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An on-demand manufacturing platform for artists and brands

4.6 of 5 stars(30 reviews)

360° printing on 100% cotton

Put graphics everywhere and anywhere for a single fixed price – front, back, sleeves, hood – you name it, it’s included.

Big brand retail quality

We’ve been running customization programs for Reebok, Nike, and Timbuk2 for over 15 years. Now we’re bringing big brand quality to you.

Easy to use

You’ll be up and selling in minutes! Browser-based 3D design tool. High-res, auto-generated product images. Automated order processing.


SKYOU is the most powerful on demand design platform to date.

Using our 3D design tool, you’ll be able to design and publish a huge variety of apparel & accessories to your Ecommerce store. Our powerful technology provides you with the freedom to truly create unique products for your customers.

What is manufacturing on demand?

Superior to print on demand (printing on pre-made low quality blanks) - We print, cut, sew, and garment wash each order as they are placed. We’re not decorating, we’re manufacturing your brand!

Advantages of SKYOU over other POD platforms

  • Print anywhere, no charges for additional print locations
  • 100% cotton (not poly) all over printing (t-shirts + hoodies)
  • Print graphics over seams with +/- 1mm accuracy
  • Vibrant bold colors through our reactive dye print process
  • Zero hand feel, no plastic feeling graphics (even on darks!)
  • Garment washed for softness
  • Highest quality and most unique product offering

The SKYOU order process:

  • Design your product with SKYOU app
  • Publish your products to Shopify (we generate high quality thumbnails automatically)
  • Your customer purchases the product
  • The SKYOU app receives order and begins manufacturing
  • The SKYOU team manufactures the order and ships it to your customer
  • We automatically transmit a tracking number to Shopify

You decide profit!

You set your products’ prices. We charge you a fair base price to cover manufacturing costs for each individual product. You can view all our products and prices in the pricing link.

Additional Info

Check out our FAQ’s for additional information on how to install our app, our product catalogue, pricing, how to use the 3d design tool and more.

About us

We’ve built out a retail quality on-demand manufacturing platform that allows for super high quality one offs, and products previously only available with large MOQ's (all over print cotton garments, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc.). Our largest differentiator is our quality, we actually manufacture each product we make from scratch -- printing onto white rolls of fabric, and then cutting and sewing into final form. Since we're making from scratch, you can print all over any of our products, and our patent pending tech also allows for graphics to match over seams with +/- 1mm accuracy.

Our CEO/founder started Timbuk2, the original mass customization bag company. We've also worked with all the big shoe manufacturers setting up and running their custom shoe programs (Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, etc.). Suffice to say we have lots of experience in this industry helping large multinational brands, and as innovators in the space. SKYOU is a combination of all that knowledge, built into an easy to use platform that ships big brand quality direct to consumer.

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Overall rating
4.6 of 5 stars
Based on 30 reviews

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Most recent reviews


I just received an order of test prints, and I am thrilled with the results. I really would give this app more than 5 stars if I could. My whole experience with Skyou since discovering them a few weeks ago through the app store has been exceptional. Cross fingers my luck continues, as this has been one of my best online experiences ever.

Where do I start... well... the Skyou designer is at least 2 quantum leaps beyond the 3 other companies I have used in the past for P.O.D. It really is hard to believe they give access to this tool for free. For anyone with basic photoshop type skills this is an instant ticket to being a fashion designer! Even without those skills the learning curve is as good as you could possibly hope for.

On top of that, their prices are better, and they use quality cotton and manufacturing that leaves the competition in the dust.

I also appreciate that the import of the products to my store is very smooth. I inquired why the vendor name was not showing up as Skyou, since everything else was superb and well organised. Within a day they had fixed it. Wow.

The help materials were extensive and well organised. And when I had questions the support was quick and really helpful.

To top it all off their assistance in getting the test order to me quickly was much appreciated, and they even did not charge me for some things I was expecting to pay for.

I just wish every online business interaction was as good as this! I'm in shock, pinching myself to wake up as it all seems too good to be true. So whatever you do, don't install this app because I don't want the competition. I want Skyou all to myself! ;-)

In case you don't believe me... by the end of November 2018 you will be able to see my range of awesome clothing at my shop


I sort of have a love-hate relationship with this app. I'll break it down, it's been a very weird experience. In summary, it provides the best quality clothing with insanely versatile customization, way more than any other app on this platform. The creation tool is an awesome concept with mediocre execution, but still awesome. However, it is plagued with questionable software, bad integration, slow shipping and manufacturing, and a bad mockup generator (in my opinion). Ok, if you're thinking of getting this app, or you're interested, I recommend you read what I have.

When I started using the app, I first had to get used to the creation tool. Took me a while, but once you get it, you really start to understand just how powerful this is. This isn't print on demand, this is full on custom. You can change everything from the patterns on the cuffs to the inside of the hoods, making infinite combos of patterns and colors.

Printful and Printify is child's play compared to this. It was so versatile that I actually had to rethink my products, since I envisioned them with a print-on-demand scope, this was much more. No Gildan tags on here, with this you have a legitimate brand.

