Store Copy by Replay

Store Copy by Replay

by Rewind

Store Copy Made Simple. Easily Manage Multiple Stores.

4.5 of 5 stars(20 reviews)

Store Copy Made Simple

Easily duplicate and manage multiple stores. Replay is built by the team at Rewind, developers of the top-rated backup app for Shopify.

Sell To More People

Instantly clone products, blogs, themes and more to create multiple-currency and multiple-language stores.

Create A Test Store

Test theme, code, and other changes without the risk of negatively affecting your live store. Your store's success depends on its uptime.

About Store Copy by Replay

Who Is Replay For?

Replay is built for Shopify merchants who manage multiple stores. Common use cases to duplicate a store include:

  • Offering multiple languages
  • Offering multiple currencies
  • Creating a wholesale store
  • Creating a test store

Note: Shopify Plus customers can open multiple stores under their plan. Other stores have to subscribe to multiple accounts.

Fast, Automatic Copies

Replay automatically copies products, product images, product metadata, collections, pages, blogs, and themes in an instant. There are no limits or restrictions on the number of items being copied, and you don't have to worry about exporting/uploading anything manually.

Run multiple stores? Replay can copy data from one store to multiple stores, all at once.

Update, Don't Copy

Replay will update an item in the destination store if the item has the same handle as the one it's copying.

Copy Metafields From One Store to Another

Replay now has the ability to copy product metafields from one Shopify store to another. Contact our support team to request access to this beta feature.

Exclude Certain Products Details

Eager to copy some, but not all, product details? You can now exclude some product details, like prices and images, so you can keep products up-to-date across multiple stores without overwriting shop-specific details.

What Replay Can Copy From One Store to Another

  • Products, product images, and product metadata (currently in beta)
  • Collections, both smart collections and custom collections
  • Themes and theme assets
  • Your blog and blog posts
  • Pages

What Replay Doesn't Copy

  • Third-party apps (and their respective data)
  • Metadata for collections
  • Shipping zones/rates
  • Store settings
  • Customers
  • Navigation
  • Orders
  • Files

We're working with Shopify to clone metadata for collections, and intend to have that feature available in the coming months. In the meantime, metadata for products can now be copied.

If you're interested in any of these feature, please let us know.

Backup Recommended

Although Replay has been heavily tested, it makes changes to the store that it's copying to. As such, we highly recommend that you install our backup app, Rewind, before installing Replay. This will ensure that if something goes wrong, you have a complete backup of your store and can revert back to it.

Successful Copy Guarantee

If we try to copy your store and something doesn't work, you won't be charged.

We're immediately notified of every failure, and work hard to ensure that data copies successfully. We'll fix the problem quickly, and let you know when it's fixed so you can run the copy again. Replay has seamlessly copied millions of items for thousands of merchants.

Integrates with

  • Rewind

See the app in action

Explore how the app works in an example store.

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Pay As You Go

Free to install

$0.10 per item copied

  • For one-time copies, pay just $0.10 for each item copied (minimum $0.50)



  • For unlimited, automated copies, up to 100,000 products (contact us for larger stores)

  • Continuously copy and sync stores

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.5 of 5 stars
Based on 20 reviews

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Most recent reviews

I needed an app to cut down on work to populate other accounts with product in Shopify. This app allows quick work in copying necessary fields and images to another storefront. Very effective!

Household Inventions

This is the first review I've ever written on the Shopify app store, and I'm writing it because I think a solution like it is what the community really needs.

First off, this app is by no means creating a complete duplicate of your master store—I found that out the hard way when I realised that a theme copy did nothing a manual move couldn't do. I had many a custom-made change to my theme and they did not move, and I paid US$19 for something I could have done myself in three minutes.

With that being said, the limitations of the app seem to be because of Shopify's imposed limitations on app developers, not because of a lack of competence on the app developers' part; I'm sure they are trying to cram it with features.

All in all, the main reason one would be utilising this app is to create as a close a clone as possible of the one's main store. This app stills fails to deliver a complete experience, but I am looking forward to what's in store—and am still adequately happy with what has been provided thus far.

No other app seems to match it at the moment.

P.S. The customer service I received was superb.


I would like to say thanks to Sarah, amazing customer serves, the best I've ever seen. Great app, solved all my questions. Thank you, replay.