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Developed by Triple U Solutions

6 reviews
Price: $5.00 – $9.99 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Manage your product images from your Dropbox!
  • No more uploading product images one-by-one through slow web admin!
  • Backup all your product images to the cloud!

Product images are the first thing customers notice when visiting your store. You want to make them look good and keep them always up to date. However, when the number of product images are getting large, it can be tedious and time consuming to manage them.

This app helps you to manage all your product images right inside your Dropbox folder.

  • One click synchronization of your product images between your Shopify store and Dropbox folder!

  • No more uploading product images one-by-one through slow web admin!

  • Manage unlimited product images!

  • Save time to grow your business!

Added bonus: All your product images are backed up in your Dropbox account! :)

Limited offer: Install now to have the app for $5.00 per month (50% off) forever!

SyncIMG reviews

6 reviews
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It's a great app, I'm using it for years already and it saves me a lot of time!


We hated it--at first. It didn't work for importing images. We emailed the app developer and he emailed us detailed instructions and it worked! It would be great if the instructions were clearly posted on the web site. Thanks!


simple, but great app with prompt and hands-on support! we actually use it beyond its core purpose and manually add production files to each product. very handy!
edit: they just added a direct quick link in the apps-tab on the product page which takes you directly to the appropriate dropbox folder - what a time saver!
i'd give 'em more stars if i could


This product is a HUGE time saver. I needed to modify 5000+ images that had already been uploaded. I just hooked it up to my dropbox and ran a photoshop action on on them. No problem. It does take a while to sync but that is a very minor inconvenience and is probably due to the large amount of data I am handling. I would gladly play 5x the price for this app.


This application is beyond outstanding. After doing an import from ebay, I discovered ebay sends over crappy little thumbnails of my images. Doing some insane gymnastics to get good photos up to Shopify would have been long, painful hours I would not have gotten back.

SyncIMG works perfectly (like as in perfect) to get images managed in Dropbox which allowed me to speed fix photos for each product brought over. Dennis was extremely fast in responding to my questions.

This application is a key for you to manage your photos outside of Shopify and just have the sync happen. Truly well done!


It works.
Its simple (compared to shopify generally)

Would be great if it could do sis by side comparisons with file date/size.

$5.00 – $9.99 / month

Limited offer: Install now to have the app for $5.00 per month (50% off) forever!

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