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Merchants appreciate this app for its efficient bulk editing and optimization features, including background and watermark removal tools. They value its ability to identify and compress large images, improving website performance. The app integrates well with Adobe editing features and maintains image quality post-editing. It also diagnoses image issues and can rename and convert images to different formats. Merchants commend the responsive customer service, fair pricing, and user-friendly interface.

October 23, 2023

Terrible support service and they will not refund if the balance has not been consumable

JustgreenBox FR
Over 2 years using the app
November 30, 2020

I downloaded and paid 19.00 dollars for this app, to help me delete logos off the photos I imported to my Shopify store from AILEXPRESS. This app is extremely ignoring. It freezes up, literally every time I try to edit a photo. Had I not purchased this app, I would have definitely deleted it. this app gets a thumbs down from me. Now that I paid for this piece of crap. I will have to adjust in deal with it, as I take a whole hour just to EDIT one photo at a time. Such a disappointment!!!!!!!

Beauty in Body
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Edited January 4, 2021

AI background removal is not very efficient - Basically, you pay for something that may not work before you know it - And there is no refund possible.
EDIT: AI is not magic I know that, even if my photos are HD and shot in pro photobox.. - My point is that I am very surprised that you don't refund AI automatic work that is obviously bad (very weird bg removal). If I buy a t-shirt and then I see a hole in it, the shop will refund me because I will not wear it, same thing here, so this is not very honest imo.
I think that some other apps got a system where you can validate or refuse the AI work and you are not charged if you refuse.

9 months using the app
Engage Apps replied May 12, 2020

Swap Photo Editor uses the best one click remove background script on the internet, guaranteed. The problem with your photos is that the background color blends into the objects so its not possible for any A.I. to remove your backgrounds properly. It cannot distinguish between the product and the background. For 99% of photos this is never an issue. We have hundreds of users that use the remove background feature to remove tens of thousands of backgrounds successfully.

Edited May 1, 2019

I began using the swap photo app when Shopify unexpectedly discontinued their basic photo editing features on web photos. The only feature I use on the app is the delete background feature. The other basic photo editing features are clunky, like cropping and lightening images. Also, the delete background is a pay per use feature, .50 to .80 per photo. with the # of SKUs I have, I've spent over $60 getting what I used to have for free. Shopify, please bring back basic photo editing. If I need remove back ground in unique cases, I am more than happy to use this app. But it's not an all in one solution, unfortunately.

Trésor Bleu
United States
8 months using the app
Engage Apps replied May 1, 2019

You've used this app successfully and yet you provide a 1-star review, because you are unhappy with Shopify. This is very innapropriate and I don't think you would like getting similar reviews on your own Website.

Edited May 2, 2019

ANSWER TO DEVELOPER BELOW: We clearly explained the 786 swaps.
Also having an app that does well 1 out of many promised functionalities and blaming customers for being petty is extremely unprofessional, which we would have known if we read the responses you give to your reviews. Revenge? You give yourself too much credit for. It is a simple warning to anyone who will decide to deal with you, which is not even required , because I see you already present yourself well!!

I wish I could leave no stars, but it is not possible unfortunately . We got the trial which included a few images and seemed as it worked decent enough to justify the $20 (approximately) price. After purchasing it and trying to update all our photos we figured out that watermark removal works only on a few photos and many times we had to do it multiple times . The background removal - never worked . The only thing that was working well enough was the option to make the photo square. If that’s what you looking for , the app is good for that. But with our experience - just that!
It wasn’t until few days ago we noticed that when we attempted to remove watermarks it was also removing some of the product images on the photo. We had to now go ahead check ALL products and reimport the one that the app has messed up - quite a few we might say.
We decided we need another option and found one!
We have had the app may be two weeks now, so we reached out to customer support asking for a refund , because really - the app was mostly useless for us and created more work than anything.
This is when the real disappointment came - we got a very arrogant, mocking answer , calling our experience “touching “, as if we were making false statements trying to scam someone of $20. Mr. Jason was kind enough to point out we swapped 786 photos, which may be we could have done but majority was trying 6 times swapping same image with no effect .
It’s ok, keep the $20. But just as advice aside from making some improvements - learn to respect and value customers .
Just heads up guys , good luck with this app!

My Pipe And Me
United States
6 months using the app
Engage Apps replied May 2, 2019

Our records indicate that you used the app to make 786 swaps. You then proceeded to ask for a refund, for which we declined. Having someone ask for a refund after using an app 786 times is .... In any case I see that you decided to leave the typical 1-star revenge review.

