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Smart SEO

Developed by Kabuki Themes

34 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Cut down the time you spend SEO optimizing your Shopify store by more than 80%.
  • No need to enter meta tags for every entity in your store. The Smart SEO app will generate them for you.
  • Provide structured data to Google and other search engines via JSON-LD to enhance search results.

New JSON-LD support added. Now you can provide structured data to Google and other search engines automatically to improve your search results.

Smart SEO is free for all users of our Shopify Themes. For more information please visit us at www.kabukithemes.com.

Suppose you want to have the following meta title for all product pages in the Women -> Hats collection: "{product-title} from {vendor} at {price} only at {store-name}."

To achieve this you will need to enter this information for every hat in the Womens -> Hats collection. For example "Casual Hat from New Era at $15 only at MyStore".

What about the meta description and keywords? Do you have to do this for your collection pages too? Do you have an active blog or maybe several blogs with many articles that need to have relevant meta tags too?

With Smart SEO you can generate relevant meta tags for the product, collection, blog and article pages in your Shopify store.

In Shopify if you want to boost your SEO with relevant meta tags you need to add a page title and description to every product, collection, blog and article entity in your store. Using the default page title and description is not the best solution either. And what about the keywords meta tag? Some search engines still respect it. What if you could generate the title, description and keyword meta tags for every entity (product, collection, blog, article) in your store based on the properties of the entity. With Smart SEO you can do this in a way which is powerful and flexible, saving you time and effort so that you can focus on what is important to you - your business.

  • With Smart SEO you can define SEO templates for products, collections, blogs and articles.

  • These SEO templates control how the title, description and keywords meta tags are generated for every entity.

  • In your SEO templates you have tokens like ${title}, ${description}, ${sku}, ${price}, ${tags} and many more. When viewing a product page for example these tokens are dynamically replaced with the respective properties of the entity (in this case a product).

  • You can define more than one SEO template for all entity types (product, collection, blog and article) and control to which particular entity a template is applied. For example a Product SEO template is applied only to products in a certain collection.

  • You can instantly preview what meta tags will be generated based on your templates.

  • Generating the meta tags will take less than a minute. You do not have to wait in a queue. Rather you do get a progress bar giving you instant feedback on the generation process.

With the Smart SEO app you no longer need to spend your valuable SEO optimization resources on editing meta tags for every entity in your store. Smart SEO is powerful, yet flexible enough to generate meta tags, which both you and search engines will love.

Smart SEO reviews (34)


Milen delivers a great customer support!
So bad I already bought the new theme recently - otherwise I would have chosen one of Milens really nice Kabuki themes!


Milen is amazing!!! he cares about every individual go uses the app and helps you troubleshooting any issue. i wish he would make more apps LOL


Awesome app and fast support. Saves a ton of time and super easy to use.


Awesome support. Milen responded fairly quickly and was very helpful and gave great in-depth knowledge on how SEO works and what you should do to optimize it even further. Milen setup almost everything for me, i only had to grant him access to my page. I recommend him to everyone.


Staff help was prompt and knowledgeable. Staff offered sound advice plus set up my smart seo.


good for fitness equipment . Works well. Highly recommend


I asked for support to ensure I had the correct settings SEO settings for meta data recognition. Milen responded immediately, logged into my Shopify (I gave him access) and in 10 minutes had everything configured. You cannot have better support than that.


Just install this app & waiting to see some results . This review is more on the support that I get from Milen . TOP notch guy to begin with, advice & support that I don't see many this days.keep it up Milen, thanks



Good app. Great way to optimize meta data and boost seo.


Really impressed with the features of this APP, it did the exact task we wanted it to do!

$4.99 / month
7 days

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