirts + hoodies)

  • Print graphics over seams with +/- 1mm accuracy

  • Vibrant bold colors through our reactive dye print process

  • Zero hand feel, no plastic feeling graphics (even on darks!)

  • Garment washed for softness

  • Highest quality and most unique product offering

About us

We’ve built out a retail quality on-demand manufacturing platform that allows for super high quality one offs, and products previously only available with large MOQ's (all over print cotton garments, shoes, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc.). Our largest differentiator is our quality, we actually manufacture each product we make from scratch -- printing onto white rolls of fabric, and then cutting and sewing into final form. Since we're making from scratch, you can print all over any of our products, and our patent pending tech also allows for graphics to match over seams with +/- 1mm accuracy.

Our CEO/founder started Timbuk2, the original mass customization bag company. We've also worked with all the big shoe manufacturers setting up and running their custom shoe programs (Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, etc.). Our team also worked at the largest print on-demand manufacturers (Zazzle and Cafepress). Suffice to say we have lots of experience in this industry helping large multinational brands, on-demand leaders, and as innovators in the space. SKYOU is a combination of all that knowledge, built into an easy to use platform that ships big brand quality direct to consumer.

SKYOU reviews

14 reviews
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Top quality products, top quality prints, top notch support and customer care, way more possibilities on designing and printing compared to other PODs.


I would like to start by saying the support I have received by SKYOU thus far has been great. All Q&A answered timely. There was a small delay at the customs facility that delayed shipment which is not SKYOU's fault. The issue was brought to my attention swiftly and the package arrived soon after.

Secondly, SKYOU has done a superb job with the 3D editing tool and makes it accessible to everyone from beginner to expert. After receiving my sample I was blown away by a few things. The accuracy is phenomenal, and true to what you see in the mock up. The other thing you immediately notice upon grabbing the shirt is the quality. A super soft and comfortable cotton shirt with no feel ink.
Happy with the results all around.

Lastly, If you are a serious designer or care about the quality of your brand you should, at the very least; give SKYOU a try. I promise you, this ain't yo momma's POD. This is the real deal!


The SKYOU app allowed us to simplify our shipping costs for worldwide shipping. As a partner, they allow provide a total service from design help to production and fulfilment. The integration between our store and the their design tool is simple and easy to use.


The generator to put your designs on your products is extremly lagging and way too time consuming, if I add up the amount of time I would spend waiting because of how slow it is, I would have wasted at least 1 hr everyday doing nothing.

I cannot access the app anymore as it's telling me to create an account even though I have already.

Will be removing this.

Dont bother


Like this app a lot. The products do come from China so it does take some time to get to your customers.


I'm crazy about Skyou! I just got my first sample item from them. The hoodie I designed is beautiful, it's 100% cotton, and made to last. Every seam is double-stitched and finished, and the fabric is soft and has a nice hand. Colors are vibrant and printing is sharp. They have a 3D designers tool that's was a bit of a learning curve, even for someone who's been working in Adobe CC for 25 years. It's a little pokey in my office, mainly I think because my internet speeds aren't the highest. It does, for all that, give you an amazing amount of control. I gave my artwork a lot of leeway for mis-matching along the seams, but I really didn't have to, the resulting printed item was dead on. A fabulous find, all around, a POD printer that with control and accuracy, and prints on cotton to boot. I'll be filling my store with Skyou.


SKYOU - I wish I had found you sooner! This is tool is filled with awesomeness. Once I figured out how everything worked and got familiar with it (which only took a couple of hours), I was able to do some really nice things in terms of design and creativity. I had been frustrated with the limitations of so many somewhat similar providers - though I know that I do SKYOU a disservice by saying "similar providers". They're not similar providers. There is no one even close!

The 3D model which shows what you're working on as if it's on a human and working in real-time while you make changes to the design is pure genius.

It's so powerful and so much that you can do with it that you have to be careful what you're doing, but once you know how it works - I promise you will love it if you like to create really nice stuff that you design and put into your shop quickly and efficiently. Great job people at SKYOU! I hope you get bought for a bajillion dollars!



To say that I am stoked to have found and be using SKYOU app is an understatement! Prepare to be blown away. SKYOU is like finding the Golden Goose of POD companies, you can literally pump out custom branded stuff each time you use the app. Where do I start?The 3D mock-up rendering is so freaking crazy cool, I get excited each time I use it..no joke. Nobody other platform even comes close to how cool this thing is! Want to brand your products? Have something totally unique? This is it! You can customize each panel of a tee, hoodie, backpack, and more.

Plus they carry only the best fitting, stylish blanks and apparel designs not found anywhere else. These guys know what fashion is supposed to look like. 100% Cotton all over printing...Finally someone doing it right!

THE MOCKUPS ARE TOTALLY DOPE! Best I have seen to date, and man there's a lot out there...forget the rest, here's the best!

An image library of uploads, seamless store integration
want to make a change to your live product? This does it without re-uploading your product, yes it does edits to live products. Game changing stuff.

The support I have gotten from Ryan and Brennan has been top notch, quick to reply to my needs, killer documentation and super friendly.

It can only get better from here on out, and looking forward to all the new products coming each month. Thanks again from a now devoted fan and user.


the best design app out there i believe i tried them all..they raised the bar with the 3D design mock up..you can really design.I highly recommend..now i have to push back my e commerce clothing store opening back due to me being able to design my already t shirts better with this software.. also the price is reasonable for you to make a nice profit.. thank you skyou for knowing what we needed in the print on demand private label world..hopefully they will have some shoes later on to mock up


IMPRESSED... First off I have been searching for an on demand manufacturer for over 4 YEARS... yes YEARS.. no one does it. To my surprise and delight I found SKYOU. The design software is very sophisticated yet very simple to use! The prices are actually very reasonable considering they are made to order. They still don't manufacture the specific product I want, but hey it is a start! The technology used is impressive as well! I really can't find anything bad to say if I tried.


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