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Stock & Buy

Stock & Buy

Developed by Stock&Buy

19 reviews
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  • Keep track of your costs, purchase prices and inventory
  • Seamless multiple Shopify stores support and Xero integration.
  • Dropshipping and sync inventory from your suppliers

Analyze your real Cost of Good sold, this is what differs between a successful business and not so successful.

One inventory Platform for one or multiple Shopify stores

Keep your online business running smoothly by tracking your inventory and orders across your channels from one place. We will automatically adjust your stock levels as orders come in.

This app works by monitoring new orders and inventory data in real-time between Shopify, Stock&Buy, and other channels if you have any.

IMPROTANT: we all inventory changes must be done inside Stock&Buy.

Advanced analytics

Inventory management is a tricky balancing act as you seek to avoid lost sales due to out of stock products, and cut the cost of overstocking the wrong products. With advanced analytics, Stock&Buy will help you optimize and balance your inventory.

Automate your accounting with Xero

Use Stock&Buy as a hub to bridge the gap between your Shopify store and your Xero account. This will automate your accounting process by syncing your sale orders, purchase orders, COGS, Stock on hand to Xero.

Inventory forecasting

Using your history sales data, Stock&Buy will help you forecast future demand and suggest how much to order.

Stock&Buy allows you to filter based on your vendors (suppliers), and help you to automatically generate purchase orders.

Summary of Main Features

  • Automatic inventory updates, no more stock-out.

  • Inventory forecasting and automatic Purchase orders generation.

  • Purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, payments and shipments

  • Predict your stock, optimize it, track it, see your business grow.

  • Manage all your customers and suppliers from a single place

  • Receive all orders made through the Shopify POS

  • Import your products from your sales channels at any time

  • Automatic updates of order status from all your installed sales channels

  • Multi user support! Work with your team and see the changes in real time.

  • Full multi currency support in both sales and purchase orders

  • Product bundling support

  • Bulk edit product

Important considerations

  1. Purchase orders VS Shopify Transfers

    For a great experience, we recommend you use the Purchase order on Stock&Buy. Those will automatically update your inventory on Shopify when you receive the products. In addition, if you use Xero, we will automatically push Bills to your Xero accounts.

  2. Clients

    Clients are automatically synchronized to Stock&Buy when we receive a sale order from Shopify.

  3. Historical sales orders and transfers

    Historical sales orders and transfers are not imported with this App. We import sales orders from the time you install the App.

  4. Don't update inventory on Shopify

    If you install this App, please use it as your inventory management platform. We don't listen to manual inventory changes made in Shopify..

Request a demo

We highly recommend a demo before installing the App, please get in touch if you still have doubts on how to App works Request a demo

Stock & Buy reviews

19 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Propably the worse customer service you'll ever get! We started out with stock and buy when they were in the developement stages of the business so we expected some clunkeyness fromt the start... however it's never gone! Add that to very poor instuctions online or via support and the consatnt issue that actually it just doesnt work very well (it will cost you more time than it's worth).

We tried to do a simple stock take and S&B deleted the discriptions of 2/3s of our products! This cost us over a weeks worth of work to correct not to mention the search engine costs, we asked support and they have no way to fix it and instead of an appology they suggest the app wasn't for us... In light of that we have chosen to ditch them and I hope you don't bother wasting your days giving them a try.

Just to help you make up your own mind this is the email I got after writing the above...

Hi E***,

Thanks for this. I am really happy that you left the system. Tahar spent huge amount of time with you, I am not sure if you are really not remembering or you just blame it on us.

He spent ages writing code specifically to fix your accounting, no other provider would have done this for you. We did a big mistake, we should have redirected your to your accountant, but we were trying to be really nice and really help you fix this. (i'll just add, I doubt the code was specific to us as they were developing the app).

Tahar has a whole thread with you where he sends you emails, and you disappear for a month or two, and then you expect things to just work.

I am really sorry this ended this way, but seriously, you have only your self to blame. We help our customers to the best we can, but they have to help themselves first.


After months of agonising which system to implement with inventory control , Stock & Buy was trialled. I was very wary of how much work this would actually entail ( on my behalf) having never entered onto anything like this before.
We moved our web store from Volusion over to Shopify - as we found couldn't export into our accounting package without a middle link.
We spent 2 months building a new web-store with Shopify which we are thrilled with.
I was overwhelmed with the ease of implementing our Web store ( Shopify) with Shop & Buy, we also have trialled one month with Xero as our accounting Package.
I can't speak more highly of the customer service from Moh & his team at Stock & Buy, they have spent countless hours, helping us with many different set up, exporting, ingratiation items hurdles & to our Xero accounting specialise - Carol from Smart Accounting Solutions.
This was 1st class customer service at its very best. Nothing was ever a problem.! Thank you for easing my fears. I Hope to be seeing the benefits of your App in our business reporting very soon.


Stock & Buy has been a life saver for us! We have two Shopify sites (retail & wholesale) and this app saves me so much time with new product setup, constant product maintenance, inventory, etc. It's so relieving to only have to make changes once instead of on both stores! Tahar has been absolutely amazing as well. He's always quick to help me with any questions I have!


Very happy with Stock & Buy. The integrations with Xero and Shopify are exactly what we needed and the developers are very responsive and helpful as we are learning our way around the software. I am totally satisfied and happy that we decided to use this app over some of the other options.


We have been loving Stock and Buy app - this has been a great system for managing inventories between our stores. And their support team is great to work with - they listen to your needs and work hard to improve the user experience!


Before downloading the app we asked for an hour long demo of the software. The founder kindly offered to do this himself. During the demo we found the app to be very well thought through and we were impressed enough to sign up to the $49pm package. We did however let them know that there were 3 areas which we felt could be improved.
No less than 48hrs later they sent us our 3 fixes. Just like that! We couldn't believe it! Since starting to use it they been super accommodating it helping us where needed. We're massive fans of the app and really do recommend it (and the team behind the app!)


Stock and Buy has been an awesome system to work with - it is straight forward and the support from the Stock and Buy team has been incredible. Questions are answered promptly and by the designers/owners themselves.
The system is also easy to navigate, and to understand. It also deals with multi currencies, and large quantities of stock from many suppliers, which is what my business required. I would highly recommend this software to anyone. The integration to Shopify and Xero have also been seamless.


I have to say thank you to Moh and his team, their service and support is outstanding. Replies are quick and nothing is too much trouble.
The product is also very good. I wish I had gone to them in the beginning instead of wasting time on lesser apps.

Best of luck and I hope your business flourishes!

The Film Bloke.


Great App, Great value. With 2 stores that share the same pool of inventory, this app has been a lifesaver.

Add the INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I get and I am very happy with my decision.


We are using Stock&Buy to sync inventory between two Shopify accounts with different default currencies. The app is working well and seems to deal extremely well with the various and many issues we face. The app is considerably less expensive than others we had tried and has several valuable features we could not find in the others . The support and assistance we have received from Mohammed and his crew is unlike any I have received before. It is fast, friendly, accurate and has made the implementation of the software fairly seamless. I recommend it highly. Peter Kemp

From $0.00 / month

The integration between Shopify and Our application is included for FREE in the Established and Enterprise plan. That said, please look at the link below for more details: https://stockandbuy.com/pricing

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