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Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers

Developed by Supple Apps

142 reviews
Price: $19.00 – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Run multiple promo types with a single app: Buy X Get Y, Free Gift, Volume Discount / Quantity Breaks, Bundle, Buy X for $, Discount/Sale and more
  • 100% Compatible with all inventory apps: No duplicate variants used. Zero issues with Inventory and Channels
  • Works out of the box: No theme setup required, free support for adjustments

☞ Click here to see a demo

NEW! Customers can use a discount code on top of offers (enable in Settings)

A single app for Multiple Promos / Offer types:

Discount / Sale

Put products or collections on sale. Overlapping sales do not discount the same product twice.


  • 30% Off Spring Collection!

  • Products tagged with "sale" are at $8.99 (use an automatic collection)

  • ShoeClub members (tagged signed-in customers) get 10% Off all shoes

Set discounts as fixed prices, or % Off from original price.

Volume Discounts / Quantity Breaks

Buy more to Save more! Create different price tiers for products based on the quantity a customer buys. Choose between

  • per product variant

  • per product (all variants in cart will be grouped by product and summed up)

  • per entire selection of products and collections

Set discounts as fixed prices, or % Off from original price.

Spend Amount, Get Discount

Spend $ on chosen products or collections, Get a discount as % Off or fixed $ amount for all


  • Spend $100 on Tees, Get 10% off (from Tees only, not entire cart)

  • Buy $50 worth of Accessories, Get a 20% discount

  • Get $35 Off when you spend $300 on Shirts

Buy X For $

Choose a % Off or fixed price for a quantity of products.


  • Buy 3 shirts for $299

  • Buy any 5 accessories and get 20% Off

  • Buy 2 pairs for $29

Buy X Get Y


  • Buy one, get one at 50% (BOGO)

  • Buy two, get one free

  • Buy a pair of shoes, get 30% Off from any bag!

  • Buy a womens top, and get one for him too, at 20% Off

  • Half-priced beanies for every Tank or Tee!

The discounted item is the cheapest from the a group of products part of the offer.
If there are multiple groups of products, we group similarly priced items together.

Multiple simultaneous offers work fine, even for same collections.


Purchase complementary products at a discounted Bundle price.


  • $888 Outfit: Suit, Shirt & Tie

  • Shorts & Running shoes at $149

  • 4 Essential Oils and Diffuser at $99


Credit offers work best on POS, in brick and mortar stores. These give a Credit for customers returning an item. Credit is not stored on customer account, it can only be applied on current cart.


  • Return an empty bottle, get $1 off your next order (define a free Empty Bottle product in your admin, and add it to cart)

  • Use a printed coupon to get $10 off (define a free $10 Coupon product in your admin, and add it to cart)

Free Gift

Motivate customers to spend more by offering gifts for various cart amount thresholds. Works great with Shopify Gift cards too


  • Spend $50 and receive a suprise gift!

  • Get a $25 Gift Card for free on orders over $100!

  • Get a free Organic soap for every $30 spent

Choose if multiple gifts should be applied, or just a single one.

Upsell / Cross-sell

One of the most effective way to increase your revenue is to sell more to existing customers. It costs much less than brining new customers onboard.

Upsell / Cross-sell allows you do easily to that, driving your average order value up. Examples:

  • When customers add a pair of Shoes to cart, ask them to add a Shoe Cleaning Kit or a pair of Socks too

  • When customers add a Shirt to cart, ask them to add a Tie too

  • When customers add a pair of Pants in their cart, prompt them to also add Belts

Full customization available, even embedding offers in cart intead of popups.

Schedule sales to start or end automatically

Choose exact date & time for each offer to begin, or end.

Exclude or Include specific customers using customer tags

  • Example: Offers valid only for signed in customers with a free account

  • Example: Members-only offers (See also Membership app)

  • Example: Wholesale pricing with Volume Discounts, or Discount / Sale offers, applicable only to customers tagged "wholesale" (See also Wholesale app)

  • Example: Exclude wholesale customers from other promos (e.g. Buy X Get Y)

Limit offers only to visitors with a special link

For example, share that link to your mailing list, in a Facebook ad, or on a guest blog post.

First class mobile support

More than 50% of customers shop from smartphones and tablets. We designed the purchase experience with smartphones as a primary target.


What are known limitations?

