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Stock & Buy

Developed by Stock&Buy

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  • Real-time Shopify orders download and stock levels updates.
  • Multiple Shopify stores support. Xero integration for perfect accounting.
  • Dropshipping and sync inventory from your suppliers

Take the pain out of running a multi-channel business by managing your inventory, orders, customers and suppliers in a single centralized system.

Gain the efficiency and insight needed to accelerate the growth of your business and increase your profits.

One inventory back-end for Shopify and other sales channels

Keep your online business running smoothly by tracking your inventory and orders across your channels from one location. We will automatically adjust your stock levels as orders come in. We will also ensure available stock quantities and shipping statuses are kept in sync with each channel.

This app works by monitoring new orders and inventory data in real-time between Shopify, Stock&Buy, and other channels if you have any.

Powerful order infrastructure

With a central platform for all your orders, your customers, and all your suppliers. You will have a great overview of your ins and outs. Let your team focus on fulfilling orders quickly and efficiently. Get in one view the state of what is allocated, shipped, paid, delivered, pending and much more.

Insightful analytics

Inventory management can be a tricky balancing act as you seek to avoid lost sales due to out of stock products, and reduce the expense of overstocking the wrong product. With simple, yet powerful analytics, Stock&Buy will help you optimize and balance your inventory.

Powerful accounting with Xero

Use Stock&Buy as a hub to bridge the gap between your Shopify Store and your Xero account. Optimize your accounting process by syncing your sales orders, purchase orders, cost of goods sold, adjustments, Stock on hand to Xero directly from Stock&Buy.

Invenotry forecasting

Using your history sales data, Stock&Buy will help you forecast future demand and suggest how much to order.

Stock&Buy allows you to filter based on your vendors, and help you to automatically generate purchase orders.

We highly recommend you to use the Forecasting feature on a weekly basis to make sure you always have inventory for your customers.

Summary of Main Features

  • Automatic inventory updates, no more stock-out.

  • Inventory forecasting and automatic Purchase orders generation

  • Purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, payments and shipments

  • Predict your stock, optimize it, track it, see your business grow.

  • Manage all your customers and suppliers from a single place

  • Receive all orders made through the Shopify POS

  • Import your products from your sales channels at any time

  • Automatic updates of order status from all your installed sales channels

  • Multi user support! Work with your team and see the changes in real time.

  • Full multi currency support in both sales and purchase orders

  • Awesome product bundling (Kitting) support

  • Lots tracking support

How does the App work?

  1. At installation

    When you install the App, you will be redirected to our site. At this stage, you can:

    • Choose if your store has a different currency than the inventory App.

    • Setup currency exchange rate if you choose yes for the previous setting.

    • Decide if you want to import your Products from Shopify. If you don't, you can do it later on.

  2. IMPORTANT: Setup your inventory Cost and Purchase prices

    When we import your products from Shopify, we have no ideas of how much each unit costs, or what is the purchase price you paid your suppliers.
    Thus, we import those values as Zero. Don't worry, after you install the App, we recommend you go inside Stock&Buy and setup your inventory cost.
    To do so, go to Products, Stock take, and the wizard will help you from there.

  3. Purchase orders VS Shopify Transfers

    For a great experience, we recommend you use the Purchase order on Stock&Buy. Those will automatically update your inventory on Shopify when the merchandise is received.
    In addition, if you use Xero, we will automatically push Purchas orders to Xero from Stock&Buy.
    Moreover, if you have multiple Shopify stores, or others marketplaces, we will update all your sales channels.

  4. Sales orders

    All your sales orders are received from Shopify into Stock&Buy. The integration here is bi-directional. Meaning if you update the sales orders on Shopify it will be updated on Stock&Buy and vice versa.
    Inventory if of course automatically updated.

  5. Clients

    Clients info are automatically synchnorized to Stock&Buy upon the reception of a sale order. If a client already exists on Stock&Buy (same email), it won't be imported again.

  6. Historical sales orders and transfers

    Historical sales orders and transfers are not imported with this App. That said, we support importing both sales and purchase orders (transfers in Shopify).
    If you need to, export them Shopify, then import them into Stock&Buy.

Stock & Buy reviews (6)


I am SO in LOVE with S&B. Moh is amazing and he adds any new features its missing that i need. His support is amazing. The app its self is very easy to use. It works fantastically with shopify. I havent started using the reports & sales side of it yet as i am still adding all the stock to the website through S&B. But to date it is amazing


This app has been awesome. The support has been fantastic, they get back to you so quickly and really helpful. Its great to use a app that is constantly being updated and improved. Its easy to use and integrates well with xero for seamless stock , inventory and accounts
well done


We needed to set up wholesale for our website. After months of research and testing (we tried almost every app available) we found many solutions did not tick all pour boxes. We landed on a separate wholesale site as the cleanest and best approach. We needed something to synch inventory between our sales channels, generate invoices, store client details, generate orders from our suppliers, allow us to do stock takes etc. We Found Stock and Buy.

Stock and Buy has been fantastic in allowing us to synch inventory between our wholesale and retail sites and also provides a invoicing system to generate invoices for sales that do not come through the shopify system.
Along the way we have required tweaks and changes to little things - the guys at Stock and Buy have been amazing! The service has been outstanding and any issues or requests responded to immediately.


Excellent inventory/stock app as addition to help business on Shopify ! The support and introduction is carried to perfection by Moh and he's team. Strongly recommended to all that are looking for a good inventory/stock support app at a decent price.


I needed an straight forward app to help me streamline my inventory, keep track of costs, connect 2 sales channels in multicurrency and be simple enough that my creative brain could understand. This app does just that!

The customer support has been A+++ since I installed the app. They made tweaks to suit my business and are very open to feedback.

Most importantly, they didn't make me feel like an idiot for asking questions and made sure I understood what the answer was. Another app I tried didn't seem to want to take the time to show me how to use their app properly.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs a robust inventory management system that is straight forward, useful and cost effective.


I can only recommend this to every shop owner wishing to streamline inventory procedures! A tremendously useful app that fixes a serious shortcoming in Shopify...It allows yout to eg. order from your vendors out of Shopify...no need to run external software for different tasks...quick and helpful customer support and a new automated synching feature...thumbs up!

From $0.00 / month

The integration between Shopify and Our application is included for FREE in the Established and Enterprise plan. That said, please look at the link below for more details: https://stockandbuy.com/pricing

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