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SuperFields by Maestrooo

SuperFields by Maestrooo

Developed by Maestrooo

9 reviews
Price: From $8.90 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Manage metafields for products, variants, collections, articles, pages and even custom types!
  • Upload images, choose your color, pick a product...
  • Intuitive interface that looks like the one you use daily in Shopify!

★★ Tired of using an unintuitive, hard-to-use metafields app? Discover SuperFields, the most advanced and easy to use metafields app available! ★★

Do you need more flexibility than just a title and description for your products or articles? You can have more now with SuperFields!

Every Shopify merchant has faced this problem one day: for most Shopify resources (products, variants, articles, pages, collections...) you can only enter a single description and one image.

But what happens when you want to store additional information (like a list of product instructions)? Unfortunately, you're stuck, and Shopify does not have any way of adding such fields... except by using metafields!

The problem is that metafields can only be created with deep programming knowledge.

But here comes SuperFields: the easiest and most intuitive way to create, organize and manage metafields in Shopify, all for a very affordable price!

When using metafields?

Meta fields can be used for storing additional information for just about anything. Here are some useful cases where metafields can be useful:

  • A list of product instructions that are unique to each product.

  • Tabs that are unique to each product.

  • Hand-picked related products.

  • An alternative collection image (for instance, you could use the default collection image that Shopify offers for home page image, and then using a horizontal collection banner for collection page through a metafield).

  • A different author name for your article (useful for guest blogging!).

  • A featured image for your pages.

  • ... your imagination is the only limit!

How SuperFields work?

Working with metafields is a two-step process:

1) First, you need to create what we call a "definition". Those are the new fields you want to appear on products, collections, articles, pages... Fields can be organized into groups or even sub-groups for easy modification by the merchant. This step is typically done by a developer.

2) Then, you can simply fill in the information for your products, collections, articles, pages... like in the standard Shopify administration. This step is typically done by the merchant.

As of today, with SuperFields, you can attach metafields to:

  • Products

  • Variants

  • Collections

  • Articles

  • Pages

  • ... more to come!

You can create the following types of fields:

  • Simple text

  • Rich text

  • Color picker

  • Email

  • URL

  • Number

  • Price

  • Switch (aka checkbox)

  • List

  • Date

  • Image

  • Product

  • Collection

  • Blog article

  • Page

  • Custom objects

What are custom objects?

Imagine that you want to display, inside all your products, information about the brand, like name, logo, maybe a bit of history...

Custom objects are an elegant way, SEO friendly (everything is stored in Shopify metafields for maximum performance - no JavaScript involved ! -) to this problem.

Simply create a custom type (like "Brands"), create objects of this type (like "Louis Vuitton", "Gucci" or "Prada"), finally simply create relationships between your products, collections... with your custom objects.

If you need to change the brand information, you can now edit it once, and all the products, collections, articles... that had a relationship to this custom object are automatically modified!


Does it require coding?

Yes, metafields require basic knowledge of HTML and Liquid. Templates must be modified to display the additional information that you fill in the app.

Our application provides an easy, intuitive way of organizing meta fields that can then be very easily edited by merchants using an interface that looks like Shopify.

If you do not feel confident with coding, we recommend that you use a service like TaskHusky. Just tell them the kind of unique information you want in your product/ collection/ article/ whatever... and they'll make sure that configuration of the app and addition of the necessary code is done for you!

Will it slow down my website?

Metafields are stored on Shopify high-speed servers and there is absolutely zero performance penalty for using our app. Because all the data is directly served in the HTML (and not by JavaScript), all your additional content is immediately indexed by search engines like Google. Awesome for SEO!

In addition to that, all the images you upload in our app are uploaded in highly performant Amazon S3 servers. And because we know you have customers all over the world, we automatically use a super-fast CDN (Amazon CloudFront) for all the images, so that they are served very quickly to every customer!

What happens if I uninstall the app?

If you uninstall the app, you will not be able to edit the metafields anymore. Also, if you have uploaded any images directly through the app, they will automatically be scheduled for deletion 21 days after you have uninstalled the app.

If you want to avoid this, you can always re-install the app before those 21 days, and everything will be restored automatically!

As a theme developer/designer, why should I use this app for my clients?

We, at Maestrooo, are also official theme developers in the Shopify Theme Store and are doing completely custom themes as well.

As a consequence, we have a pretty deep knowledge of what merchants want, and how they interact with Shopify.

Unfortunately, we felt very frustrated by the existing metafields app. Merchants want an easy to use interface that looks like what they use on a daily basis, while keeping all the fields organized.

That's why we decided to completely replicate the whole interface that merchants are used to. This way, they do not have to learn again a new interface, making them feel at home immediately!

By using our SuperFields app for your clients, you will ensure that they will not call you daily because they do not know how to find a hexadecimal color code: we are already using the same color picker they are used to!

Can I export/import metafields?

For now, we do not support export/ import of metafields.
If you require this feature, just contact us. We'd love to hear your case for its usage!

Can I try the app for free?

SuperFields can be tried for free for 7 days. If you don't like it, just uninstall the app before those 7 days are over, and you won't be charged at all!

SuperFields by Maestrooo reviews

9 reviews
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Great Support from Michael! Works perfectly with my theme. Our company is extremely happy we went with SuperFields from Maestrooo.


Just bought this theme and I'm loving it! Beautiful, functional, minimal aesthetic with all the fundamental ecommerce functions you need. Built for mobile shoppers but looks great on desktop too. The support team have been super responsive and helpful to all my questions - thanks Michaël Gallego! Highly recommend.


Very flexible metafield app that solved my use case. Each of my pages, products, collections have a title header that I wanted each to have a custom heading that was not hard coded. I use a common header template in my theme that pulls the metafield using this app. The app makes it super easy now that I have it setup with my template and theme that a non-techie can go in and edit one field to update the header. Thanks for a great app!


As a developer who has worked with nearly every metafields app in the App Store, I can say this is app is by far the easiest to use for both technical-and non-technical users. Just give it a try and you'll see what I mean


We frequently recommend SuperFields by Maestrooo to our customers and use it on our own Shopify store. The app is super easy to use and the price can't be beat. In addition, it does so much more than just being a place to store additional data.


This app is great - it's the only app available that gave us the ability to fully customize our specific fields. I have never done anything close to even calling it coding. I managed to install the app and create all the additional custom products fields I required and more. Their support was incredible and helped us get things done very quickly to our exact specifications. Highly recommended!


Works very well. I used it for their theme, the Trademark theme which makes my product pages look very great. With handpicked cross-sells and tabs on the product page.

See live at www.lion-feet.dk


This app is awesome to use with your Maestrooo's Kagami theme. It's able to customize different parts of the site like related products and it even allows to create a tab to feature a blog content on the product page. Michaël is absolutely the best person to work with and answers every question quickly!


Great app to extend the functionality of our store. Recommended!

From $8.90 / month

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