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Smart, adaptive & user friendly upsells.

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Beach Sport Apparel

I was using this app for my first on-line store to increase sales per customer. I was very impressed by the product as well as the folks behind it who provided great support.


This app looks professional and not too complicated if you stick to certain items that match your goals on what you want to sell then this app should help manage that and double the checkout sales, well that's the idea anyway.

Hair Alot Fashion

The app so far is ok. My issue is with the video tutorial I was sent in an email. It spoke of a 60 free trial period. I click to get the app only to be greeted by a 7 day trial period. Kind of a bait and switch. Update your videos because right now I am not seeing the care and concern for my success, just an apparent grab for my money. Don't take this personally it is just business which should be straight across the board.

After speaking with customer support I am thoroughly satisfied with their resolution and changing my star review to 5 stars. Customer service remains as the backbone to any successful company.

Developer reply

June 7, 2019

Hi there,

That video is 3 years old so we've updated our trial length since then.

However, please contact our support and they'll extend your trial length :)


I was surprised on how in depth the tutorial actually was... Still a bit confused but im trusting in this system because im at my last reesort.

Built Bar for IPA

Best upsell app for Shopify, super simple to use, very fast loading in cart, and a lot of options to customize to your campaign. Smart was smart on this one! Nice work! Definitely made my day having an app not only do what I needed it to, but do it better than expected - this is rare with Shopify apps!

Developer reply

April 19, 2019

We're glad you enjoy the app :) a lot of great updates coming soon as well!

Luxia Cosmetic Science

Customer service was funtastic! Daniel was amazingly patient and helpful throughout the whole process, from initial inquiry to troubleshooting and setting up the actual upsells. Because of him, we would definitely buy this app. And thanks for the free pdf file as well. More power to you and your company!

Sleeping Fat Cat

I don't normally expect to get Support help on weekends, much less on a Sunday. I was blown away to get a response on chat almost immediately and the Support person walked me through my issue to a satisfactory result.

KUDOS to Smart7!

Spotted By Humphrey

I use this app and it works great and is effective so I would give it 5 stars in that regard. However I do have some suggestions for improvement which I would love to see implemented in the future. I'm still going to use with this app because I wasn't able to find another app that resolves the below points (and may possibly mean it's just too complicated to implement). It's been about a week of using it and so far I am pleased with the results.

1. There is no way to automate the trigger products, so you have to select every item manually. This means that every time you add new products to your shop, you have to remember to include this in your bundle, if you want to make sure the upsell pop-up is triggered for every customer. It's not an issue if you only have a few products and don't frequently add new products to your shop. But as a retailer that brings in multiple products on a weekly basis, I'd love to have a 'set-it-and-forget-it' approach where there's a default option that can be the "catch all" or based on product collections, e.g. if you buy any item from the "Pen" collection, customer gets a pop-up showing pencil case, ruler, etc. -- this would be easier than manually adding every pen in the shop, or if you bring a new pen into your store, to remember to add it to the bundle.

2. Under Global Settings the app allows to customize fonts that will apply to all offers, but to customize the color of your pop ups, you have to set it for every bundle you create. Why not have color options in the Global Settings? I'm assuming most websites would want to set the colors according to their branding and have it be consistent for all pop-ups.

3. One of the options for upsell is to offer a certain discount or reward when the customer reaches a certain $ amount in their cart. However, if you set a minimum/maximum to this bundle, when the customer receives the pop-up, it shows a bar from $0 to the goal amount, and with each item the customer adds, the bar goes up. However, on the pop-up, it starts at $0 and not the actual amount in the cart. So for example, if the goal is set to $200, and the customer already had $50 in the cart, the pop-up shows a bar of $0 to $200 and it starts at $0 which is a bit misleading since the customer only needs to add $150 more, and not $200... sorry if this is not very clear.

Anyways all in all, I do like this app and will continue using it! I hope the developers take this as constructive feedback, and not any means to discredit their useful app.

Developer reply

April 5, 2019

Thanks so much for the feedback! You’ve made some great points. We will put these into our roadmap and get to them soon :)

Devin Zander

Lucid Kingdom

I love this app (and its sister, Gateway). The back end is simple to use and the front end looks professional, fun and engaging. And the support team is absolutely top-notch. Thanks again, guys :D

I really enjoy all of the Smart Apps, including the Smart Bundle Upsell, because they simply make using Shopify easier. They also provide phenomenal customer service and respond to questions almost immediately. Another great thing is they are always working to make their apps better, which is essential in the ever changing digital marketplace. If you're serious about running a successful Shopify store, then get this app. You'll be glad that you did.

I particularly enjoyed using the Smart Bundle Upsell app, becuase it does all the "heavy lifting" for me. Without doing any coding, my store has a "salesperson" that upsells everything for me. I also enjoy that this app is constantly updated, so I don't have to worry about any bugs breaking the functionality of Shopify store. All I needed to do was download the app and with a few clicks I can create a standard upsell, a discunt upsell, or a free shipping upsell.

Developer reply

April 3, 2019

Awesome, thanks for the kind words! We're extremely happy you're enjoying the apps and we look forward to helping you scale your revenue

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