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Add To Cart & Checkout BOOSTER PRO | Sticky Bar & Cart, 1-Click Checkout, Quick Buy

Add To Cart & Checkout BOOSTER PRO | Sticky Bar & Cart, 1-Click Checkout, Quick Buy

Developed by Codeinero

522 reviews
Price: Free – $6.92 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Boost revenue, conversions & cart size by making easier for customers to buy your product
  • No coding required | Automagically matches your store's theme | Lightweight and blazing fast
  • Analytics and stats to measure app's performance and do A/B tests

Over 500 ★★★★★ reviews! | Guaranteed revenue, conversions & cart size BOOST!

"Very easy to set up and really seems to encourage people to add items to cart. My sales have gone up while I've been using this."

- Crazy Cool Cookware

➤ What does it do?

Simply put the app adds the top bar that becomes visible when the customer scrolls beyond your Buy button. The bar contains the Buy button so user can quickly add your product to the cart without scrolling back up. You can also enable the Skip Cart feature and send customers directly to checkout! Further more, the bar will match your branding automagically so you're all set in seconds.

NEW!!! STICKY CART - Have your cart always visible making easier for customers to checkout! Now features beautifully animated Add to Cart interaction too! CHECK IT OUT

NEW!!! QUICK BUY BUTTON - Allow your customers to buy directly from product listings (whether on homepage, collection pages, recommendation widgets etc...)! Now supports integrated Quantity selector! CHECK IT OUT

NEW!!! STICKY CHECKOUT BAR/BUTTON - Improve user experience and increase checkout rate by showing always visible Checkout button to your customers on Cart page!


➤ Why should I use it?

Basically because you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to make a PURCHASE.

Amazon use it. Check it out for yourself. We're not saying you should as well just because the e-commerce giant does, but trust us if you wanna increase conversions, you should :). It's a no brainer! The app will essentially pay itself for an entire year during trial.

Have BUY button always visible and decrease friction between your customers and checkout process. They will love you for that.

Now with Sticky Cart feature it will be impossible for your customers to miss checkout. Features beautifully animated Add to Cart interaction too!

Now with Quick Buy on product listings feature your customers will be able to add products from any page. And with new Quantity selector they can add as much products as they like, right there from the collection page, homepage etc...

Now with Sticky Checkout Bar/Button feature the Checkout button will always be visible thus making it easier for your customers to checkout and improving overall user experience.

Still not convinced?

  • ➤ Unlimited impressions and clicks

  • ➤ No nasty brand watermarks that make your shop look unprofessional

  • ➤ Sleek design and state of the art user experience

  • ➤ Automatically position itself in respect to other fixed elements on the screen so it doesn't cover important items like header, announcement bars etc...

  • ➤ Works with "drawer" (ajaxified) carts

  • ➤ No coding or developers needed

  • ➤ Zero chance of messing up your theme. The app doesn't alter any part of your shop. It's clean install and uninstall.

  • ➤ Automatically inherits your shop's style. Makes it looks like native part of the theme.

➤ With over 500 ★★★★★ reviews we have very happy customers


  • Sticky Cart for reducing cart abandonment

  • Beautifully animated Add to Cart interaction

  • Quick buy button on product listings

  • Sticky Checkout Bar/Button for better checkout experience

  • Unlike other apps our app automagically matches your store's theme and layout

  • Still you can easily customize it to make that ATC button POP even more!

  • New attention grabbing button animations

  • Skip Cart and go directly to Checkout feature (product A added to cart and customer wants to instantly checkout on product B, the full cart with both A and B product is included at checkout)

  • Unlike other apps we provide analytics; you will see your top performers, most recent adds and quick statistics so you know how much the app is making you

  • Attention grabbing ATC button with nice and sleek pulse animation

  • Custom button text

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Facebook pixel integration

  • Variant(s) selection from the sticky bar

  • Image in the bar changes with variant change

  • New design for mobile devices

  • The sticky bar will automagically position itself below other fixed elements like menu bar etc. when positioned at the top

  • Selected variant(s) in the title text

  • Option for setting stack order and top/bottom position offset (perfect to prevent overlapping if you run multiple apps that are fixed at the top/bottom)

  • Product's review stars are shown in the bar

  • Setting to disable the bar on mobile devices

  • Setting for bar's position on the screen


Integrates with ☟

Google Analytics - If your store has Google Analytics installed, clicks on your store's sticky ATC button will automatically appear in the Behavior -> Events section of your Google Analytics. No setup is needed.

FB pixel support - Your existing FB pixel will track clicks on sticky button same as if your original ATC button was clicked. No additional pixels are needed.

Reviews apps - Automatically shows reviews stars in the bar for the current product.

Currency converting apps - Automatically picks up selected price currency and shows it in the bar.



The app works and looks good out-of-the-box but we can customise it or fine-tune it for you. Just send us an email.

You can reach us any time for questions, issues, or anything else, via email or using the Get Support button on this page. We usually respond in matter of minutes.

TRY THE APP NOW FOR FREE for 5 days! It's more than enough for the app to generate additional sales to pay itself for an entire year. You have nothing to lose. Just scroll aaaaallll the way back up (or down if you're on mobile device) and click that green "GET" button. See what we just did here :). You don't want to do this to your customers. Call-to-action button should be visible ALL THE TIME!

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☟ Reviews ☟

Our mission is to help you earn as much additional revenue as possible and we put much effort into customer success.

We address each poor review and reach out to shop owners.
Issues are always resolved and new features added however in some cases reviews are not updated accordingly.

Add To Cart & Checkout BOOSTER PRO | Sticky Bar & Cart, 1-Click Checkout, Quick Buy reviews

522 reviews
  1. 5 stars (473 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (37 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (8 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

It looks great and working great as well. I hope it will perform well during customer experience during shopping.


Works really well for my store


Easy to use! This's awesome app. Let see how many conversion increasing!


Awesome app! Support is so accommodating and helpful. Perfect!

Update: I have contacted support for several times now, and Adi continues to impress me. Response time is very quick! More power to this app! Best app ever!


Only recently installed this app and so far so good .
I’m very impressed
Grant Motley



Thank you Im hopping it will help my store!


such awesome app one of my favorites


Great App! Thanks so much for such a great app!


nice and useful . every one must have it


This is probably one of the best goddamn apps I've ever seen. It's already about to make me some money and it's such a clean interface, JAM PACKED with features! I love this app.

Free – $6.92 / month

For only $6.92 a month you'll get:
✔️ Unlimited impressions and clicks
✔️ Sticky Add To Cart Bar
✔️ Sticky Checkout Bar
✔️ Sticky Cart
✔️ Quick Buy Button on Product Listings
✔️ Skip Cart
✔️ Priority Support
✔️ and more!

Try the app for FREE for 5 days! It's more than enough for the app to generate additional sales to pay itself for an entire year. You have nothing to lose.

See a demo here

Install NOW to ensure you get all future updates and new features for this ridiculously low price!
If you uninstall before the trial period of 5 days ends, you won't be charged a cent.

5 days


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