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Special Offers by Supple

Special Offers by Supple

Developed by SuppleApps

7 reviews
Price: $8.99 – $49.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Cross-sell/Upsell for your Online Store: Nudge customers to Add to cart related products as they shop
  • ONLY for Shopify POS: Buy X for $, Buy X Get Y, Discount/Sale, and more (these don't work in the Online Store)
  • One-line theme setup for Cross-sell/Upsell

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Cross-sell / Upsell for your Online Store

One of the most effective way to increase your revenue is it sell more to existing customers. It costs much less than brining new customers onboard.

Cross-sell / Upsell allows you do easily to that. For example:

  • When customers add a pair of Shoes to cart, ask them to add a Shoe Cleaning Kit or a pair of Socks too

  • When customers add a Shirt to cart, ask them to add a Tie too

  • When customers checkout with a pair of Pants in their cart, prompt them to also add Belts

Various promos for Shopify POS

Skip training your staff weekly for what offers to apply. Promos just work just as you defined them.

Add desired Special Offers in the admin interface.

In Shopify POS, tap cart "..." menu at top-right and choose Apply Special Offers.

Flexible Applicability rules

  • only for cart amounts equal or more than (e.g. Spend more than $100 to get this offer)

  • choose exact date & time for the offer to begin, or end

  • only for signed in customers, or tagged with a tag

  • exclude signed in customers tagged with some tags (e.g. Wholesale)


Can I set specific start/end times for an offer? How about being applicable only to some customers?

Yes! In the offer details, please see Applicability section.

Upsell popup is shown just once

By default, the app remembers a popup was shown for a product to a customer, and avoids showing popups for the same product for a few hours in order to avoid annoying customers.
You can change the remember duration in Themes > special-offers.liquid, variable window.saso_config.upsell_ttl

Special Offers by Supple reviews (7)


We use this app for Upsell offers on our site. It works great and has helped drive our average order value up! The staff has been super helpful and responsive. We had a few tweaks that we needed for it to work perfectly on our site, they were able to knock that out promptly. High five Supple team!

*My only feature request is to allow the other options (i.e. BOGO, Discounts) to be used on the storefront as well.*

*Just heard back from Supple and they mentioned this needs to be implemented by Shopify in the API to allow this. +1 vote here to allow that API feature. :)*


Great concept in general; however, in practice has 2 HUGE issues:
1 - It connects to check promotions on EVERY transaction! This is painful for employees and customers on-site because it adds time to the transaction instead of keeping the promotions stored in the device.
2 - If you apply discounts and then change the items on the transaction, it keeps the same discounts, it doesn't update the offer. If you are going to tell your employees to double check this, you might as well just tell them to apply the discounts manually and avoid paying for the app.
Again, it has potential but in real life situations is not worth it.


Great app which has increased our cross-sell items. Easy to implement and amend.


Highly recommend this app and developer! They tailored the app to meet the needs of our bottle return program. Not only were they super responsive but they were a pleasure to work with. Anyone using Shopify (particularly the POS) should give this app and team a try...you won't be disappointed!


Nice App and has potential, got quite excited until installed, I then noticed its mainly for POS


I've been using Shopify for a few years now and the team of Supple Apps gave me by far the best customer service I have ever experienced.
I would definitely recommend this app to everyone who's looking for cross-sell and / or discount or upsell features. It just works the way you'ed expect it would and for a great price. Thanks!


Truly an amazing app! It more than paid for itself in the first 30 minutes it was live and the customer support is outstanding!

$8.99 – $49.00 / month

  • Up to 600 monthly total orders: $8.99 /mo

  • Up to 1,500 monthly total orders: $19 /mo

  • Unlimited orders: $49 /mo

14 days

Support & Sales

+4 072-627-4872
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