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Smart SEO

Developed by Kabuki Themes

79 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Cut down the time you spend SEO optimizing your Shopify store by more than 80%.
  • No need to enter meta tags or alt tags for every entity in your store. The Smart SEO app will generate them for you.
  • Provide structured data to Google and other search engines via JSON-LD to enhance search results.

New JSON-LD support added. Now you can provide structured data to Google and other search engines automatically to improve your search results. The structured data generated by Smart SEO is the most complete among all SEO apps for Shopify. For example, Smart SEO will generate structured data for every product on your collection pages.

New Alt Tags support added. Smart SEO is the only app for Shopify to generate your alt tags instantly. With other apps, you might need to wait in queue for hours, even days for your alt tags to be generated. And then you might need to wait the same time every time you need to sync your alt tags. Smart SEO indexes your products only once and then generates your alt tags instantly. It also syncs your alt tags automatically when you add new products and images.

Smart SEO is free for all users of our Shopify Themes. For more information please visit us at www.kabukithemes.com.

Suppose you want to have the following meta title for all product pages in the Women -> Hats collection: "{product-title} from {vendor} at {price} only at {store-name}."

To achieve this you would need to enter this information for every hat in the Womens -> Hats collection. For example "Casual Hat from New Era at $15 only at MyStore".

You would probably want to optimize the alt tags for the products too. For example, you might want to have all your alt tags follow this template: "{product-title} {variant-option} from {vendor} at {price}", which in our case would translate to the following alt tag: "Casual Hat Size S from New Era at $15".

The meta description is another tag, which would need a similar optimization. Now imagine that you have to do this not only for your product pages but also for your collection, blog and article pages.

JSON-LD structured data is a must nowadays for every successful website. Unless you are familiar with liquid and javascript, it would be hard for you to add the JSON-LD data that you need on your store pages.

With Smart SEO you can generate relevant meta tags for the product, collection, blog and article pages in your Shopify store.

You can also generate relevant alt tags for all your product images, without having to edit each image manually.

On top of this Smart SEO will automatically provide all the JSON-LD data that your store needs and which Google loves.

With the Smart SEO app you no longer need to spend your valuable SEO optimization resources on tasks that can be automated. Smart SEO is powerful, yet flexible enough to generate meta tags, alt tags and JSON-LD structured data which both you and search engines will love.

Smart SEO can be completemented with the Sitemap Page Generator app, which we recommend as another valuable SEO tool.

Smart SEO reviews

79 reviews
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Excellent app, easy to use and the support team are great. Would recommend it.


The program remains in the scroll door, the spelling code is corrupted.
The program code fails the page loading speed, which affects SEO.
There is no instruction how to remove a program code or work with it.
Very amazing support team. They helped us to correct mistakes.
If the results of the game improve in a better way, we will give them the highest score. Thank you.


Customer service has been amazing. Just installed the app, waiting to see if really does what said....


Just started using this. As self taught all along the way, the ease of s/u SEO info was exactly what I needed. Hopefully, I have used it correctly and will see a difference with my views.


Great app for SEO website improvements!


So far it is working great. The Customer Service is prompt, very helpful, and polite.

Sat. Aug 5, 2017
Just an update on this app. My dashboard seems to have frozen. I cannot click on any of the tabs. And my SEO does not seem to have changed and all of my alt texts have the same titles. I have emailed twice, yesterday and today, but have not received a reply as of yet. Maybe there is something I am supposed to do, but I have asked and not received an answer about that either.
Before my money was paid, the service was great and I was under the impression that this would take care of my SEO and help me. I will give it until Monday, as I realize not every one responds on the weekend, but if I do not get a response, I will, sadly, be cancelling and uninstalling this app.

Wednesday, Aug 9th Newest Update!
Once again, the service rep, Iliyan, came to my rescue! It seems there was a problem on their server not getting emails. Once we finally got in touch, he walked me through every step and explained some things I did not understand. I feel much better now and will stay with them! These guys have been so patient with this "Totally Not Techy" Artist! And that means a Lot!


Totally recommended great app


You'll read a fair number of reviews on here that mention Milan and his helpful he is. When I see reviews like that I sometimes think it's somebodies friend or family member. Well, in this case, I don't know Milan from Adam but have found the sentiments to be very true. He has taken the time to be very helpful and responsive to assist me in every step of the set up process. He has been very helpful in answering my questions and I don' know much about SEO at all. Customer service is a lost art these days with most businesses offering abysmal assistance. SmartSEO and Milan are the exact opposite. A quality product and outstanding customer service before, during and after the sale. I would strongly encourage you to utilize this app, you won't regret it. Tim unitedstatesofapparel.com


I am lovin' it ! I am lovin' it ! I am lovin' it !


Nice app for connecting your shop. Nice consumer services! ++++

$4.99 / month
7 days

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