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Store Locator by StoreMapper

Store Locator by StoreMapper

Developed by Tyler Tringas

22 reviews
Price: $9.00 – $39.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Drive traffic to your retail locations or distributors.
  • Beautifully integrates with any Shopify theme
  • Increase sales from your dealers with actionable analytics

We are excited to announce Storemapper's native integration with the Responsive, Parallax, Retina and Mobilia themes

If you use any of these fantastic themes Storemapper has been completely customized to look amazing on any page on your site

Check out a demo of the Parallax theme in action here


If you don't use one of these themes you're still going to love it :)

*** Features you won't find anywhere else in the app store***

  • Sync data directly from a linked Google Docs spreadsheet. Forget dealing with uploading .CSV files. Storemapper makes adding 1,000s of locations painless and fast for you or your team.

  • Powerful analytics suite let's you see where customer are searching for your products and where they can't find them.

  • Add a store locator to your Facebook Page

  • Beautiful mobile UI with native apps for directions, click to call and native GPS.

  • Highlight and promote your best locations over others with tiering.

  • Beautiful map color themes to match your branding

Features you of course expect

  • use a custom marker image for map pins

  • limit returned results so your competitors can't scout your distribution

  • Autocomplete finds locations blazing fast, customers will love it

  • As always, customize to heart's content using your own style.css.liquid file

Add a Store Locator to Your Store in Seconds

  • Improve offline conversions by helping customers find your physical locations.

  • Add unlimited locations in bulk anywhere in the world.

  • Matches your site design out of the box and can be customized with CSS and/or Javascript.

  • Responsive design looks fantastic on mobile themes.

  • Global geo-location powered by Google Maps with browser and mobile "get directions" data.

  • Embed another StoreMapper even outside your Shopify store on your Wordpress, Tumblr or Facebook page.

Check out a few examples of what you can do with the customization features only available on StoreMapper

  • Cuppow

  • Tanner Goods

  • Forbidden Foods

  • StoreMapper is incredibly easy to use. Bulk upload and edit your store data from a CSV file or use the dead simple admin panel.

    For more info on features visit StoreMapper.co.

Store Locator by StoreMapper reviews

22 reviews
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Great App - it works instantly and the response time on questions is very fast.


Does everything we need. Clean, easy to use and no problems!


Store Locator has some very nice custom design settings - the ability to add a bespoke location marker for example. The analytics are also excellent - allowing us see where people are requesting/searching for stockists. All in all a good solid app - we've used it on both our EU and UK Stores for elivar.com


Great app. Great service. Easy to use


This is a great app! Easy to use, easy for customers to find your locations, and easy to manage. Great product!!!


We previously used Store Locator for our store, but as we grew, we needed an app that would provide more than 300 location without using geo-locate. StoreMapper is the answer to our problem! Thank you for the app!


This app has been a very useful tool for us and is as simple to use as they come.


The app is very useful not only to help your customers find the closest retailer/shop, but also to show off that you are a "big" brand already selling around that they can trust...
I found great support when needed ( japanese addresses can drive you mad!!)


Here's why this is the best store location app in the Shopify App Store and in my opinion, the only one worth spending the time implementing.

1 - Tyler is dedicated to supporting his customers. He kept trying until he fixed our particular issues. It's IT. There are always issues. How those issues are dealt with is what's most important.

2 - It actually works. There's a competing product from one of the larger app providers and it had my stores in the wrong continent and some in the middle of the ocean. It took them several attempts over several weeks to fix and eventually they all had to have the latitude and longitude manually entered for each. That's a workaround. I want something that actually looks up the addresses correctly. Far less risky. There was also another competing product that didn't even open at all.

3 - There's an extremely useful feature that sets this apart from all the others (as far as I can tell and at the time of writing this) and that's the list of ungeocoded stores. The other app I tried didn't tell me there were any problems with my stores. If you have hundreds like us, it would take forever to check them all one at a time and the competing product didn't consider a store in the middle of the ocean to be incorrect anyway. With Tyler's app, I simply reviewed the list of ungeocoded stores one at a time and sure enough, each store in the list had a quirky bit of info in the address that was tripping up Google Maps. Once resolved, they're all working great.

Thanks Tyler. Great stuff.


We needed a store mapper to help customers find our retailers and this app works perfectly for us. It blends seamlessly into our theme and the ability to add custom map themes from snazzy maps is awesome. I've very happy with the results and working with Tyler and his team was a great experience. I highly recommend this app.

$9.00 – $39.00 / month
7 days

Support & Sales

Tyler Tringas
1 (202) 412 1274
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