Offers work only in full cart page. Go to Themes > Customize Theme and set cart type to Page (or ask your theme developer how to disable the popup cart).

Offers work only in the online store. Other channels (Buy button, Facebook...) can't show discounts or purchase at discounted prices. POS works usually, but we can't support it, due to many POS limitations and lack of reliability.

Orders which include a recurring subscription product can't be discounted.

Shipping discounts do not work with orders having special offer discounts. Shopify discount codes on prices do work (enable in app Settings).

Are there incompatible apps?

Yes, some apps take control over Checkout and discounts won't apply:

  • Upsell apps (e.g. Product Upsell, OneClick Upsell, CartHook Checkout). Ultimate Special Offers has Upsells built-in, if needed.

  • Consistent Cart, CartHook

  • The Motivator

Can I set specific start/end times for an offer? How about being applicable only to some customers?

Yes! In the offer details, please see Applicability section.

I have a currency converter and prices show in original currency

Some currency formatters don't handle dynamic prices well. Auto Currency Switcher app always works.

Can I offer shipping discounts?

No, sorry, only price discounts on products are possible.

Ultimate Special Offers reviews

142 reviews
  1. 5 stars (124 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (8 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (4 reviews)
  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

Amazing support that's quick and responsive to always help me resolve any issues.

Using this app on all of my stores and it's by far the best BOGO app available right now.


Update 07/21/2017: The app developer has released a new update to solve my issues with referral & tracking discount codes. So I updated my star rating from 3 to 5. Thank you for this amazing app that really works and stellar customer support!

I was happy to read that the customers can use coupon code after they accepted the special offers but the biggest drawback is # of uses of the coupon code is not counted properly and code didn't show up on the order details (because they use draft orders, the discount appears as "custom discount" which is all the total discount during checkout).

They should update the known limitations to include these issues when customers accepted the special offers and used coupon code:
- You won't be able to track referrals from coupon codes.
- When customers use coupon code from their rewards program that is supposed to be a single use coupon code, they'll be able to use it again and again because # of uses is not properly counted in the Shopify admin.
- Finally, you won't be able to track sales from your coupon codes if you use different codes for your social media marketing or if you want to do split testing.

They should update the conflicting apps to include those loyalty apps that use coupon codes as rewards. Referral apps that use tracking codes.

If you don't need to track referrals or don't need to track sales from your coupon codes then this app would be your best friend. It works as intended to increase AOV (Average Order Value), that's why I gave 3 stars and not 1 star. All these 1-star reviews, don't really read that this app conflicts with other upsell apps. They need to remove previous upsell app that they've installed prior to installing this app.


So far this app is by far the best app for offering special offers to our customers. The support is fantastic and we would use anything this company creates.


Excellent app - we upgraded from their previous Buy X Get 1 app and are thrilled. Love that we can add links in our customer emails for exclusive VIP offers for our customers. Customer service is quick and efficient, no matter what timezone you're in. Keep up the great work!


I have had a problem with the translations and they have solved it with a single email, so that is why it is worth it. By this I mean that if you do not know how to use something, they will help you in whatever


Apologies to the SuppleApps team for a long overdue review of this excellent and well thought-out app.

This app is very well designed and cater for most scenarios of discounts, bundles, Cross/Up-Sell that most ecommerce store would offers. The UI is a bit clanky but works well.

As for enhancement, I can only wish for way to allow store chose different styles of notification.

Also special mention to the excellent support from Marius who has always attend to the issues very promptly but also demonstrate an intimate knowledge of the app.

Highly recommended!!!


Great app and very easy to use.


We've been using SuppleApps for a few years now and it's been a really good experience so far, great customer service, helpfull people, willing to work with you to make sure their apps meet your needs.
Recently we've upgrade from BuyXGetY app to the new and improved Ultimate Special Offers and it is such a great update! The app offers flexibility and lots of new features, you can really build an up-sell strategy on this.


This app has been great for us! Our average spend has gone up and our customers are giving us great feedback. We had our best month yet! The support is super fast and very friendly.


Really good customer service and great functional app! Sometimes, overlapping special offers don't really work quite as well but overall, I give this app a thumbs up!

$19.00 – $99.00 / month

Pricing is based on your Shopify plan

Basic Shopify: $19

Shopify / Professional: $29

Advanced Shopify / Unlimited: $49

Shopify Plus: $99

All plans have unlimited orders and all features

10 days

Support & Sales

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