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Login To Show Prices

Login To Show Prices

Developed by Singleton software

Price: From $7.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Hiding price and "Add to cart" buttons for visitors - not logged users
  • Not allowed making orders for not registered users
  • Easy configuration of message for not logged users instead of price and “Add to cart” button

App Description and Advantages

Do you want to create B2B space for your customers and show prices and "Add to cart" buttons only to registered customers?

This app is the best way how to do that. Prices and "Add to cart" buttons will be hidden for visitors. Only registered users can see it after they are logged in. User have to to register and create his account first to show prices and "Add to cart" buttons for products. For visitors with hidden prices and "Add to cart" buttons, you can customize your own message box, which will be displayed instead of prices. You can configure it directly in the App configuration. When you are editing message text, message backgrond, color, etc…, you can see live preview of message box after each edited operation.

Manage price visibility for your customers

  • In this app is so simple to hide prices and "Add to cart" buttons for your visitors and show it only to registered users

  • You can motivate visitors to create account in your store this way

  • You can even show custom message instead of prices and "Add to cart" buttons for visitors

Try it for free!

If you want, you can try how this app will work on your store for free for 7 days.

In your administration in App configuration settings you can choose:

  • You can set message text for not logged users

  • You can set background color of message box with color picker

  • You can set text color of message text with color picker

  • You can set text size of message text with slider

  • You can set rounded corners for message box

  • You can set borders for message box

About our company

Our experienced software developers will help you to refine and personalize your Shopify store.

We will adjust the behavior of your system to your own needs so you can call it your own and work exactly in the way you have always wanted. Our team will build for you any kind of apps, allowing you to broaden your offer and achieve your goals.

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This app works perfectly.
I contacted Adam at support who responded instantly to my request.
Great App with Great Support - I highly recommend this App

From $7.99 / month
7 days


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