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Edited April 18, 2017

Propably the worse customer service you'll ever get! We started out with stock and buy when they were in the developement stages of the business so we expected some clunkeyness fromt the start... however it's never gone! Add that to very poor instuctions online or via support and the consatnt issue that actually it just doesnt work very well (it will cost you more time than it's worth).

We tried to do a simple stock take and S&B deleted the discriptions of 2/3s of our products! This cost us over a weeks worth of work to correct not to mention the search engine costs, we asked support and they have no way to fix it and instead of an appology they suggest the app wasn't for us... In light of that we have chosen to ditch them and I hope you don't bother wasting your days giving them a try.

Just to help you make up your own mind this is the email I got after writing the above...

Hi E***,

Thanks for this. I am really happy that you left the system. Tahar spent huge amount of time with you, I am not sure if you are really not remembering or you just blame it on us.

He spent ages writing code specifically to fix your accounting, no other provider would have done this for you. We did a big mistake, we should have redirected your to your accountant, but we were trying to be really nice and really help you fix this. (i'll just add, I doubt the code was specific to us as they were developing the app).

Tahar has a whole thread with you where he sends you emails, and you disappear for a month or two, and then you expect things to just work.

I am really sorry this ended this way, but seriously, you have only your self to blame. We help our customers to the best we can, but they have to help themselves first.

Global Gym Wear
United States
12 months using the app
Stock&Buy replied April 29, 2024

Greetings from the Qoblex Team!

As part of our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service, we revisit past interactions to ensure we address every customer concern thoroughly.

We reviewed the incident you described. While we don't have all the details of what happened, we recognize that mistakes have been made by our team. We sincerely apologize for your negative experience.

This happened during the early days of our company, and since then, we improved our software and internal processes by leaps and bounds. Our customers’ feedback has been crucial in guiding these enhancements, and we are truly grateful for it.

We want to let you know that although you may not see this response, we have taken steps to prevent such incidents in the future.

Once again, we extend our sincerest apologies for this unpleasant experience. If you ever decide to give Qoblex another shot, we will be here to assist every step of the way.

Warm regards,
Tahar on behalf of the Qoblex Team