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Teezily Plus

Teezily Plus

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21 reviews
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  • No Upfront Costs or Risks — Teezily Plus is a complete 100% free e-commerce solution that enables worldwide sellers to set up an online store to sell custom apparels and items.
  • A user-friendly platform, no manual orders — You can automatically integrate your Shopify and Woo-Commerce stores to your Teezily Plus account within a few clicks. The orders will be automatically pushed to Teezily Plus.
  • Excellent Printing Quality - Our products are printed via DTG, we use Kornit machines which are the gold standard in the industry.

Technology Tailored Made for Sellers: How does it work

No matter the preferred platform ( iOS, Web, Android ), a seller can access Teezily Plus with ease. The platform allows users to organise their products, customize their store fronts and it accepts credit cards, Paypal, and track and response for orders - all in a few clicks of a mouse!

That means that we set you up, free from any upfront cost, logistic issue, post-sale assistance and inventory problems. Teezily Plus handles fulfillment of your orders so you can focus on scaling your business and building your own brand.

Base prices and Shipping Costs: the Cheapest on the market

Please keep in mind that we offer flat base prices: there is no limit to colours, styles and quantities! These are the cheapest prices you will find: you will be able to make profits even on shipping. When we send an item, we automatically trigger the Shopify shipping notification with the tracking code, which is sent to your end customer, so they know where their package is. Whenever you receive an order on Shopify you just need to process it on Teezily Plus and we take care of the shipping and handling, usually within 3-5 business days.

Estimated Profits (EU)

Product: Selling Price - Cost (using Teezily Plus) = €€€ (profit margin)

T-shirt R-Neck Unisex: 24,99€ - 6€ = 18,99€ (76%)

T-shirt V-Neck Unisex: 25,99€ - 8€ = 17,99€ (69%)

T-shirt Long Sleeves: 25,99€ - 8€ = 17,99 (69%)

Tank Top Unisex: 24,99€ - 8€ = 16,99 (68%)

Hoodies: 34,99€ - 14€ = 20,99€ (60%)

Sweater: 34,99€ - 13€ = 21,99 (63%)

T-shirt R-Neck Woman: 24,99€ - 8€ = 16,99€ (68%)

T-shirt Kid: 24,99€ - 8€ = 16,99 (68%)

Hoodie Kid: 34,99€ - 15€ = 19,99€ (57%)

Onesies: 24,99€ - 8€ = 16,99 (68%)

Tank Top Woman: 24,99€ - 8€ = 16,99 (68%)

T-shirt V-Neck Woman: 25,99€ - 8€ = 17,99 (69%)

Estimated Profits (US)

Product: Selling Price - Cost (using Teezily Plus) = $$$ (profit margin)

T-shirt R-Neck Unisex: 24,99$ - 6$ = 18,99$ (76%)

T-shirt V-Neck Unisex: 27,99$ - 10$ = 17,99$ (64%)

T-shirt Long Sleeves: 28,99$ - 11$ = 17,99$ (62%)

Tank Top Unisex: 26,99$ - 10$ = 16,99$ (63%)

Hoodies: 39,99$ - 17$ = 22,99$ (57%)

Sweater: 39,99$ - 17$ = 22,99$ (57%)

T-shirt R-Neck Woman: 26,99$ - 10$ = 16,99$ (63%)

T-shirt Kid: 25,99$ - 9$ = 16,99$ (65%)

Hoodie Kid: 39,99$ - 17$ = 22,99$ (57%)

Onesies: 25,99$ - 9$ = 16,99$ (65%)

Tank Top Woman: 26,99$ - 11.25$ = 15,74$ (61%)

T-shirt V-Neck Woman: 27,99$ - 11$ = 17,99$ (67%)

Get more information

If you have further questions that weren't covered here, check out our FAQs. Also, you can send an email at plus@teezily.com: our agents will be delighted to answer your queries and doubts (and within 24hrs!)

Always growing

Teezily.com was launched on the French market in January 2014: after two years of prolific success, we decided to go one step further and introduce a new revolutionary app: Teezily Plus. Thus, the goal is to enable our worldwide sellers’ community to set up their online stores and build their own brand, without dealing with costs, logistic problems or inventory issues. Nonetheless, we are fully committed to improving our service day-by-day: we focus on your needs – printing quality, fast shipping reliability, affordability, and excellent after-sales support. Your feedback means a lot to us; therefore, do not hesitate to leave us a comment here below!

Teezily Plus reviews

21 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Customer support is terrible, I have tries to contact them several times to cancel an order and have questions about shipping date, but never got answer


Excellente app, service client au top surtout Stephen qui s'occupe de moi à la moindre question ! Je recommande ;)


Teezily+ est vraiment l'appli qu'il vous faut pour du POD. Les produits sont de très bonnes qualités, les prix TRES bas, les delais de livraisons en France, courts. L'application en elle même est facile à prendre en main, bien optimisée... Pour finir mention d'excellence au SAV, le moindre problème est réglé en direct sur Facebook par le staff ( j'ai eu une réponse en 30mn un dimanche...).
Bref, application incontournable pour le POD en France.


Fast delivery in the USA and Europe with great quality. Also, the pricing and margins are fantastic. They also have very helpful support. Thanks!


Kompetente Leute, Lösungsorientiert, hilfsbereit und auch schnell. Besser geht es kaum!!


Best and the most cost effective Print on Demand provider on Shopify i must say. They have really fast shipping times and no complaints from my customers regarding the quality of products or shipping times. Over the top they have a great support team that reply's almost instantly and helps you with any problem.


The service is awesome, I am working with TZ+ since its launch, they maintain super quality , prices is also very affordable and the best thing is if somehting went wrong with your order they will reprint and sned it agian and again, so there services is more than 5stars.
Thanks for the service
Love TZ+


Don't waste your time. This app is a TOTAL rip off. You WILL lose you money!!!


Good customer support and backed by one of the largest POD company in Europe and US. Have promising future if more products could be added to TZ+ platforms.


Le Meilleur site de Print on Demand en Europe. Une équipe vraiment sympa et réactive et des prix hyper compétitifs. Que demander de plus ? :)


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