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SMAR7 Bundle Upsell

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell

Developed by SMAR7 Apps

22 reviews
Price: From $47.00 / month Free Trial: 60 days More info
  • Instantly boost your sales with the most customer friendly Upsell & Bundle app on Shopify
  • Reward & Incentivize Customers with Discounts OR Free Shipping for Adding More items to their Cart
  • Works beautifully on all web browsers and all mobile devices

Smar7Apps bundle upsell was designed to be the world’s first smart upsell app for Shopify.

To ensure that your business thrives in a competitive online environment, it’s important to maximize the revenue generated from every dollar you spend. Smar7 Bundle ensures your store does just that… By putting the first “Smart” Upsell & Bundle app on your store. No more buggy apps that don’t even pop up half the time & no more lost revenue. It’s time to maximize the amount you earn for every dollar you spend. Welcome To Smar7 Bundle

The First Upsell/Bundle App Built for the desktop, tablet, and phone to ensure the highest conversions

We’re not unfamiliar with eCommerce, our brands and partners do millions of dollars in sales per month… One common trend we’ve found across all stores is that 95% of our buyer traffic comes from mobile. Here’s the big issue, every other Upsell or Bundle app doesn’t work on mobile, this is losing you hundreds, thousands even tens of thousands of dollars per month.. We are 100% mobile responsive off the bat, ensuring you make the sale no matter if your customers are on desktop, mobile or tablet!

Allow your customers to unlock automatically applied discounts by BUYING more from your store.

Human psychology shows that when people have an opportunity to save money… They buy more. We kill two birds with one stone, whenever your customers add to cart OR go to checkout we’ll present them with Bundle options… You set the savings achieved for each additional item they add & choose the items they can choose from. This way your customers feel like they’re saving money (because they are) and you’re generating more sales without spending extra on advertising. A real win-win for you and your customers

Trigger Bundle Pop Ups ONLY when certain products are added to the cart

Only want to offer your bundles on certain products? No problem, we’re marketers too & understand sometimes not everything can be put on sale or bundled… We’ve created this app to fit any need your Shopify store might have

Show Products Related to the Products in the Customer’s Cart

This is where Smar7 Bundles “Smart” technology comes in.. We know the best way to ensure high conversions and to maximize your revenue is to upsell similar or complimentary products… Thanks to Smar7 Bundle this is now an absolute breeze.. Pick a category and you’re good to go. This feature ensures happy customers being shown the items they want to see, more sales for you & ultimately more revenue

Our gamification encourages users to spend MORE money on each purchase

We’ve turned buying your products into a game! Our Smar7 Bundle technology rewards your customers and encourages them to spend more… In theory we making shopping from you… FUN! This increases user engagement on your websites, making your customers more likely to buy, come back & refer you to friends

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell reviews (22)


Way overpriced at $47 in my opinion. There are other apps that do MUCH MORE than this one does at half the price! Who are these people kidding? Not only that, you should refrain from getting this app if your doing Free + Shipping! Doesn't work!


Great way to upsell all in one place, the backend has some very useful analytics and it only takes a couple of minutes to configure.


This is such an awesome way to increase upsells and make more money. I'm super excited to start using this.


Definitely, one of the best upsell apps around the app store. First time when I see the upsell implemented like this. Support is usually important for us and in this case it was prompt for my questions. I think it's a fair 5 stars here


Good stuff! Great picture and effects. I have linear funnels upsell app and compared to this I like how it maintains native website sales. If I were the developer the only thing I would add is a 1 click buy feature after they have already purchased, like click funnels


The most easiest Upsale App I've ever used. Highly recommend it!


Stellar app! Extremely smart investment with great returns


Absolutely awesome app. Saw my conversions go through the roof! One of the smartest investments I have made as it pays for itself and more.


Great app!


Works on Mobile, easy setup, looks great! Best upsell app on Shopify. Go ahead and get it already!

From $47.00 / month

***60-Day Free Trial!***

Try it free and let it pay for itself!

60 days

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