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Replay - Store Copy Made Simple

Replay - Store Copy Made Simple

Developed by Rewind

16 reviews
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  • Manage wholesale stores by copying products, inventory, pages, blogs and more from one store to another
  • Manage development and staging stores easily by copying data from one store to another
  • Instantly clone products & product images, collections, pages, blogs, and themes to stores to support multi-currency and multi-language stores

Sync Inventory Across Multiple Stores

Running multiple stores? Sync inventory in near real time across multiple stores with Replay. When a customer purchases an item in one store, the inventory in your other stores will be changed to reflect the purchase.

Automatically Copy Products and Other Details To Multiple Stores

With Replay, you can easily manage multiple stores by automatically copying products, collections, pages, blogs, and themes to multiple stores instantly.

NEW: Copy Metafields from One Store to Another

(June, 2018) - Replay now has the ability to copy product metafields from one Shopify store to another. Contact our support team to request access to this beta feature.

Exclude Certain Products Details

Eager to copy some, but not all, product details? You can now exclude some product details, like prices, images, and more; allowing you to keep products up-to-date across multiple stores without overwriting shop-specific details.

Create and Manage Multiple Stores

Create and manage multiple stores easily with Replay. Using Replay, you can instantly copy your products & product images, collections, blogs, pages and themes from one store to another.

Update, Don't Copy

Replay will update an item in the destination store if the item has the same handle as the one it's copying, making Replay the best tool for managing multiple stores.

Copy To Multiple Stores At Once

Run multiple stores? Replay can copy data from one store to multiple stores, all at once.

What Replay Copies


Replay copies products and product details, including product images, from one store to another. Replay also copies product metafields (contact us to use this feature).


Replay copies both smart collections and custom collections from one store to another.


Replay copies your themes, and all theme files.


Replay copies your pages from one store to another.


Replay copies your blog, and blog posts, from one store to another store.


If you're doing a one-time copy, select the Pay As You Go plan and pay just $0.10 per item copied.

If you're setting up a continuous copy, select the $59 / month plan for each store.

What Replay Doesn't Copy

Replay does not copy your store settings, or your store's menu. At the moment there's no access to settings or menus, so we're unable to copy them.

Backup Recommended

Although Replay has been heavily tested, it does make changes to the store that it's copying to. As such, we highly recommend that you install our backup app, Rewind, before installing Replay, to ensure that if something goes wrong you have a complete backup of your store and can revert back to it.

About The Team

Replay is built by the team at Rewind - developers of the backup app for Shopify. We've copied and restored thousands of items, so we know a lot about Shopify data.

Other Apps

Rewind - Backups for Shopify: Backup your Shopify store and keep it protected.

Successful Copy Guarantee

That Shopify knowledge is how we're able to offer our money back guarantee. If we try to copy your store, and something doesn't work, you won't be charged. We get notified of every failure immediately, and work hard to ensure that data copies successfully. We'll fix the problem quickly, and let you know when it's fixed so you can run the copy again.

Replay - Store Copy Made Simple reviews

16 reviews
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Great app worked great for our website www.talkingoutofturn.com


When we were migrating from our Pipeline theme to stronger mobile optimized theme, it was imperative that we have REPLAY as part of the migration. It allowed our developer the time to ensure that the process was productive and easy. It also maintained the level of business.


Absolutely a must have application for copying over all the allowable information from products, Collections, pages and even the product Titles, descriptions and SEO search terms. The support team from Sarrah to Mike were very helpful answering questions as to what the app could accomplish on first install. Then they credit my account for the fact the ongoing need for Automatic 2 way use of Replay wasn't needed for both stores so they volunteered to backed off the 59.00 charge for second store after every thing was accomplished day one and every duplicated except the navigation based upon old theme. We will keep REWIND for both stores as their content will be different from additional products to new Theme layout... Highly recommend Rewind and REPLY from this company for all those running multiple cloned Shopify storefronts as you can turnoff Title and Description auto syncing and make the customer facing content difference so you don't have duplicate content penalties fro Google and Bing.


Failed to bring across all theme settings. Awaiting supports assistance.


Replay has made the seemingly impossible task of maintaining and syncing multiple e-commerce stores (product info, inventory etc) possible.


Really helpful on saving time if it was an other method and helpful on scaling business across different markets


Wow - excellent app. Duplicated my webstore in maybe 20-30 minutes and for very little money. Saved me 3+ days of works or hundreds of dollars of outsourcing. Highly recommend if you have multiple, country-specific webstores,


Great app! Saved my time probably 16hrs or more!


awesome app - transferred my files over immediately, fast support


Great, solid app for Shopify Plus merchants! We use replay to clone all of our cms pages and collections between our international stores. Highly recommended


★ ★ ★ One Time Copies ★ ★ ★
Only pay for what you copy; $0.10 / item (minimum $0.50). An item is a product, collection, page, blog, blog article, theme, and theme asset.

★ ★ ★ Continuously Copy and Sync Stores ★ ★ ★
Need to automatically copy items from one store to other stores, or sync inventory across multiple stores. Replay Auto is $59 / month per store.

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