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June 18, 2024

Superspeed and Dan do an excellent job on the app. Their attention and support in solving problems is very precise and they continually strive to release updates that improve the performance of the online store.

Almost 2 years using the app
May 28, 2024

Superspeed and Dan are exceptional at what they do, so if there's any doubt in your mind, the app is incredible, and more importantly it's the support Dan provides behind the scenes to help you resolve the issues that makes this app exceptional.

We have tried a number of different 'speed apps' which actually made our rankings worse, only to find SEO going down and real-life speed not improve, and other numerous issues come up. Superspeed is the 'real deal'.

What's even more impressive aside from Superspeed and Dan's expertise is the support to resolve all sorts of issues that support in other apps wouldn't help us to fix.

Our site is far faster than it's ever been, and we wouldn't hesitate to use the app on other sites. We'll certainly be recommending Superspeed to others.

Frankincense Pure
About 1 month using the app
ApollosWave, LLC replied May 30, 2024

Thank you so much for your splendid review. Your kind words help us so much and motivate us to pursue further page speed optimization research and improve our application.

If you need our help at any time in the future, feel free to send us an email. We are always ready to help, and we'll keep an eye on your metrics in the following period to make sure the metrics are steady.

Have a fantastic week!
Dan & Superspeed Team

July 5, 2024

Incredible application and support of rare quality. Expertise better than agency. A truly competent developer who will help you gain traffic following white hat recommendations.

Please install the application and open a ticket to learn more about what this team could bring to your website.

Thanks to Dan

28 days using the app
June 3, 2024

We are thrilled to share our experience with Dan and their phenomenal app!. Our website's performance has been remarkable boost since integrating their solution.

What truly sets Dan apart, however, is their exceptional service. He goes above and beyond to ensure seamless implementation and ongoing support.

He is responsive, knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering top-notch assistance.

Thanks to his tireless efforts in understanding our unique needs and providing tailored solutions. His expertise and guidance have been invaluable in maximizing the app's potential.

In summary, We highly recommend Dan for his outstanding app and extraordinary service.

Thank you Dan for all your hard work.

Shangri-La Fashion
3 months using the app
June 5, 2024

10/5 if I could. I'm very grateful and willing to spend on this app, because Dan customizes it for YOUR store and is willing to even tell you, educate you, on what he did itemized. Like who does that for people these days? It's going to help all of our conversions as we scale. I highly recommend this app, and if you need help, just ask. Dan is quick too. Idk how he does it so fast, but it's great and I feel like I'm doing my part by having the right team on the job. THANK YOU!

Bea's Bayou Skincare
United States
7 days using the app
April 13, 2024

We've been using Superspeed for the past months, and it's a game-changer for our Shopify store's performance. The app not only speed up our site but also provided detailed insights into how we could improve further.

A big shoutout to Dan from Superspeed, who was instrumental in guiding us through the optimization process. His expertise helped us make informed decisions that significantly enhanced our site's user experience and SEO.

4 months using the app
ApollosWave, LLC replied May 16, 2024

Thanks a lot for your feedback! The review is sublime, and it was such a pleasure to help you! We are always here to help, so feel free to write us anytime.

Thank you!
Dan & Superspeed Team

April 8, 2024

Where do I even start? Have you ever used an app where you received such an incredible service-to-fee ratio that you started feeling guilty because you got an extraordinary amount of service for just a couple of dollars?

Well, if not, I would assume that you are not a user of Superspeed!

Seriously... I've used a lot of apps for Shopify and various software when working with WooCommerce and other sales funnel technology. But I've NEVER encountered someone as passionately dedicated as Dan (Co-Founder).

Because what he is doing to make your shop fly is so custom and out of the park compared to any other service in that field, it feels like it should usually cost you $100 or more.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said that I really started to feel guilty getting that level of service and results for so little money.

And the best part... to say it in the words of the great Todd Howard, "It just works!" and it's "16 times the details" :D And that's not even a joke... especially when it comes to metrics and dashboards... All together it was a bit overwhelming and at first, I was turned off.... but only until I noticed that the service is so great, as if I had my own in-house speed optimization expert on my side to help me analyze and optimize.

I also don't want to disparage any other app or service in that field but... Superspeed is light-years ahead, and not only in terms of the speed it allows you to use for conversions, but also regarding analytics and support.

It's basically a "too good to be true" thing... but it actually is true... and it's not like it's the first thing I tried. I tried basically all other "speed optimization" apps available but despite some changed numbers online when testing the shop on my devices, there wasn't any noticeable difference, and it was really frustrating and underwhelming...

... knowing that speed is one of the major keys for conversions... But Superspeed gets your shop on a level I can only compare to the usage of Cloudflare CDN Caching (it's wild and exciting!)... A service that costs in the thousands, at least on WooCommerce, and I believe even here on Shopify as well.

You may say, "Well... you good-looking and eloquent author of this review, I don't care about speed"... just give it a shot anyway... because your conversion rate does care about it A LOT.

To me, this app is a necessary essential for everyone that is serious about selling through Shopify.

6 days using the app
March 4, 2024

Five stars really isn't enough for this app and service, we have been using Superspeed for over 2 years now, and our business really wouldn't be able to operate without it! We initially installed the app hoping for some improvement in website speed, however, our expectations were far exceeded, and we were amazed to receive a full appraisal of the areas were our website could be improved and how it could be done. Dan is a true expert, and very clearly advises on what can be done, how and why, and on top of that, the app itself provides everything you need to regularly monitor your site for improvements. Our website speed and optimisation improved straight away and has continued to serve us well, with our rankings rising also, which means more sales! Recently, we have made some significant updates which required further assistance and Dan has once again been fantastic! We have not been able to find an app or service like this before or since! Thank you!!

Make Memento
United Kingdom
Almost 2 years using the app
ApollosWave, LLC replied April 10, 2024

Thank you so much for your splendid review!

We are here to help whenever you need, so feel free to reach out at any time and we'll do our best to get back with a solution as soon as possible!

Superspeed Team

April 10, 2024

Superspeed has been super helpful thus far. I have already seen speed improvements and I've only been using it for a couple of weeks. Furthermore, Dan, the lead developer, is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Any time I have an issue or can't figure something out myself, he is right on top of things. He typically answers same-day, and often within minutes-hours. Incredible customer service.

No other app that I have ever used has the personal touch of being in direct contact with the lead developer. Dan uses his high level knowledge to make real, tangible improvements in speed on your website. No longer am I dealing with "one size fits all" apps that make minor, transient improvements in speed.

I've also implemented Supercart (called "Global Protect Insurance Cart" in the app store). Supercart, also developed by ApolloWaves, LLC, has a great design and is super fast. It also adds several opportunities to upsell and add revenue to your company. Highly recommend Superspeed and more importantly Dan as a developer. Try it out, you won't be sorry.

Synchronicity Health
United States
9 days using the app
April 17, 2024

We have been wanting to address our Core Web Vitals for quite awhile but did not know where to start and the answers out there of what can do can vary so we thought a first step would be to find an app but even the options there were all over the place or what works and doesn't. This app seemed to explain the process the best just in its description so we went with it as it was also the only approved CWV app that was Built For Shopify which we have experienced from other apps does make a difference in performance and support. What I did not expect was to have A+ support with any questions about installation and best practices. While we have just started with the app, I am confident that combined with the out of the box app embeds and the support that this will do its job as we have early indicators that it is already happening. Well done to Dan and his team!

United States
5 days using the app
ApollosWave, LLC replied May 16, 2024

Thank you so much for your help with the marvelous reviews! Don't forget that we are always here to help so feel free to reach out at anytime!

Dan & Superspeed Team