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Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers

Developed by Supple Apps

231 reviews
Price: Free – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • All your offers in one place → Choose from tons of promotion and discount types without needing multiple apps.
  • Amazing array of promo types → Customize offers based on volume, quantity, “buy X get Y”, bundles, upsell, cross-sell, store credit, free gift—the list goes on.
  • Easy setup and A+ support → Get the app up and running in minutes—no theme setup required. Our support team will help you customize the app exactly to your liking.

Your all-in-one sales solution

Ultimate Special Offers is a powerful sales tool that lets you run an awesome assortment of promotions, discounts, and offer types within a single Shopify app.

Choose from a variety of easy-to-use templates to manage and promote your sales and special offers. Customers won't be able to miss your sales, thanks to an elegant banner and discounted pricing information throughout your store.

Don't worry about manually adjusting prices in your Shopify admin—simply create a promotion in Ultimate Special Offers, and we'll take care of the rest.

More promotion types than any other app:


Put products or collections on sale. Overlapping sales do not discount the same product twice.

Volume Discounts/Quantity Breaks

Buy more and save more! Create different price tiers for products based on the quantity a customer buys. Tiers can be based on: product variant, per product (all variants in cart will be grouped by product and summed up), or per entire selection of products and collections. Discounts can be set as fixed prices or percentage off the original price.

Spend Amount, Get Discount

When customers spend a certain dollar amount on products or collections, give them a discount as a fixed dollar amount or percentage off the original price.

Buy X for $

Choose a percentage or fixed price discount for certain products and/or collections.

Buy X Get Y

Totally customizable—"Buy one, get one at 50% off," "Buy two, get one free," etc.


Let customers purchase complementary products at a discounted bundle price.


Give customers store credit for returning an item or using a coupon.

Free Gift

Motivate customers to spend more by offering gifts for various cart amount thresholds. You can select whether multiple gifts should be applied or just a single one.

Upsell / Cross-sell

Increase your average order value! When customers are viewing a product, display similar products of a higher value (upsell) or display an item that goes well with the one they're looking at (cross-sell—e.g, makeup brush when looking at makeup). Offers can be embedded in the cart, as well as via popups.

Schedule sales & promotions in advance

Choose an exact date and time for an offer to begin and end.

Segment your customers to offer exclusive deals

Create customer segments using tags and special offer links (e.g. newsletters, social media posts, paid ads). Customers will only see the deal you want them to see.

Premium customer support

Ultimate Special Offers is easy to install and requires no technical support to get started. If you have any issues or need a hand with anything, our customer support team will be happy to help.

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Ultimate Special Offers reviews

231 reviews
  1. 5 stars (187 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (11 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (7 reviews)
  5. 1 star (24 reviews)


We installed this app from Supple because we couldn't find any other solution for our Buy X for Y-Price.

This application should be the solution... again... Should..

We reached out to support since after we installed the application and followed the installment-steps we can't get the cart to work. It just won't show the discount which is very frustrating for the customers since we had several requests just in the 3 days we have had it online. Here our customers complain about the misleading price in the cart. The discounts work on the checkout page for us, but had customers somehow manage not to get the discounts where we manually had to apply it to the order afterwards.

We took contact to Supple regarding the issue and haven't heard from them yet (24 Hours). Not even a we will take a look soon, but we are having a lot of requests. Like nothing at all.

We will continue to update this review according to the response we get .. if we get one.

We hope to hear from you soon.

UPDATE: After writing our initial review, few hours later Supple contacted us and fixed our design issue we had with the app ASAP. Which we appreciate a lot.

The reason we are still giving 4/5 Stars is because we have to see if the Discounts all apply, since we had some cases where it didn't apply from Cart->Checkout. So we need to give it a little time to get more data. If we don't have any issues in the next close future, I will change it to 5/5.

Thanks for the help Supple.

Mike, Stillo.dk


Very erratic. At least 20-30% orders come through without discounts applied and we need to cancel such orders and recreate new ones manually. Some orders also come through with wrong discounts applied.

Customer support is very slow and non-responsive and unable to resolve any issue.

It would have been very nice if it worked properly.


After complaining that the app was adding more and doubling the products they DID absolutely nothing and advise to speak to the website builders when they have nothing to do with it.
The app isn't FREE we pay for it I would have appreciate a better response than that !!


Hope the new team is going to be good especially the server load... :)



Just uninstalled, my experience was pretty bad and hopefully this review will help others. The issues you encounter will vary depending on which offer type you're using, so you may think it's working great until you try a different style offer.

In no particular order:

1.) Support is BAD - it's been two weeks without an email response from Supple and it's been nearly 1 month since I first reported issues and was told "a developer is looking into it". Nothing has been done to resolve the issues. When I read reviews I tend to ignore the issues about slow support, it doesn't bother me if the app works. Trust me, when you're using this app for your next big sale you'll know why bad support should make you run from this one.
2.) As others have mentioned, the UI design is really bad when it comes to mobile display (Free Gift offers, etc) and makes it almost unusable. Customers will complain about the way it looks/works.
3.) Free Gift logic is incredibly flawed, especially when it comes to tiers (ie. Spend $50, Get X or Spend $100, Get Y). You'll quickly find 'loopholes' where the app doesn't work as it should and you will have customers contacting you angry when the app isn't offering them the gift you promised. Report these issues to support and you won't get a fix, you'll get told a 'developer is looking into it'.
4.) The app is slow to load on the cart screen - which means the sale pricing or special offers takes time to display and customers don't know this. The customer has to wait for the app to load on the cart screen before clicking checkout or it won't work - again more complaints.

There's a lot I want to like about this app but right now it's a recipe for upsetting your customers. If these issues are addressed and support actually puts effort into helping its own paying customers, I'd happily test it out and update this review.


The application works haphazardly with desktop version of your website, as well as the aesthetic design options are limited to none. Will definitely make your site look basic if you use the banners or notification options.

As for supporting mobile, it is horrible with our premium template. The discounts do not work in the mobile cart unless you hit back, then checkout multiple times after each time you add something to the cart.

In addition, support is only via email, and to be 100% honest, customer support is very slow to respond,

If these issues were fixed, the application would get awesome.



Great App! I love it! Very user friendly, easy to use, customers get awesome deals, everyone is happy! :) . Another PLUS! Sent them an email on thanksgiving and they gladly helped me to resolve my issue within little time! Thank you guys! You're the best Discount APP there is


Had some troubles with other apps that had technical issues (i.e. deal I set was different from the deal displayed on my store).

Have found this app very helpful! Great functionality and deal options. Would recommend


We used the USO app for a single sale (Buy 3, Pay 2) and the app worked perfectly! Easy to use and if you are familiar with little coding, it's also easy to edit the style and translation of the app.
We were on free trail so we don't use the app anymore, but if we ever do another sale option but just discounts, we will definitely come backt to USO again! I really enjoyed working with the app, because it just did what we wanted it do do - and it has many more options!


Great tool, lots of options, works like a charm and very easy to use!

Free – $99.00 / month

Pricing is based on your Shopify plan

Trial/Development: Free

Basic Shopify: $19

Shopify / Professional: $29

Advanced Shopify / Unlimited: $49

Shopify Plus: $99

All plans have unlimited orders and all features

10 days


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