I created over 60 products on here. The product mockups, in my opinion, are bad. If you have a product that isn't white, there will be huge gray spots of unrendered stuff right in the image. Seriously, you'll need to make custom mockups using this site, which luckily I knew how to do. I published them to the store and realized I had to install custom code on the site for the products to even show properly.

I tried installing it myself, no dice. They can install it for $100, alright. I realized their installed software didn't let me change the mockups, so they installed additional custom code for more money. Seriously, all the other apps don't even need anything done, just install the app and it works. I'm not a programmer, but that is miles better than what they have. I edited some of the code myself to meet my needs, and it was starting to look like a store I could actually show to people.

During that, I encountered more problems. The tool to create the products was very buggy, with errors happening in the middle of creation, and almost every time I edit products. You publish a product, and you need to make a major change, better to just remake it. But the 3d representation was a huge lifesaver because you actually know what your products will look like on a person, and the 3d model is hella accurate. I don't think any of this is nearly as user friendly as other options, but it seems to be a smaller company, and the products make up for it.

I ordered a sample and it arrived in 3 weeks. Not exactly impressive considering Tesla creates and delivers a whole car in 4-8 weeks, but it isn't too bad. It is, after all, custom as hell.

I'll dedicate a section to the mockups really quick. Every mockup has unrendered gray spots in them, hard to really explain it. I'm just saying I can't put up a store with product images looking like that, the reason I'm giving this 4 stars is so they can get more customers, so they can invest in better mockups. Nobody said this is going to be easy.

Now let me say some positives. The customization on this is absolutely insane, this isn't print on demand. They make their own products, which are surprisingly high quality, better than any t-shirt Printful or Printify can provide. It is so vast, you can put designs on parts of the inside, meaning you can create your own custom inside labels. Need designs on hoodie pouches? No problem. Want them on the hood? No problem. Want them on the sleeves? No problem. Want them on the cuffs? No problem. They stitch it piece by piece, allowing me to put designs, patterns, and different colors on each individual part. When I mean everything separated by stitching, I mean it. The zipped hoodies have hoods that are split into 3 parts, 5 cuff parts, the sleeves, the back, and the 2 front panels, and more. All to change, which is amazing.

Even the thread color, zipper color, and drawstrings have color option. And unlike Printful, you don't have a small square area to put your designs. With SKYOU you can put your designs anywhere, like sublimation but without the trashy creation tools and dead spots.

This is the ONLY place on Shopify where you can make a legitimate fashion or clothing brand. No BS, no need to visit Chinese factories and order in bulk.

I never imagined something like this would be available on an app for Shopify, let alone them have software and a tool at all. For this, I am thankful, and despite the many problems, they are still the best option. You'll just need to put in a hundred hours to even get the store to look presentable. I'm doing that work, and writing this review, so SKYOU can clean up their act, because boy do they need a lot of work.

This could easily have been a 3-star review. Hell, even a 2-star review. But when you take a step back and look at what SKYOU really is, it is miles ahead of everybody, yet miles behind at the same time. I hope SKYOU improves and becomes a big player, they just can't with the state it is in right now. If you are willing to put in the work, you will have something really special at your fingertips. Or, you could go to Printful, and have Gildan tags on your clothing, a vinegar smell, and questionable quality. I'll continue to use this since I have managed to adapt to their bad software and integration by putting in hours per day. Try it out for a week, not a day, because the learning curve is quite high and you won't like it at first. But hey, it's SKYOU, and they're the best on Shopify right now.

Update: Received my sample. I'm happy to say it exceeded my expectations. It arrived with no smell, each garment in individual plastic bags, with everything neatly folded. The shirts are softer than any I have ever known, which is saying a lot. The zip up hoodie I ordered has an athletic build and is lightweight (I ordered the 260gsm option). The designs are dead on accurate from the creation tool, and printed well. Miles ahead of Printful and Printify once again. Everything here feels premium, like a proper Nike sports hoodie. However, I noticed a small tiny issue with the zip up hoodies. The front panels to the left and right of the zipper, are different than the design tool. With the design tool, the zipper tape seems to get wider near the top. This makes the designs seem a little crooked on the design tool, so I rotated it slightly to make them straight. But the samples' zipper tape does not get wider in real life. Thus, the designs are slightly crooked due to my rotation, but if I change back they look crooked on the mockups and design tool. This further supports my thinking that their mockups are flawed, and that there should be an option to switch between 3d-ghost mockups and flat mockups (3d-ghost is when it shows the product as if there is a person in it, but there isn't, and is what they have right now). Flat mockups would be much better to be honest, and would be easier to make realistic in my opinion.

Tokinart, LLC

Listen, this is the only app that gives me true creative control of my products. I have been able to redesign and make a better product with SKYOU. Their work is top notch, and I have seen a dramatic difference in my satisfaction scores from customers. Love LOVE Love this app. I see others posting their sites... Ours is