Edited May 24, 2019

VERY VERY BAD ALL THE TIME SLOWLY AND the time jam and need all the time to close the window and open again

and now the developer doing best thing with me , l can't chat with him to support me because l give him 1 star ..... good business man

and now after l pay money they stop just for me use app so now l can't use the app is not working and lose my money
until now 3/may/2019 l can't use the app and i pay full amount money because l give him 1 star
so today is 24/05/2019 again i can't used the app because l give 1 star review any one need photo for the conversation l can send to

5 months using the app
Engage Apps replied March 29, 2019

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing delays between the swaps. My records also indicate that you have successfully swapped over 240 photos! The app must work somewhat well - I don't think 1-star is representative of the Time you have saved with this app! If you have some delays between swaps, try only selecting up to 5 photos at a time. The delay may also be due to the size of your original photos - perhaps you have very heavy PNG files, and the images must be transferred and loaded on our remote servers. So 1) Try selecting fewer photos, 2) Try using our Editor when possible (it's faster than the remove watermark button), and 3) Be patient, the servers are doing a lot of calculations to clean up your photos! Cheers

Edited June 20, 2019

This app is a SCAM! Paid for the "Lifetime Membership" and the developer didn't like my (honest) review so they blocked us from being able to use the app altogether and blocked our domain so we can't email them for support or have any communication whatsoever. So we cannot get access the app at all, despite having paid for it for a "lifetime", it doesn't allow us to open or access anything so we sent an email asking for assistance and their reply was "change your one star review" and then blocked us from emailing them altogether. VERY SCAMMY! We paid for this service, they lied in their reply back to my review, blocked us from being able to use what we paid for and won't provide service to either issue that we've had - they stole our money, offered a "refund" that we can't access and now we can't access it at all for sharing our experience. This lack of customer service is bizarre. They are unwilling to do the right thing and instead of making things right, they don't allow us to use what we paid for. Will be reporting them until we are refunded. AS MENTIONED IN THE DEVELOPERS RESPONSE, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET A REFUND, yet they won't allow us access to the app to get the refund or use the service we paid for. Take note, this is a very poorly operation. I've never heard of or experienced such bad service in my life. I would have updated my original review had they done the right thing or provided us access to what we paid for. They will continue to charge us because we have no way of cancelling without access or being able to communicate with them so take note of this before proceeding with using this service. It's interesting that it's now a "reoccurring" yearly charge instead of a one-time payment for "Lifetime Membership" - I would proceed with caution before committing to this service or giving them your payment information. Their response to my original review was based on the changed they've made since our original experience. The dishonesty is not appreciated.

I was really enjoying this app until it started stealing my money. We paid for the "lifetime" subscription, which I realized after the fact literally covers absolutely NOTHING t. We have to pay EXTRA for every single thing we needed (the reasons we use this app to begin with) so the $20 lifetime was a waste of money. I've now paid $40 ON TOP OF THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in less than 24 hours to remove the background on 4 photos - I could have paid NOTHING and done it in Photoshop, which I already have. I could have done that before uploading the photos into Shopify and paid nothing extra. It applied my $40 in "credits" to god knows what and every time I purchase them again, they are immediately gone before I can use it. SO the subscription literally covers absolutely nothing, you have to pay $10 for "1" credit and somehow $40 got us less than 4 backgrounds removed. Spent $50 in less than a day for absolutely NOTHING. Save your time and money.

United States
3 months using the app
Engage Apps replied May 8, 2019

Remove Background PRO is the only feature that requires credits to use whether a member or not. This is explained with great clarity in the app. Credits are also purchased in $10 increments. You purchased them twice. You still have a balance of $16 remaining (out of $20). You only used $4 of your credits. You can even press the button named 'Refund Remaining Balance' to get that $16 back into your Shopify Account. Every member gets free credits and swaps to try the app before making any purchase.

April 24, 2019

Paid for Full access, lifetime membership...then found out I still had to pay for the background remover. I got a refund very quickly which I appreciate but I now fully understand the reviews on the not so nice customer service..very blunt to say the least.

New Zealand
2 months using the app
Engage Apps replied April 25, 2019

Given this review, live chat for this app will probably be discontinued soon. It's not worth the criticism, and has never been offered as an entitlement to membership or not. Btw, your money was refunded and you apparently didn't enjoy the fact that I was too busy to keep chatting about other stuff. I don't outsource customer service, because I alone can provide the best technical solutions for users quickly. But if I have to say "Sorry" everytime someone complains about something, its just not worth it!

October 12, 2018

does not work. i cannot remove a watermark & i would be one sorry sob to let it take .20 even when it doesn't do anything !

Celestial Body Jewelry
United States
About 2 months using the app
November 10, 2019

I was enjoying the trial of this app so I decided to purchase it but I figured out that Search the web works only on a few photos and it is not worth the money. I canceled my membership after using it for a few days, reached out to the app team but they just ignored me. I have never experienced such poor customer service! Just keep the money and learn how to help and respect the customers.


Tasa Boutique
About 1 month using the app